Happy New Year and Happy Betting

So it’s that time again to start making your resolutions and pretending that you’re gonna lose that 5-10 pounds you gained over the holidays. I’ve decided that the only thing I have to do this New Year is to become a better gambler, be more patient on the tables, and maybe stay away from betting on the home team? Since mine apparently don’t like me betting on them. I have found out this year that online gambling is a legitimate, often publicly traded business that is professional, secure and always a good time for the user. Being the amateur/beginner gambler that I am, I have been able to utilize CasinoReview.org for featured sportsbooks and casinos, and have enjoyed all the websites we offer for you. I have made good bets, bad bets, learned from some mistakes, and reaped huge benefits from playing lots of hands, and taking the best bonuses I could find.


If you are just getting into, or back into online sportsbooks and casinos, I hope that you take a long look around all of our sites, and judge them on what your style of play caters to. Each one is slightly different and offers benefits to specified types of betting and game play. I for one love sports betting and playing cards. I love hockey, yet many internet sportsbooks don’t offer players bets of this type. Sometimes I’d like to go crazy and, say, bet on how many hot dogs someone can eat.  Nonetheless, our featured sites have all options for the casual to the serious gambler. The quality of service offered both online and in person of the phone is excellent across the board. I honestly cannot find a significant flaw, save maybe for a few small website design details here and there, that would make me hold even an average opinion of these sites. You will not be disappointed by your experiences using any of featured sites CasinoReview.org has to offer.


Now I’ll keep it short so you can peacefully ring in the New Year, and settle in for those great bowl match-ups, NFL Playoff-implicating games, and grab a big plate of nachos and a pint of beer to wash it all down.  There should be some excellent games to bet on for tonight, tomorrow, and for a few days to come, so check out are featured sportsbooks and casinos and pick your winners before it’s too late. The NFL playoffs and collegiate bowl games are only coming around once a year, so place your bets and we’ll see you in 2007!




Aaron G.

Superbook.com and more Sports wagering

As you may know, I have been progressing through a number of featured online casinos and sportsbooks we have offered on CasinoReview.org. Today, I have decided to sign up and try out a new sportsbook, www.Superbook.com, as my seventh featured website added to my collection of sportsbooks and casinos.  Right off the bat, I can tell you that this website is legit. Being owned by the same parent company as www.Sportsbook.com, it has a very user-friendly website, with lines posted in a scroll format on the front page. I for one can’t stand having to dig for sports lines, especially when a sportsbook website’s main business is to make wagers on sports available to the public. All the necessary information for making wagers starts on the homepage and you don’t have to navigate the site to find the right bets you are looking for.

Since this site was so straight forward, I have decided to make a few bets immediately across a few sports, just to get my feet wet on Superbook.com.  Being under the parent of Sportsbook.com, I have confidence in this sportsbook and casino with regards to security and payment (and the 10% Sunday bonuses, and 25% initial deposit bonus was a big plus) that my money is in a good place. Using Netteller, I quickly signed up and made my first deposit and have my first bets ready. I am taking the points at 47 for the USC vs. Michigan matchup in the Rose Bowl on Monday. I take comfort in the fact that both of these teams have powerhouse offenses, and relatively weak defenses, which leads me to think that 24 points apiece shouldn’t be too much to ask.  For kicks, I’m placing another parlay bet on this site for underdogs, choosing the Jags over the Chiefs and the Falcons over the Eagles. What? I had an extra 5 bucks that needed to be put on something. A guy can dream can’t he?

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the ease of navigation and simplicity of the information presented by www.Superbook.com.  It is one of the more straight forward online sportsbook and casino sites, which I believe is what most bettors are looking for. No amount of flashy design or elaborate options can make up for user-friendly operation and easy directions. My bets placed on this site, combined with the numerous others placed on our other featured sites have given me plenty of action and lots of sports to watch over the New Year’s weekend.  I hope that you can take the time to check this and our other featured sites out soon, because the bowl season is in full swing and the last weekend of the NFL is upon us. Get those bets going and choose your winner today!

Aaron G.

Texas Hold ‘Em, A Few Football Games, and a Short Flight Home

We here at CasinoReview.org recognize that the holidays leave little time for play, and a lot of time spent doing things you probably would rather not do. The normal everyday schedule of the holiday season can easily be described as hectic, if not downright dreadful for those with large families. Bouncing from place to place, buying presents, having to sit next to that one Aunt who has really bad gas and doesn’t care? All part of the season.  However, the day that all that commotion is wrapped up, the feet go up and maybe you’re even lucky enough to get a moment to catch a game, or play some cards, if only for a second. For my present to myself this year, I have made it a point to get all my friends at home to dust off the decks, play a few hands, and have some laughs over a couple of beers. Well, maybe like 7-8 beers, but who’s counting, right? Needless to say, after my sloppy play against those who know me best, I’m sticking to our online casinos and sportsbooks for my betting, because while my friends may like me, they cut me no slack on the home tables. My Texas Hold ‘Em performance in person is a little rusty, I won’t lie?

So, on a more positive note I was fortunate over the holidays to be able to invest some of my time into playing on the online casinos and sportbooks we have featured on CasinoReview.org. Just an hour or two of getting away from the madness, if only to place a few wagers, and play a couple of hands on the tables here and there was a fine source relaxation for the time being. I have placed bets with www.Intertops.com, www.Betonus.com, and www.Betgameday.com, and I surely decided to go with some gusto this week. I took a 6 team parlay bet on Intertops.com (which was only for 5 bucks, and I certainly don’t encourage doing to any player) and a scattering of straight bets. I am still a sucker and put money on my Seahawks this week, but only to clear the point spread. I swear they are getting better! Also, the struggling Giants meet up with the Redskins on Saturday night for a battle of the big disappointments in D.C. (as I described yesterday, I’m taking the Redskins in this one). I will be tuned in, hoping that I can come out looking like a genius, instead of total buffoon for taking the ‘Skins.

Well, it looks as if I’m just about to board my flight now. I’ve locked down my bets at a handful of our featured sportsbooks, and I’m playing a few hands before closing up shop and hopping on the big bird home (I love wireless internet at the airport). You can bet on me being on the online casinos tonight, in the peaceful quiet of my own apartment, with no kids screaming and no fruitcakes to have to choke down to please your grandma. I will guarantee that I will have more bets placed and more hands played to talk about tomorrow. Until then, thanks for using www.CasinoReview.org and checking out our featured online casinos and sportsbooks. There is something for every type of gambler on our website, so do your research and place those bets!

Aaron G.

Happy Holidays from CasinoReview.org!

Now if you are anything like the sports nut I am, you know that this time of year generally adds up to a lot of great sports match-ups and a great excuse to place some bets at a sportsbook?.Or two or three as I have been known to do. I have placed bets for many of the upcoming bowl games and even added a new featured online sportsbook to the growing roster of sportsbooks and online casinos I have under my wing (I count six now).


For the trip home, I have signed up for a new sportsbook and online casino at www.Betgameday.com. This site has definitely has a streamlined presentation of features in the main menus, and the betting options are straightforward and clearly marked. The bonuses for this site are a strong incentive, and a 40% bonus at sign up is very good in comparison to many other sites.  So using my NETteller account, I was quickly able to register, put money in my account and wager some bets on the NFL. I wish my luck with football could be as good as the rewards for using our featured sites. My Seahawks have limped into the playoffs, and have cost me a fair amount in lost bets in the process. Maybe there should be a rule about not betting on your favorite team, because it’s been nothing but heartbreak for this gambler?


That hardship aside, I have scattered bets across many of our featured sites and played a bunch of games in online casinos which have covered my losses by my miserable ‘Hawks. Last week I was successful betting mostly on parlays and a few single bets (way to go Tennessee and Carolina coming through in the clutch!).  Outside of sports though, my favorite game in the casino for the holidays has to be the Texas Hold ‘Em offered by any and all of CasinoReview.org’s featured websites. I must admit that I have indulged in a few late night stints, spending most of my time over at www.Betonusa.com, which I still like the best for ease of use.


Now it’s back to L.A. again and back to my regularly scheduled articles. In the next week, I will be trying to add the rest of the featured sportsbook and online casino websites offered by CasinoReview.org. Hopefully my home team won’t blow up in my face this next week, and hopefully you will take a tour around our featured websites, experimenting as I have, and find the best bonuses and the best action to place your bets on. I’m going out on a limb for the first game of the weekend and taking the Redskins as underdogs. Wish me luck.



Aaron G.

Monday Night Football in Indianapolis

CasinoReview.org wishes you a happy Monday, because when football season is in session, there can really be no bad Mondays! Tonight, I am saddled up on my favorite corner of the couch, my bets have been placed on a few of our featured online sportsbooks and my mug is frosty cold and filled with wonderful beer goodness. Tonight is a good example that there are always good match-ups in sports that you can place wagers on pretty much anytime you feel the urge. Then, there comes across a sporting event that is truly worth watching and better yet, betting on!  Tonight’s game featuring the Cincinnati Bengals against the Indianapolis Colts will be some action that you won’t want to miss on television,  and our featured online sportsbooks are a perfect place to get in on the action for this game. Who is your pick for this game? I’ve got to go with the Bengals, who come in on a hot streak with a 4-0 record, and not seeming to slow down. The Colts on the other hand have given up a mind numbing 177 yards a game on the ground, and they must rely on huge points to win these days (which they aren’t doing so well going 1-3 in their last 4).


With that in mind, tonight’s game has me excited. I’m taking two different bets, one each on www.Intertops.com because it is my newest featured sportsbook and casino to try, and one placed on www.Sportsbook.com which I have really liked using right off the bat.  My first bet, I will take Cincinnati straight up on points. My apologies to the Colts fans out there, but Carson Palmer is the best QB in the league right NOW. The new generation of Carson Palmer to Chad Johnson will be a very exciting time, and it starts tonight. On the other hand, I will be the first to admit that betting against the Manning/Harrison duo is aggressive. That is why to back up my first bet, I’m taking the points at 55 on www.Sportsbook.com.  I know I got burned last time I took points, however, weather will not be a factor tonight, because fortunately their playing in a dome. I expect Rudy Johnson to also help push the points over for me.


I’m going to keep this short and simple tonight. I have my bets placed on a couple of our featured sites. I hope that you have done the same, and hope that you have placed your bets on one or a few of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos.  CasinoReview.org thanks you for stopping in and using our services to find the featured sportsbook or casino that enhances your betting experience the most. What are you still doing reading this? Go watch the football game!



Aaron G.

Sunday Horse Racing Action, plus Football, of Course!

First off, we wish you a happy football Sunday, and thank you for checking out CasinoReview.org. Instead of being dragged out of the house and forced to shop like the millions of other people, let’s be honest?would you rather be shopping today, or spending time placing some bets online, and watching some great sports match-ups? No reply is needed; I already know your answer, especially if you’re anything like me.  This weekend, I have gotten a little bet crazy, and have dispersed a total of five bets across all the sportsbook websites that I have thus far signed up for. I just couldn’t bring myself to pass up any of the games offered this weekend, and since all the featured online sportsbooks and casinos have offered such a wide variety of perks, bonuses and options, I had to spread the wealth around a bit.


Now since I have the luxury of writing this after most of the games have played out, I can give you an immediate report of my accomplishments across our featured sportsbooks. Unfortunately for me, this was not one of those weekends I’d like to remember. For the morning game involving the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins, I ventured over to www.Betus.com to place my first bet. Needless to say, one completely disappointing appearance at home by the Saints, and my bet was a bust. That’s okay, because my second bet, placed on www.Sportsbook.com more than made up for my early loss.  I took a three team parlay (three has worked out to be a very manageable bet, so I’ve strayed little from this type of parlay) going with the Patriots, Packers, and Jets, all of whom came through with flying colors. Now granted none of these teams were featured as underdogs on any of our featured sportsbooks, but the parlay gave me enough money to basically crack even for the day so far.


www.Betonusa.com has been my lucky horse so far this winter, as far as sportsbooks and online casinos go. Not only have I been lucky with a few underdog bets, but the casino has been extremely favorable to me (The small ante, no-limit tables are my favorite, allowing you to not have to wager much to play, but still get into some heavy action when the time is right). Pittsburgh strolled in and gave Carolina a thrashing, and Tennessee pulled off an upset against the Jaguars, who were favored after their route last week against Indy. This added up to give me one happy Sunday, even if the rest of my bets didn’t pay off at the other sportsbooks. I want to reiterate again how simple and easy to use www.Betonusa.com is for its patrons. The simple website design, well laid out betting options, not to mention the great casino, make this one of my most favored online sportsbooks and casinos.


Now my simple bets on www.Sportsbetting.com and www.VIP.com have not yet fully completed, but are well on their way. I took a two team parlay on www.Sportsbetting.com, taking the St. Louis Rams over the Oakland Raiders, and the Denver Broncos over the Cardinals. Both these games are well on their way to over, and it look as if banking on simple bets with favored teams, while not lucrative, maybe a wise choice for slowly building a bankroll. With that being said, my last bet of the day used on www.VIP.com matches the Eagles against the Giants, and is in danger of becoming a bust as I write. The Eagles are driving late, down 1 point?and have just scored. I’m going to have to leave you and watch the remainder of this game.


Nonetheless, today is a great day for sports and a great day to check out your options at all of our featured sportsbooks and online casinos. I hope that your Sunday has been as relaxing as mine, and that all your bets come through in the clutch. Thank you always for using CasinoReview.org, and I wish you all happy betting!



Aaron G.

One-Stop shopping for all your betting options at www.Intertops.com

Hello everyone and thank you for checking into CasinoReview.org for a daily update of all things involving sportsbooks, online casinos and happenings on some our featured online betting websites. Yesterday, I took a little stroll through one of the most established and diverse gambling websites on the internet. www.Intertops.com cannot merely be called a sportsbook. You would also be wrong to label it merely as a casino. In fact, not only does Intertops.com have a multitude of options for choosing bets on anything from sports to the next Prime Minister of the UK, it also has fun and unique betting games that resemble more of an arcade than your standard, run of the mill gambling site. This video arcade that takes bets on good play is the first I’ve seen offered amongst the variety of sportsbooks and casinos I’m used to running across.


What’s also nice about using the services at www.Intertops.com is that you never get bored navigating the site and each featured gambling section is like its own separate website, dedicated solely to that service offered. For instance, you can go to Intertopspoker.com for standard poker games, Intertopscasino.com for games like blackjack, craps, and roulette, or to the games section to look over a multitude of fun, interactive video gambling games. It must also be said that currently Intertops.com offers 24 different options to place wagers in their sportsbook on for various sports and non-sporting bets. I have yet to see another online sportsbook and casino website offer such a wide array of bets to patrons.


This all being said, www.Intertops.com is also one of the first established online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet. Being formerly introduced to the public in 1983, then on the internet in 1996, this certainly will bring comfort to the online gambler who wishes to be absolutely sure that the site they are using is secure, legitimate, and well run,.  The folks at Intertops.com certainly have a winning combination of outstanding diversity in bet options, as well as a very straightforward, easy-use website for all types of betters. One thing that I would like to see from this site is a more updated sportsbook, with clearer betting lines laid out match-up by match-up. Some of the menus require a little searching to find the right bet you are looking for. I am splitting hairs here, I must admit.


You can count on a fun experience for your online sportsbook and casino needs by using www.Intertops.com. This website also offers up to a 100% match on deposits for casino play, as well as reload bonuses twice a week, and a free 20 dollar sign-up bet offer. These bonuses, which do require you to wage a significant amount before being able to cash out on, are especially handy to players like me how know that you are looking to play for a while. Why should you have just a buck in your account when you could go to the casino at www.Intertopscasino.com and have 2 bucks? It seems like a logical proposition to me. Besides, it’s like free money to play with, and the more you can play, the better you will get.

So try this one at www.Intertops.com out this week, or over the holidays when you’re tired of shopping, and just want to relax and enjoy some online sportsbook action, and maybe some trips to the online casino. I have seen a lot of fun options, and now the roulette wheel is calling my name! CasinoReview.org would again like to thank you for checking us out, and thank you for using our featured sportsbooks and casino websites to place your online wagers.





Aaron G.


Thank you Friday, you are much better than Thursday.

I love Fridays. They are so nice to see after the Thursday night you’ve spent watching your home team getting trounced. I’ll reiterate again. I’m a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. Last night, not only did the driving rain and howling wind deter the Seahawks from winning, it also left only 24 points on the board, when I needed 41. Ouch. My first outing on www.VIP.com turns out to be a loss, but what I lose in a simple bet, I have gained on bonuses paid to my account, and access to another great online sportsbook. I look forward to testing their online casino, and I’ll drop 20 bucks on the table tonight and see how it goes.


I was a bit more than lucky last night regardless of the ‘Hawks choke, mostly because the Canucks came through big time 3-1 last night at home. Also, with Golden State as an underdog, my 3 team parlay came through nicely for me. Now I know that two out of three isn’t too shabby, except I must admit it to you that it hurts a little bit when your team gets embarrassed at home in front of a crowd of miserable fans getting soaked and windblown by the punishing northwestern winds and you lost your otherwise pretty solid bet. It can be stated that this is entirely my fault for not waiting until game day, or checking the forecast in Seattle. Lesson learned.


I must stop for a second and make a statement here. CasinoReview.org has given me an opportunity to inform the public how our featured online sportsbooks and casinos work, and what content they offer for subscribers. I can honestly say that all of the online sportsbook and casino websites I have signed up for thus far and utilized are of outstanding quality. Having been a beginning gambler a few years back and now seeing the improvements made by some of these institutions, I can use a wealth of information provided by the sportsbook websites to accurately bet on games, and find out interesting facts about the general world of sports. I will state for the record, that as of right now though, www.Vip.com has the most offered bonus I have taken. I also like the general layout of the website itself, as it is simple, yet well done and not boring like other sportsbooks elsewhere. You would be wise to check out the Rewards Program that VIP.com has to offer as well, which could come in handy if you are like me and getting into some heavy action. Go to www.viprewards.com to learn more about this.


Now, onward to my next featured online sportsbook. I am currently signing up with www.Intertops.com as we speak and checking out the massive variety for gambling opportunities listed. Not only are there every international game listed, they have a complete list for non-sports bets. I must admit I’ve always been intrigued about this. It will be noted that there is a current odds placed on how many hot dogs the current and reigning champion Kobayashi will eat. It’s going to take 52 and a half to beat the margin. I am so betting on this. Intertops.com looks like a good time to me! Anyways, everyone have a great weekend, catch some games if you can, and checkout our featured online sportsbook and casino sites. There is one that is right for each and every type of player, so look around. Once again thank you for using CasinoReview.org for all information, reviews and links to the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer!


Aaron G.

Hockey Lines, Oh Hockey Lines…

Hi once again folks. I have decided to bring hockey to the attention of the general public, as it appears that no one knows how great this hockey season is shaping up to be! I didn’t know this until I did some looking around, but there have even been a few sportsbook websites that have not even offered NHL lines to customers! However, recently it has taken a turn for the positive, reflected in the fact that now every one of our featured sportsbook websites now has NHL live lines. Currently, www.Sportsbook.com has even gone so far as to bring hockey into their advertising campaign stating, “Hockey is Back, Cooler than ever.” That’s right it is. Hockey in the U.S is one of the most underrated games offered to sports fans and gamblers alike.


I have gone through a few of our online sportsbooks and casino websites and come up with some awesome info that is available for any sport, and in my case hockey. For example, by just going to the sportsbook section of www.Betus.com I was able to find a link under Team Stats, which listed almost every activity for specific teams, for a specific match-up on any given day. Find the link for Report under the specific sports league you want, and every aspect of the game’s potential outcome is there for you. Now being the relative newcomer I am to internet gambling, I once again took a look around at our sites, and realized that all the best online sportsbooks and casinos have a mountain of information available to go over before placing a bet. Not only do our featured sportsbooks have outstanding service, easily navigable websites, and great promotional offers, but they basically tell you every detail to make the most educated, well thought out bet.


So I have my hands full now. I have dispersed some bets across VIP.com, Betus.com, and Sportsbook.com. VIP.com has given me 20% in bonus money on my deposit, and I am ready to go for the Seahawks and 49ers tonight. Betus.com furnished me with the most easily accessible fact guide to placing proper bets, so I have a three team parlay going on the NBA tonight with them, since there are just three teams playing tonight. Sportsbook.com has made me happy by promoting hockey, so tonight I have the Canucks beating the Flames with a straight money bet. Could you tell I’m from the Northwest?


So I leave with a parting note. Remember to do some careful research before placing your bets to find the best bet for your money. Now that may be just as much a reminder to me as an offering to you, but nonetheless research never hurt anyone and it is good advice. Enjoy the games tonight and again thanks for using CasinoReview.org to find out about all our information-packed featured sportsbook and casino websites!


Aaron G.

Another Day, and Another New Sports Book to Try…

Hello one and all.


Today, as mentioned before in my previous article, I have signed up, and heavily researched one of our featured online sports book and casino websites.  www.Vip.com has turned out to be a very user friendly, and by reputation a very secure online sports book website. Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, www.Vip.com is monitored 24/7 by Verisign, the Internet’s leading digital security company. The interactions you have with this site are encrypted, which is a breath of fresh air in a world of digital thievery. Just going over the features, gaming options, articles, etc. has enough information to leave you satisfied, if even a little overwhelmed. I have to admit though, that many of the articles posted to this site from Barstool.com contain entertaining and often valuable information.


I wanted to bring up something with the general public today. Does anyone else find it frustrating that the NFL has enlisted Thursday Night Football, yet only makes the game available for NFL Network subscribers? Now I know that this is a neat little ploy to get people to sign up for this channel, but c’mon. Football is a public sport, and if there is only one game on, put it on the ‘tube so all can see. Enough ranting.  I’m mostly just upset this week because my ‘Hawks are on and I can’t even see them normally as for some reason Los Angeles discourages play west coast match-ups on TV. Ridiculous.


That being said, I, being the diehard I am, I will probably find myself watching the game over the internet.  I will use my first betting opportunity on www.VIP.com to place a bet on the spread. VIP.com is offering over/under at 40.5 points, which in my mind is a steal. I am predicting that the Seattle offense, with its solid air attack and Shaun Alexander on the ground will put up their fair share of points, especially on home turf. On the other end, Alex Smith is growing up nicely, and Frank Gore in the backfield is a complete animal. They should rack up some points, especially considering the damage they did on the ground against the ‘Hawks last time around. I wouldn’t be surprised to see about 50-60 points put up here, especially if Seattle gets out of the gates the way they normally do at home.


So with that being said, checkout our featured sports book website www.VIP.com. It, along with the other featured online sports books and casinos on CasinoReview.org provide outstanding service, complete security, and fun and interactive content that will appeal to all levels of gambling enthusiasts. Make sure to check out both the sports book bonuses, and the casino bonuses at Vip.com, as they are giving up to 100% matching on some larger deposits, as well as many more options to reap benefits from smaller deposits, amounts of games played, as well as the casino promotions on their site. Again, thanks for reading, checking out our featured sports books and casinos we have offered on CasinoReview.org, and happy betting!





Aaron G.