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Football Sunday, Here we come.


What an awesome day it will be. There is nothing more comfortable than rolling out of bed on a nice quiet morning, knowing full well that there will be a solid day of football coverage ahead of you.  Fortunately for me, I will have the added excitement of pacing through the scores and updates, watching to see what has become of my three-team parlay bet (Go Ravens, please!) and the point spread I have taken on the Seahawks v. Cards game (c’mon 46!). I decided to open up this weekend with a simple few bets, just to get my feet wet in the action.

My only question I have now is what will be the best game of the day to watch, and how I will be getting a hold of food at that time.

Now I had said before that I decided to recently open up accounts on three of our featured online sportsbook sites. Currently my bets have been placed with, and, both of which were extremely easy to use, and had me ready to place my bets in no time at all. The ease of these transactions, as well as the availability of the sites to provide up to date information about my bets and scores have me ready to relax, sit back and enjoy some good ol’ gridiron action.

So let’s talk a little about these games that are going on tomorrow.  I will admit, as I stated in my earlier article, that these match ups could go either way this week, in just about every single game.  The parlay bet that I have placed on has a game in each slot of the day. Theis is my first attempt at a parlay game on an online sportsbook, and I’m hoping all goes well. I thought this would be the best bang for my buck, in terms of having a little something riding on each game time. In the morning at 10:00 (or 1:00 pm on the Eastern seaboard) it will be a great matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the KC Chiefs. Now I know (because I read it in an informative write up on this game, furnished by by the way) that the Ravens have trouble in KC. However, with a relentless defense, and a good ground attack, I’m taking the birds anyway.

Next we have the afternoon selection of games. I have been advised by certain friends of mine that betting on the Denver/San Diego game is a bad idea however I’m getting in the mix. You know what I say to them? I say, it’s worth the few dollars to watch to great teams duke it out. I only paid 20 bucks for this match up to have real meaning for me, and this game should promise to get me my money’s worth. I’m taking San Diego in this one, because I refuse to bet against a team that has that guy named LT in the backfield. That folks, is THE best running back just shy of Barry Sanders. He should consider giving his whole ‘O’ line a piece of his salary though. I could get through those holes!

Here’s where my day gets interesting. While the Denver/San Diego game goes on, I will be rooting for high powered scoring in the Seahawks/Cardinals game. You see I’m a die hard Seahawks fan. You may say what you will, but I’ve been one since I was old enough and could say ‘Go Hawks!’ Fortunately for me, I finally got to use that phrase, as they are a solid team for really the first time since the team’s inception (minus that one Jim Zorn year). That being said, my ‘Hawks are going to prevail in the desert and hopfully score all 46 points I need by themselves. Consequently, I believe that Mr. Dennis Green is going to probably lose his job. Good coach, wrong organization.

Last, but certainly not least is a game I can’t wait for. New Orleans and Dallas will guarantee to be a shootout. These teams are both playoff bound, and both need this win. Drew Brees v. Tony Romo should make for one exciting finish to my gaming day.  That being said, I’m ready to go for tomorrow!  I’ve placed my bets, and you should have too by now. Let’s see how my first shot on and turn out. Either way, the anticipation is killing me, and I know that my money is well spent on some seriously good football action.



Aaron G.

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