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Hello everyone and thank you for checking into for a daily update of all things involving sportsbooks, online casinos and happenings on some our featured online betting websites. Yesterday, I took a little stroll through one of the most established and diverse gambling websites on the internet. cannot merely be called a sportsbook. You would also be wrong to label it merely as a casino. In fact, not only does have a multitude of options for choosing bets on anything from sports to the next Prime Minister of the UK, it also has fun and unique betting games that resemble more of an arcade than your standard, run of the mill gambling site. This video arcade that takes bets on good play is the first I’ve seen offered amongst the variety of sportsbooks and casinos I’m used to running across.


What’s also nice about using the services at is that you never get bored navigating the site and each featured gambling section is like its own separate website, dedicated solely to that service offered. For instance, you can go to for standard poker games, for games like blackjack, craps, and roulette, or to the games section to look over a multitude of fun, interactive video gambling games. It must also be said that currently offers 24 different options to place wagers in their sportsbook on for various sports and non-sporting bets. I have yet to see another online sportsbook and casino website offer such a wide array of bets to patrons.


This all being said, is also one of the first established online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet. Being formerly introduced to the public in 1983, then on the internet in 1996, this certainly will bring comfort to the online gambler who wishes to be absolutely sure that the site they are using is secure, legitimate, and well run,.  The folks at certainly have a winning combination of outstanding diversity in bet options, as well as a very straightforward, easy-use website for all types of betters. One thing that I would like to see from this site is a more updated sportsbook, with clearer betting lines laid out match-up by match-up. Some of the menus require a little searching to find the right bet you are looking for. I am splitting hairs here, I must admit.


You can count on a fun experience for your online sportsbook and casino needs by using This website also offers up to a 100% match on deposits for casino play, as well as reload bonuses twice a week, and a free 20 dollar sign-up bet offer. These bonuses, which do require you to wage a significant amount before being able to cash out on, are especially handy to players like me how know that you are looking to play for a while. Why should you have just a buck in your account when you could go to the casino at and have 2 bucks? It seems like a logical proposition to me. Besides, it’s like free money to play with, and the more you can play, the better you will get.

So try this one at out this week, or over the holidays when you’re tired of shopping, and just want to relax and enjoy some online sportsbook action, and maybe some trips to the online casino. I have seen a lot of fun options, and now the roulette wheel is calling my name! would again like to thank you for checking us out, and thank you for using our featured sportsbooks and casino websites to place your online wagers.





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