Sunday Horse Racing Action, plus Football, of Course!

First off, we wish you a happy football Sunday, and thank you for checking out Instead of being dragged out of the house and forced to shop like the millions of other people, let’s be honest?would you rather be shopping today, or spending time placing some bets online, and watching some great sports match-ups? No reply is needed; I already know your answer, especially if you’re anything like me.  This weekend, I have gotten a little bet crazy, and have dispersed a total of five bets across all the sportsbook websites that I have thus far signed up for. I just couldn’t bring myself to pass up any of the games offered this weekend, and since all the featured online sportsbooks and casinos have offered such a wide variety of perks, bonuses and options, I had to spread the wealth around a bit.


Now since I have the luxury of writing this after most of the games have played out, I can give you an immediate report of my accomplishments across our featured sportsbooks. Unfortunately for me, this was not one of those weekends I’d like to remember. For the morning game involving the New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins, I ventured over to to place my first bet. Needless to say, one completely disappointing appearance at home by the Saints, and my bet was a bust. That’s okay, because my second bet, placed on more than made up for my early loss.  I took a three team parlay (three has worked out to be a very manageable bet, so I’ve strayed little from this type of parlay) going with the Patriots, Packers, and Jets, all of whom came through with flying colors. Now granted none of these teams were featured as underdogs on any of our featured sportsbooks, but the parlay gave me enough money to basically crack even for the day so far. has been my lucky horse so far this winter, as far as sportsbooks and online casinos go. Not only have I been lucky with a few underdog bets, but the casino has been extremely favorable to me (The small ante, no-limit tables are my favorite, allowing you to not have to wager much to play, but still get into some heavy action when the time is right). Pittsburgh strolled in and gave Carolina a thrashing, and Tennessee pulled off an upset against the Jaguars, who were favored after their route last week against Indy. This added up to give me one happy Sunday, even if the rest of my bets didn’t pay off at the other sportsbooks. I want to reiterate again how simple and easy to use is for its patrons. The simple website design, well laid out betting options, not to mention the great casino, make this one of my most favored online sportsbooks and casinos.


Now my simple bets on and have not yet fully completed, but are well on their way. I took a two team parlay on, taking the St. Louis Rams over the Oakland Raiders, and the Denver Broncos over the Cardinals. Both these games are well on their way to over, and it look as if banking on simple bets with favored teams, while not lucrative, maybe a wise choice for slowly building a bankroll. With that being said, my last bet of the day used on matches the Eagles against the Giants, and is in danger of becoming a bust as I write. The Eagles are driving late, down 1 point?and have just scored. I’m going to have to leave you and watch the remainder of this game.


Nonetheless, today is a great day for sports and a great day to check out your options at all of our featured sportsbooks and online casinos. I hope that your Sunday has been as relaxing as mine, and that all your bets come through in the clutch. Thank you always for using, and I wish you all happy betting!



Aaron G.

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