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As you may know, I have been progressing through a number of featured online casinos and sportsbooks we have offered on Today, I have decided to sign up and try out a new sportsbook,, as my seventh featured website added to my collection of sportsbooks and casinos.  Right off the bat, I can tell you that this website is legit. Being owned by the same parent company as, it has a very user-friendly website, with lines posted in a scroll format on the front page. I for one can’t stand having to dig for sports lines, especially when a sportsbook website’s main business is to make wagers on sports available to the public. All the necessary information for making wagers starts on the homepage and you don’t have to navigate the site to find the right bets you are looking for.

Since this site was so straight forward, I have decided to make a few bets immediately across a few sports, just to get my feet wet on  Being under the parent of, I have confidence in this sportsbook and casino with regards to security and payment (and the 10% Sunday bonuses, and 25% initial deposit bonus was a big plus) that my money is in a good place. Using Netteller, I quickly signed up and made my first deposit and have my first bets ready. I am taking the points at 47 for the USC vs. Michigan matchup in the Rose Bowl on Monday. I take comfort in the fact that both of these teams have powerhouse offenses, and relatively weak defenses, which leads me to think that 24 points apiece shouldn’t be too much to ask.  For kicks, I’m placing another parlay bet on this site for underdogs, choosing the Jags over the Chiefs and the Falcons over the Eagles. What? I had an extra 5 bucks that needed to be put on something. A guy can dream can’t he?

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with the ease of navigation and simplicity of the information presented by  It is one of the more straight forward online sportsbook and casino sites, which I believe is what most bettors are looking for. No amount of flashy design or elaborate options can make up for user-friendly operation and easy directions. My bets placed on this site, combined with the numerous others placed on our other featured sites have given me plenty of action and lots of sports to watch over the New Year’s weekend.  I hope that you can take the time to check this and our other featured sites out soon, because the bowl season is in full swing and the last weekend of the NFL is upon us. Get those bets going and choose your winner today!

Aaron G.

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