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Now it must also be said that even if you don’t wish to spend your hard earned cash right away in the casinos and poker rooms, just about all our sites make their casinos and poker tables downloadable and playable with no money wagered. You can hone your skills before even having to commit any money into play.  For instance, on, there are separated areas for their online casino, poker rooms and even for horse betting! You can quickly get playing by clicking on the gaming type you would like try, downloading the free software, and within minutes you can be playing against players from around the world just for fun, or for big stakes just like in a real casino. Any which way you slice it, there is certainly a lot of fun to be had just investigating all the options available for the gambling enthusiast at’s featured online casinos.

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Aaron G.

Tuesday Sports highlights and some Online Casino play

Typically for a Tuesday, there were only a handful of games being played throughout the various sports leagues that gave the online gambler something to wager on.  For a quick highlight of the day’s sports action, we first turn to the NBA which has quickly passed the season’s halfway point heading to All-Star Weekend. Dallas crushed Seattle 122-102, further extending their dominance and their very credible record of 37 wins and only 9 losses. The Washington Wizards also have looked strong as of late, beating the formidable Detroit Pistons 104-99, even without the talented Antawn Jamison lost to a sprained knee. Even the Cleveland Cavaliers, playing down one superstar in Lebron James, found an unlikely hero in Sasha Pavlovic whose 24 points helped to annihilate the Golden State Warriors 124-97.  As the NBA gears up for its own All-Star Weekend starting this Thursday, there is definitely some exciting early signs of which teams are in the hunt for the playoffs, which means more great basketball wagering in the near future.
There was certainly some great wagering action to be had in hockey on Tuesday. In NHL hockey action of noteworthiness, the Buffalo Sabres looked to ease their slumping of late with a crushing 7-1 defeat over the Boston Bruins on the hat trick of Daniel Briere. This certainly helped my two team parlay wager placed on, which also included Toronto, who themselves stole a win against Carolina on their home ice. Elsewhere, the Detroit Red Wings rallied down 3-0 to win 4-3 against the New York Islanders, Colorado topped the red-hot Nashville Predators, and Atlanta squeaked out 5 goals in a win against Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils in a battle of division leaders. As with the NBA, the NHL is having a great turn for the playoffs, with many teams looking to establish their dominance. With 21 teams over .500 this year (and much right on the cusp) it should be a strong race from here on out, making for exciting wagering on’s featured sportsbooks.
With Tuesday being a little slow around the world of sports, I took the opportunity to dive back into a couple of’s featured online casinos to find some great wagering action.  Going over to the poker room at, I found a bit of a streak on the Blackjack tables? And then took a bit of a hit, going down a few bucks. Licking my wounds, I tried my luck one more time on Tuesday, and headed to for a little more casino action. While I recorded a few big pots, the cards weren’t falling in line for this writer, but I left breaking just about even for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more luck for me. Speaking of being lucky, I hope that you have placed your bets or at least have given some thought to wagering on the quickly approaching Superbowl XLI.’s featured sportsbooks have a bevy of information for you take advantage of, so get out there, place those bets, and start the anticipation for Superbowl Sunday. We’ll see you tomorrow, and thank you again for checking in with us at

Aaron G.

Superbowl XLI wagers, more sportsbook action

Superbowl week has finally come! Get your wagers ready using’s featured online casinos, because you most certainly won’t want to miss out on this once a year sports betting excitement. Our featured sportsbooks are constantly adjusting lines for the Indianapolis vs. Chicago game, offering alternatives to push the money or the spread more favorably, just so they can catch any potential bettor intent on wagering on Superbowl XLI. You probably wouldn’t know it from listening to the broadcasters and writers around the sports world, who have been analyzing and reanalyzing every aspect of the game since the very second the AFC and NFC championship games ended, but the big game is finally just days away.  Amongst the ‘Peyton Manning this?’ and ‘Rex Grossman that?’ there is much valuable game information being disseminated from all angles to make your wagering job that much easier. The heavily favored Indianapolis Colts, coming in as about a 7 point favorite on any sportsbook you’ll find, definitely seem to receive the majority of the backing throughout the sports writing world as well.
The big question for every potential wager placed is definitely who will be the deciding factor in the Superbowl. It could be Rex Grossman simply not making too many mistakes, or Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson establishing a strong running game early and keeping Mr. Manning parked on the sidelines. It could also come down to Peyton Manning breaking the Chicago secondary and keeping his interceptions to a minimum. Regardless of eventual outcome, this writer will be very excited to stop hearing the name Peyton Manning referred to every five seconds of the day! Nonetheless, to place my first wager, I have gone to the ever trustworthy, which not only offers the typical wagering, but also a number of alternative bets if you prefer to move the lines or spreads one way or another (at a sacrifice of potential profit though).  My personal prediction is for a tight first half, followed by an eventual breakdown of defense in the second half, making for late-in-the-game shootout. If this is correct, it would have to favor the Indiapolis Colts and the hall of fame caliber throwing arm of that guy whose name is mentioned all too much.
So I’ll go with my gut for this first bet (yes, there will be more wagers placed on this game before the week is over), and take the Indianapolis Colts over the Chicago Bears by at least 7 points. It is certainly true that the Colts’ defense is not as good as the Bears on paper or in total talent; however they have certainly showed that they can shut down an offense when they need to. Besides, all previously listed regular season stats should go right out the window, in exchange for straight up comparisons of individual positions. Any way you slice it, the final decision for how to place your bet(s) lies on the shoulders of the person placing the wager, be it with gut instinct, or well thought out investigation of game information. The one constant you will find is that has all the quality sportsbooks found on the internet to place that wager with. If you haven’t already made your wagers for this Sunday, it is certainly time to start looking into it. With that, we wish you good luck wagering on Superbowl XLI and have a great week!

Aaron G.

NHL Primetime games, continued Sportsbook betting

Finally, some NHL action on primetime Sunday television! I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that I’ve reiterated the fact that hockey is becoming more and more exciting, and definitely a worthwhile sport to place wagers on in our featured online sportsbooks. Sunday’s action gave this writer an opportunity to utilize’s featured sportsbooks to place a few different wagers across a couple of professional leagues, and to my excitement, my winning streak continues yet again. In a wager placed for Saturday on, the Toronto Maple Leafs came through in the clutch, winning 4-1 over the Montreal Canadians, thus giving me more cannon fodder for Sunday’s great action.  Using for Sunday’s hockey wagering, I placed a three team parlay bet, taking the Vancouver Canucks, The Anaheim Ducks, and the Detroit Red Wings to win their respective games. I have no problem admitting that in all these match-ups the bets where placed more on the goalies than the teams playing. In all three of the games, each opponent was held to only one goal at the hands of All-Star caliber goalies Roberto Luongo, Dominik Hasek, and J.S. Giguere. Betting on goaltenders seems a simple method to determine winners, and my recent luck in NHL hockey wagers has certainly supported that claim.

Elsewhere in sports, there are streaks that certainly have to be addressed today. Perhaps most noteworthy are the fine play of Roger Federer at the Australian Open, and Tiger Woods at the Buick Invitational, both of whom won their respected events and continue their unbeaten tear through their respective sports. Mr. Federer also became the first player since 1980 to not lose a set in tournament play. Mr. Woods sealed up his seventh victory in a row, and an unprecedented 5 Buick Invitational title. These two exciting players are certainly the present-day best in their sports, and arguably the best of all time. Speaking of the best, once again the Phoenix Suns continue their streak with another win, consequently helping secure another parlay wager win for my oh-so-lucky self. My wager at taking the Suns, the Spurs and the Pistons, although wagering on all favored teams, garnished my account with a little extra coin. This is much needed however, especially with the Superbowl approaching, and an upcoming weekend spent in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas Nevada, where this writer will be heading to watch and bet on the game!

All in all, it was a great weekend across the wide world of sports. If you were lucky enough to utilize to place some wagers in our featured sportsbooks, or simply to play some games in our featured online casinos, hopefully you were able to have some good luck, and exciting games to watch.  There are a few games being played on Monday night in the NBA, NHL and NCAA men’s basketball, so hopefully a case of the Mondays will be eased by a case of good sports action to watch.  Have a great week, and thank you again for using for all our featured sportsbooks and online casinos.

Aaron G.

Saturday Casino Wagers, more Sportsbook bets

If there is a day to play around on the featured casinos we have at, today is certainly a good day to do just that.  Hopefully most of you (excluding myself) have the day off, and are able to get out of doing chores, errands, etc. and get online for some good times in our featured sportsbooks and casinos.  While I wasn’t as lucky as some, having to wait out work to get on the tables and play some hands, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a wager on a NHL hockey wager placed on yesterday for today’s game. If the Toronto Maple Leafs can take out the favored Montreal Canadians, this would help to extend my hockey wagering win streak to 4 in a row and with that bit of extra change, I will be all the more ready to play more cards this evening when I head to This website is a frequent favorite of mine, which continues to offer some of the best action, the most tables and wagering limit options, and excellent player bonus incentives for continued play. I may be a little boring due to the fact that I usually stick with no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em on this website, but it’s just too good of a time to pass up and if you are making money, why stray away right?

On another note, sports action for Saturday is outstanding, and should give any avid sports nut the opportunity for checking out and wagering on a variety of games. As mentioned before the NCAA has 93 games going, as well as matches in professional Hockey, Golf, Basketball and Tennis. Since I’m a little late on wagering and getting to watch some of the day’s sports match-ups due to work, Saturday night will be a relaxing evening for watching a few local sports games, and making some picks for tomorrow’s sports events.  So far for tomorrow, I’ve spread around a couple of bets at and using the former for NHL wagers, and the latter for NBA and College basketball. With games on national television today (including the NHL on NBC finally!), everyone should be able to find some great sporting events to check out, and hopefully make some wagers. A great hockey match-up between Dallas and Anaheim starts in the mid afternoon, and is the starting point to my parlay wager, so you know I’ll be down at the local pub watching and cheering for the (kind of) home team. thanks you for checking out our featured online casinos and sportsbooks, and we hope that the knowledge learned here helps to choose the best wagering experience for you. So kick your feet up and relax, place some wagers at one of our featured websites, and we’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.

Friday Sportsbook wagering, Great Sports Weekend

Well folks, it’s that time of the week! wishes you a happy Friday, and the start of a well deserved weekend. Friday turned out to be an active day for sportsbook wagering, with plenty of action in the NBA and NHL. I was fortunate enough to see my bets placed at come through Friday night, giving me ample funds for a weekend of betting at our featured online casinos.  Each of three NBA basketball games played on Friday went exactly according to my plan, starting with the Phoenix Suns, who extended their streak once again to an outstanding 16 games in a row, and kept the total points down under 200, easily covering my wager.  Elsewhere, the Washington Wizards pulled off a win against the Detroit Pistons, which was obviously enough to cover their 5.5 point leeway given on the sportsbooks. Last, but not least for my daily bets, Utah came through late in the game to snap the Denver Nuggets chance for a road win, as the 37 points Carmelo Anthony put up was just a little shy to overcome the solid play of the Utah Jazz.
Suffice to say, this weekend has started out on a great foot for yours truly, and it is all but guaranteed that I will have ample headroom in my sportsbook accounts for more weekend wagering.  Winning three separate wagers in one day will get anyone excited, especially when you have the option to make even more money wagering at our featured online casinos! That is exactly what is planned for a relaxing Saturday afternoon, with the background of much exciting NCAA basketball on schedule.  Speaking of the NCAA, you will definitely want to hit the sportsbooks and place a few wagers for Saturday’s action on the court.  Of notable games #4 North Carolina travels to #19Arizona in one of the day’s 15 games featuring at least one top 25 team. Also, a big Pac-10 match-up between #7 Oregon and #18 Washington State could be a huge shakeup for their league’s standings, especially after Oregon’s loss to Washington earlier in the week. That aside, there are 93 games played today, so you should have no problem finding a decent game to wager on in one of our featured online sportsbooks.
Around the sports world this weekend The Australian Open in tennis reaches its final round with an obvious favorite in Roger Federer, who is needless to say unstoppable. The Buick Invitational begins the third round of play Saturday, and the NHL has 11 games to choose from to wager on. Probably the best hockey game of the day will pit ancient rivals the Toronto Maple Leaf against the Montreal Canadiens. This is a wager that this writer won’t be able to get away from. With a few simple clicks, I’m over to as we speak? And I’ve placed my wager taking the Maple Leafs on the spread with a 1.5 point margin. It is certainly yet another great day of sportsbook action and great games ahead.’s featured sportsbooks and casino will add a little flavor to anyone’s weekend sporting activities, so get out there, place those wagers, and enjoy your weekend!

Aaron G.

Thursday Sports Update, sportsbook wagering

While there weren’t too many games to wager on for any given sport this Thursday, there certainly was no shortage of potential wagers to be made on’s featured sportsbooks. From college basketball to golf to tennis, plenty of sports action was available for the avid sports fan.  In NCAA basketball action, a wager was taken at taking the Clemson Tigers to cover points against the Duke Blue Devils at home. Fortunately even as Duke came through with a last second lay-up near the buzzer, the small 2 point victory spelled a win for my wager placed. Also of note from the NCAA, Pac-10 action was in full swing, with #7 Oregon surprisingly going down in upset against Washington, UCLA still looking strong with a win at Cal, and Washington State adding to their already impressive season with a win at home of Oregon State. Across the league, the NCAA is getting very exciting, making for great wagering opportunities and great sports action for you to watch.

Fortunate to win a parlay wager on Wednesday night action in the NBA, this writer took a wagering day off, and enjoyed a great game with Dallas coming into Chicago. Chicago managed to snap the Maverick’s 8-game winning streak with a 96-85 win at home, banking on Ben Gordon’s 30 point effort, and Ben Wallace’s 17 rebounds. The Bulls have definitely showed some youthful talent and skill in an organization that has made a great recovery with the addition of the two Bens, Luol Deng, and Kirk Heinrich to their attack. Elsewhere in the NBA for Friday night, there will be a few good match-ups pitting Denver on the road at Utah, Washington at Detroit, and Milwaukee facing the red-hot Phoenix Suns, who look to extend their win streak to an astounding 16 games in a row. Needless to say, there are plenty of wagers to be made for Friday’s games in our featured sportsbooks. I for one have ventured over to and placed a wager taking under 219 for total points in the Suns v. Bucks game, the Utah Jazz to win at home, and the Washington Wizards to cover the line at 5.5 points.

Of other worthy sporting notes in Tennis, Andy Roddick has lost for the ninth straight time against the seemingly unstoppable Roger Federer, suffering a crushing defeat in three straight sets in the Australian Open Semi-Finals. Although I wouldn’t consider myself much of a tennis fan on a regular basis, watching Mr. Federer play is like watching a legend in action, and is worth any sports fan’s time. Elsewhere in sports, Tiger Woods starts off his ’07 season with a 6 under par 66 at the Buick Invitational held at the magnificent Torrey Pines. A victory would make 7 straight for Tiger, dating back to last July. Will this guy ever stop? Probably not, and I certainly won’t be the one to wager against it!  However, there is plenty of action across many different leagues for any type of sports fan to make many different types of wagers. Find out more about all the action we offer on our featured sportsbooks and online casinos at There is a little something for everyone here, so find your niche and place those bets!

Aaron G.

NHL All Star Game, more basketball action

If you weren’t fortunate enough to check out the NHL All-Star game this evening, I must apologize. A 12-9 final score (a goal scored about every three minutes mind you) would be an easy explanation that this game was exciting for whoever was watching it, however it underlies one very important fact. The National Hockey League is alive and well. Now I am fully aware that every All-Star game is basically like an organized penalty shoot-out, however this game showed off the speed, talent, and youthful nature of a reemerging league and a great sport. Not only did I profit from a placed wager this evening, but the level of skill displayed made for one of the more exciting sporting events so far this year. Stars like Buffalo’s Daniel Briere who won the game MVP with 5 points, and the 6’9″ Zdeno Chara who won the hardest shot at a 100 mph average and scored a pair of goals, emphasize just a few of many great players who came to show off their abilities tonight in Dallas. Needless to say, my wager at turned out doubly sweet with money in the bank and great action on the ‘tube.

Switching quickly over to basketball, there was plenty of wagering action available this evening from the NCAA to the NBA. It must first be mentioned that the highlight goes to Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech who took out the number five and six teams in the nation this week, with players storming the court both nights at home, and Coach Knight having yet another heart attack trying to contain the student body from spilling onto the court. Absolutely hilarious. A few upsets in the top 25, and March Madness approaching ever-so-quickly makes wagering on college basketball awfully exciting, and you can bet tomorrow that a bet will be placed in one of our feature sportsbooks on the Thursday night ACC match-up featuring Clemson at Duke. The NCAA is shaping up to have a wild, an unpredictable run to the final four, and you won’t want to miss out on any action from here on out.

Phoenix has won yet again, big surprise. With number 15 in the bag, and three more road games to before heading home, can anyone stop this team before they win out the season? Improbable, yes but I certainly won’t be betting against them anytime soon.  That being said, I did get one small parlay bet off this evening on taking Indiana to beat the Miami Heat in Shaq’s return, Sacramento over Milwaukee, and Minnesota over Portland. The games are just wrapping up so keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll do the same for you! There is plenty of NBA upcoming this Friday, with 12 games being played so get your bets ready and placed on one of our featured sportsbooks we have on We’ll see you tomorrow and from us to you, good luck and good night.





Aaron G.


Online Casino Action, Mid Season NHL, NBA Review

Last night turned out to be a huge success for one lucky writer. Straying away from the generally bountiful action on’s featured sportsbooks, I turned solely to our featured online casinos for a long night of Texas Hold ‘Em, hoping to gain back the little that I lost in my NFL playoff wagers.’s casino was alive and kicking yesterday, perhaps with so many others like me needing some excitement with the general lack of sporting events to wager on. After a long stint (about 4 and a half hours) and a run of good luck, 20 dollars has turned itself into almost one hundred after hitting just about every possible lucky draw. On a ten person table, I watched my stack dwindle in half before going on a winning streak lasting almost 2 full hours. Too bad for me that I wasn’t playing higher stakes, however, one must admit that you take what you can get, right? I’m certainly not complaining about extra money in my casino account, which will no doubt be used again soon.

With that aside, we have come to the halfway point of the NBA and NHL seasons. Tonight, the NHL starts its All-Star break, with the skill challenges taking place this evening, and the game tomorrow night. The NHL has had an exciting season thus far, with so many teams doing very well, making for fun wagering on our featured sportsbooks. Noteworthy this year have been the unstoppable Buffalo Sabres, with a team of fast-skating youthful players. The play of youngster Sydney Crosby, who leads the league in total points, has also brought some shine to a Pittsburgh Penguins team that badly needed a boost. Martin Brodeur continues his march into the NHL Hall of Fame, at or near the top in every goalie category on record. The league as a whole is in very good shape, providing fast flying action for the avid sports fan. For fun, I jumped over to, and have taken a bet on the West All-Stars to win the game. This will probably be the only NHL ‘game’ this year that both teams come close to scoring ten goals, so if you like to see points put on the board, this will be a game for you.

The NBA has also had its share of exciting play in the first half of the year. The Phoenix Suns blaze through the half way point, extending their win streak to 14. Also, the Dallas Mavericks have firmly placed their own bid for a shot at the NBA title, losing only 8 games thus far (after losing their first 4 in a row at the beginning of the season!). Again, this league has a large proportion of youth to draw excitement from, and wagering on the NBA will only get more exciting as the run towards the playoffs begin. With those teams in mind, I quickly placed a parlay wager on to take the Suns, Mavericks and the Bulls to win outright Tuesday night. A safe bet, however, turning it into a parlay makes for a good little chunk of change, so long as everybody wins!

With all this youthful talent, and the start of playoff runs beginning, this New Year is getting kicked off on just the right foot for the avid sports fan. With plenty of sports to wager on, offers the finest sportsbooks and casinos to place your bets and get in on all the exciting action the sports world has to offer this year. One half of the NHL and NBA may be over, but an even more exciting and action-packed half is still left.




Aaron G.


NFC and AFC Championships lead to more Casino play

Well folks, it’s Monday. hopes that you had a pleasant weekend, and hopefully you were more successful than this writer was this weekend. With my two wagers placed on our featured sportsbooks for the Championship games, I watched the games in anctipation, only to have both underdogs come up short. However, recognizing that my wagering may have been a little aggressive, I quickly placed another bet to offset most of any loss I would take if the bets didn’t go my way. And boy how they didn’t go my way. In the first game, the New Orleans Saints made a valiant comeback effort in the second half yesterday, only to be slaughtered in the end by a Bears team capitalizing on a handful of turnovers. The final score of 39-14, after the Saints brought the game with 2 points indicated how badly the whole thing fell apart at the end (and in the process crushing any hopes anyone had of making money on New Orleans in their sportsbook wagers). In the other game, New England had the game all but wrapped up, jumping to a large 21-3 lead early, only to have it slip through their hands as they gave up the most points in AFC history in the second half (also missing the line by a point, which no doubt upset many bets placed). Oh well. Even if the outcomes weren’t so good for this guy, the Championship games were exciting to watch, and probably have a lot of people very happy with the up and coming Superbowl match-up.

So with that, we swallow a bit of pride (if necessary) and move on to another day. When in doubt, there is always a good time to be had at any of the featured online casinos we have at That is exactly where I plan to lick my wounds on this Monday night.  Going first to, the thoughts of playing a little roulette, some blackjack, and maybe a few 5 card games will definitely get my mind off the awful performance in my wagers over the weekend. has been a solid featured website, having the most sportsbook wagering possibilities out of any website I have come across to date, as well as one of the best integrated casinos we have featured on our site. They have gone out of their way to set up independent websites for each of their wagering sections, offering different bonuses for each area of play.

Taking full advantage of the 100% sign-up matching bonus at their casino (based off of a 100 dollar initial buy in), there is plenty of action ahead without much chance of running out of money anytime soon. There are more bonuses and incentives for the poker room as well, which is also a separate sub-website at, and is home to around 500,000 registered players. At any time of the day, there is action to be had on this website. With a general lack of sports bets scheduled for Monday, it is a perfect opportunity to explore other wagering options on’s featured sportsbooks and casinos. Join me on the casinos, and find out for yourself how much fun you can have on our featured websites. You won’t be disappointed.





Aaron G.