Great Sunday Playoff Games, Even if the home team comes up short

If you were in line with all the featured sportsbooks on, you didn’t have a hard time yesterday deciding that the Chicago Bears would pound the Seattle Seahawks, and breeze quickly and easily into the Conference championships. Not only did Seattle get no love from the networks, reciting the disastrous 37-6 routing earlier this year, but the general consensus at the sportsbooks was the same, giving Seattle up as a 9 point underdog. While this writer certainly wouldn’t condone betting against Chicago at home in the playoffs, the 9 point spread should have been a flag to anyone wishing to bet on this game. After all, only the Colts v. Ravens game ended up with a 9 point differential, in favor of the underdog. So while I must shrug my shoulders at the blown opportunity Seattle had for beating Chicago, taking Seattle to cover the 9 points means that I can be unhappy with a loss, but still have a bet in my win column, and money in my sportsbook account.

In the second game on Sunday, to no one’s real surprise, the playoff-savvy New England Patriots marched into San Diego and handed them a big loss. San Diego comes up short again, and Marty Shottenheimer’s career comes into question with yet another failed attempt to bring a top seed team through the first Playoff game. Coincidentally, with my wager to take the Patriots and the points, this wrapped up my NFL weekend at 4-0, making me one pretty happy camper (and a definite candidate for some late night Poker action on a few of’s featured casinos). Using the point spread paid off big time, and gives this writer cannon fodder for the casino tables, even while my shoulders shrug a little with a heart-breaking home team loss. You can’t win ’em all, but you can place the right bet to cover yourself when your team blows it at the end of a game. Lesson learned.

For the rest of the evening, I will be predisposed at, which happens to have a quality casino, with many featured games, not to mention tons of bonuses to take advantage of. Taking my winnings over to the tables seems like a good idea, as I try to get the win my home team coughed up. Ok, enough with the home team. You know what it’s like when the home team loses, right? Right. So I’ll leave it short and simple to wrap up this NFL infused weekend. Check out the featured sportsbooks and casinos, find a niche for yourself, and settle into some quality wagering over the long weekend. Pay your respects to Dr. King and hopefully have yourself a peaceful day of extra rest (unless you are a slave to the grind like this writer is). I’ll see you tomorrow on, your place for the finest sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.



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