NHL All Star Game, more basketball action

If you weren’t fortunate enough to check out the NHL All-Star game this evening, I must apologize. A 12-9 final score (a goal scored about every three minutes mind you) would be an easy explanation that this game was exciting for whoever was watching it, however it underlies one very important fact. The National Hockey League is alive and well. Now I am fully aware that every All-Star game is basically like an organized penalty shoot-out, however this game showed off the speed, talent, and youthful nature of a reemerging league and a great sport. Not only did I profit from a placed wager this evening, but the level of skill displayed made for one of the more exciting sporting events so far this year. Stars like Buffalo’s Daniel Briere who won the game MVP with 5 points, and the 6’9″ Zdeno Chara who won the hardest shot at a 100 mph average and scored a pair of goals, emphasize just a few of many great players who came to show off their abilities tonight in Dallas. Needless to say, my wager at www.Sportsbook.com turned out doubly sweet with money in the bank and great action on the ‘tube.

Switching quickly over to basketball, there was plenty of wagering action available this evening from the NCAA to the NBA. It must first be mentioned that the highlight goes to Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech who took out the number five and six teams in the nation this week, with players storming the court both nights at home, and Coach Knight having yet another heart attack trying to contain the student body from spilling onto the court. Absolutely hilarious. A few upsets in the top 25, and March Madness approaching ever-so-quickly makes wagering on college basketball awfully exciting, and you can bet tomorrow that a bet will be placed in one of our feature sportsbooks on the Thursday night ACC match-up featuring Clemson at Duke. The NCAA is shaping up to have a wild, an unpredictable run to the final four, and you won’t want to miss out on any action from here on out.

Phoenix has won yet again, big surprise. With number 15 in the bag, and three more road games to before heading home, can anyone stop this team before they win out the season? Improbable, yes but I certainly won’t be betting against them anytime soon.  That being said, I did get one small parlay bet off this evening on www.Betus.com taking Indiana to beat the Miami Heat in Shaq’s return, Sacramento over Milwaukee, and Minnesota over Portland. The games are just wrapping up so keep your fingers crossed for me, and I’ll do the same for you! There is plenty of NBA upcoming this Friday, with 12 games being played so get your bets ready and placed on one of our featured sportsbooks we have on www.CasinoReview.org. We’ll see you tomorrow and from us to you, good luck and good night.





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