Tuesday Sports highlights and some Online Casino play

Typically for a Tuesday, there were only a handful of games being played throughout the various sports leagues that gave the online gambler something to wager on.  For a quick highlight of the day’s sports action, we first turn to the NBA which has quickly passed the season’s halfway point heading to All-Star Weekend. Dallas crushed Seattle 122-102, further extending their dominance and their very credible record of 37 wins and only 9 losses. The Washington Wizards also have looked strong as of late, beating the formidable Detroit Pistons 104-99, even without the talented Antawn Jamison lost to a sprained knee. Even the Cleveland Cavaliers, playing down one superstar in Lebron James, found an unlikely hero in Sasha Pavlovic whose 24 points helped to annihilate the Golden State Warriors 124-97.  As the NBA gears up for its own All-Star Weekend starting this Thursday, there is definitely some exciting early signs of which teams are in the hunt for the playoffs, which means more great basketball wagering in the near future.
There was certainly some great wagering action to be had in hockey on Tuesday. In NHL hockey action of noteworthiness, the Buffalo Sabres looked to ease their slumping of late with a crushing 7-1 defeat over the Boston Bruins on the hat trick of Daniel Briere. This certainly helped my two team parlay wager placed on www.VIP.com, which also included Toronto, who themselves stole a win against Carolina on their home ice. Elsewhere, the Detroit Red Wings rallied down 3-0 to win 4-3 against the New York Islanders, Colorado topped the red-hot Nashville Predators, and Atlanta squeaked out 5 goals in a win against Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils in a battle of division leaders. As with the NBA, the NHL is having a great turn for the playoffs, with many teams looking to establish their dominance. With 21 teams over .500 this year (and much right on the cusp) it should be a strong race from here on out, making for exciting wagering on www.CasinoReview.org’s featured sportsbooks.
With Tuesday being a little slow around the world of sports, I took the opportunity to dive back into a couple of www.CasinoReview.org’s featured online casinos to find some great wagering action.  Going over to the poker room at www.Intertopspoker.com, I found a bit of a streak on the Blackjack tables? And then took a bit of a hit, going down a few bucks. Licking my wounds, I tried my luck one more time on Tuesday, and headed to www.Sportsbook.com for a little more casino action. While I recorded a few big pots, the cards weren’t falling in line for this writer, but I left breaking just about even for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more luck for me. Speaking of being lucky, I hope that you have placed your bets or at least have given some thought to wagering on the quickly approaching Superbowl XLI.  Www.CasinoReview.org’s featured sportsbooks have a bevy of information for you take advantage of, so get out there, place those bets, and start the anticipation for Superbowl Sunday. We’ll see you tomorrow, and thank you again for checking in with us at www.CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.

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