Thursday night Sports bets

Hello all and thank you for joining me on! I must start off by quickly stating that tonight’s sports match-ups in the NBA and the NHL are going to be an exciting time. There are 11 NHL hockey games being played tonight, with action taking place in every corner of the country. You can be sure that this writer will be betting on the Canucks v. Wild, as I am a sucker for the Northwest teams and the Canucks are riding a hot streak on the strong play of goalie Roberto Luongo. On that note, I’m deciding at this very moment to take under the total points at 5, and hoping Vancouver’s All-Star goalie will shut down the lightning quick offense of Minnesota. I’m a little hung up on right now, as they for no reason just sent me a few different players’ packets with bonus offers this week, including a pin-up calendar! So with that to their already impressive credit, they certainly deserve at least one of my wagers tonight.

Now there isn’t all that many NBA games to choose from this Thursday, but rather there is one in particular that any basketball fan should be watching tonight. The showdown between the Phoenix Suns and the Cleveland Cavaliers should be a great game pairing two division leaders, not to mention the likes of LeBron James and Steve Nash on the court. Since I have established my account at, one of our featured sportsbooks, I have yet to place my first wager on their website. This game will make for a good starting point, which I will combine with the other game tonight (New Jersey v. Chicago) for a two team parlay. With my bets in place, I’ll saddle up to the comfort of my couch, grab some munchies and let the professionals do all the work. Hopefully, at the end of the night, I’ll have a little extra change in my pocket for all their hard play!

If you haven’t checked out many of our featured sportsbooks and casinos at, you would be hard pressed to find better ones elsewhere. Every time this writer has signed up for a new account, tried a new sportsbook, or played games in a new online casino, my expectations for quality have been surpassed. I as navigate through, I am reminded of earlier writings, in which I had expressed the attention to detail, quality of service, and great wagering options provided by our featured websites. To this day, nothing has changed, and I am happy to say that after placing at least one wager at every one of our featured sportsbooks and online casinos, every last one of these websites deserves to be featured on our website. With that, I hope that you get some time to place a wager or two and check out some great games tonight. It should be a good one!




Aaron G.

Playing Online Casinos, with one more NFL Playoff bet added

Today has been a day for online casinos. offers over 10 high quality online casinos for it’s users to peruse, and this writer has decided to take the day off from the sportsbooks (for the most part) and have some fun on a couple of our featured casinos. While I’m definitely a regular sportsbook kind of person, a change of pace from my typical and constant sportsbook wagering seemed a necessary one. Don’t get me wrong, I still managed to squeeze in one NFL Playoff today, if not mostly because I have planned to bet on every second round playoff game. was my first contact with our featured online sportsbooks and casinos, and I am still impressed with the service and quality offered by this site. With that in mind, I took a quick jaunt into their sporstbook, dropped my bet to take Philadelphia to cover the spread at +5. I dropped a simple ten dollar bet on the game and then headed for the casino.


Now, if you are unaware of how much bonus money can be received at some of our online casinos, you owe it to yourself to take a look around to determine the best use of your money. Fortunately for me, I jumped directly from the sportsbook at and into their casino, where my previous deposit netted me a 100% bonus match. This is not an uncommon occurrence across many of our featured sites, as the competition for players online is high across sportsbooks and online casinos. While I encourage users to read the fine print and find out how much you must wager before reaping the actual cash benefits of bonuses, the fact that you are given 100% extra money to play with should be encouragement enough to sign up and start playing. Bonuses will range from 10% to 100%, so choose your best option to get as much bonus money and make your casino experience last as long as possible.


As you may or may not know, Texas Hold ‘Em has always been my table game of choice in our featured online casinos, whenever it is made available. As such, certain table games are offered at some casinos, and not at others (which is why for me I normally frequent, with their excellent card tables for no limit, and limit Texas Hold ‘Em).  If you have a specific game you like to play, find out first what featured websites offer your game of choice, then figure out how much extra cash you can make off bonuses offered, and what site has the best options and features for you. Everyone is different, and every website featured on contains something different for every type of player. Go out and find your niche, and have a great time playing in some of our featured online casinos, and make sure to check back with us tomorrow.





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More NFL playoff bets, a night of great sports action first and foremost would like to thank you for using our website for all your sportsbook and online casino needs, and for checking in with our daily articles. After a wild weekend of NFL playoffs and the National Championship handed out, officially concluding the college football season, Tuesday looked like one of those boring days where nothing exciting would happen. However to my surprise, a shift away from football brought exciting action elsewhere. If today you found yourself a sports junkie without a fix, you could look no further than some great hockey games, NCAA basketball, as well as the NBA, all of which had an exciting night’s schedule prepared for those suffering from a lack football options. The Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche played a great game, going to shootout before the ‘Wings finally won. Speaking of winning, the Clemson NCAA basketball just tallied their 17th win of the season, currently undefeated in a tough ACC league. Also, a good game between LSU and Alabama, as well as a few NBA games rounded out a solid night of sports action.


The one thing on my mind still today was to place a wager in one of our sportsbooks to kick off the second round of the NFL playoffs. My first stop took me over to, where I placed an initial bet on the strong match-up between the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots. has an amazing array of information and stats available for players’ use, which ranges from injury reports, to real-time updating of any major sports news. Needless to say, I was impressed with their services and after crunching a few numbers, I am now taking the Chargers on the money line. I promised myself that I would wait until later in the week to start parlay betting, or any other questionable play, and first take who I thought would win outright in San Diego. This game would go either way on a neutral playing field, however with the Charger’s home field advantage the Pats are going to have to use all their playoff magic to beat what I consider to be the most well-rounded football team in the league.


If there is something that can be learned today about sports for this writer, it is that football isn’t (entirely) everything. There are great sports match-ups just about every day of the week, every week of the year. For wagering enthusiasts, there is an endless stream of action for you, especially when you have a multitude of sportsbooks and casinos to choose from, as we have for you on Do yourself a favor and try something new that you normally wouldn’t find yourself betting on. Check out some NHL Hockey, or place a bet or two on NCAA or NBA basketball this week. This may merely be another written memo for myself, however, I have found that getting out of one’s betting comfort zone can be an exciting and enlightening experience (if you use the vast resources available at most sportsbooks). So place those bets, and find something new at our featured sportsbooks and casinos today. I promise that you won’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself enjoying a game you normally wouldn’t watch or bet on otherwise. Until tomorrow, take care and happy betting to you!





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BCS Championship Game, More online Casino action

Thank you for checking in with us at for all your sportsbook and online casino needs! If you were able to catch last night’s BCS championship game, pitting the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Florida Gators, you most likely were as surprised as this writer was with the outcome. In shocking fashion, the Gators dismantled the Buckeyes, powered primarily by the Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, holding him to less than 30 yards of total offense, with a final score of 41-14. Ouch. Now I will admit that seeing the devastated Ohio State fans crying, then slowly trickling out of the stadium was a sad sight indeed however, as I had placed my wager on Florida to win, I certainly was not feeling as bad as they must have.  On the heels of my wagering victory (which was desperately needed, as I took a beating in the NFL playoffs) I decided to go and check out one of the few remaining casinos featured by our website that I have yet to experience.

My first experience on our featured casino at was a little different than on the other sites here. Mostly, what I expected to be a standard, straight forward casino website, turned out to be more of a ride through a cartoon! The strange, and multicolored layout of looked more like a kids video game than a place to play some poker, bet on horse races, or pull the slot handle a few times. That being said, this site shouldn’t be taken at that face value. This site is a fully legitimized gambling institution with over 15 years in the business, and features all the great options as any other featured site on I was actually impressed with the ease of navigation throughout the site (even if a couple features are currently being reconstructed and can’t be used at the moment) and the games offered, ranging from Blackjack to Video Poker offer plenty of options for anyone who likes choice in casino gaming options. As soon as I get through the initial deposit and introductory phase, I will get gaming on this site, and hopefully get into some of the comps and awards offered on

Tomorrow will start the first wager placed for the second round of the NFL playoffs. Since I had a bad showing in the first week, you can guarantee that I will fully utilize our featured sportsbooks to gather all the information I can about each team, each playing condition for game time, and anything else I can get my hands on. If you plan to do some wagering on these four games, it might be wise to do the same. Our featured sportbooks at offers players a mountain of direct knowledge for betting, if you dig around a little bit. So far, I have found that,, and, have an amazing amount of pre-game betting information to go off of. Check out these sites, and accurately place your bets for what will be exciting weekend for the NFL indeed!





Aaron G.


Great Playoff games, Casino action makes for a pleasant Sunday

For those of us lucky enough to get to watch the two NFL Playoff games on Sunday, the quality of play was a drastic difference from the two games played on Saturday. While my wagers placed near the beginning of the week fell short during Saturday, I took the time on Sunday to relax, play some cards on a couple of our featured online casinos, and watch football without having to grind my teeth down to nubs with nervousness.  Visiting for some Blackjack turned out to be a lot of fun, and I found myself on a pretty long winning streak right in the middle of the NFL games. So with remote and cards (virtually) in hand, Sunday turned out to be exactly how it should for anyone who works all week, and especially nice for me, who worked through most on the weekend. makes it extremely simple to have a good time using online sportsbooks and casinos, and this guy will be the first to say that even after about a month of constant wagering and frequent casino play, the surface has barely been scratched.  There are just so many sportsbook options, and even more casino gaming types from which to choose from that allows any individual the opportunity to custom tailor their online betting experience. Whether you are a sports nut, or a casino nut, it’s all available through our website for you. Don’t be deceived by websites with titles like,, and All these sites, as well as the other featured sportsbooks have great casino businesses, with games for all types of players. If you are mainly a casino player, and rarely venture to a site that doesn’t expressly indicate casino play in website name, don’t sell these sites short. Check out the quality of play that can be found at the sites that promote themselves first as a sportsbook, and secondly as a casino. You will find great bonus opportunities, as well as a lot of games that aren’t available on sites that are only for casino wagering!

Now that the first round of NFL playoffs is over, and there is only one college football game left (even though it’s the national championship), I’m going to need some new wagers to place. NBA basketball is shaping up to have an exciting season, and NHL hockey is no different. If you’re like me and stick to your favorite sports to wager on, you’re also like me in the fact that you are missing out on some great wagering opportunities. For the next week, I will be brushing up on my NBA knowledge, and placing some bets outside of my comfort zone, so I can become a more well rounded player. I also have a handful of new casinos to try out, to go along with many great sportsbooks that I have signed up for and gotten to put some action on. So get out there with me a try a new site or two that we have featured for you at Make sure to catch the BCS championship tonight, and I’ll see you tomorrow with more online sportsbook and casino action to talk about.






Aaron G.

Win some, lose some?Sportbooks always make for a good time

Happy Saturday from! I hope that you were all fortunate enough to catch tonight’s NFL Playoff games, because if you were, you saw some surprising results, and generally sloppy play. Since I had placed bets on each of the two games played today, naturally my entire day was spent attentively glued to the ‘tube. Now I normally wouldn’t condone this type of behavior (wink, wink) but the Playoffs only come around once a year, right? Besides, I needed something to do to kill the anticipation of getting to see my home team in the playoffs. The first NFL game today busted me up a little on my wagers placed on two of our featured sportstbooks. Kansas City, needless to say, did not come through in the clutch, and Mr. Larry Johnson got shut down in a surprising display of stingy defensive play by the Indianapolis Colts. I thought that Peyton Manning would be the difference, and he ended up throwing three picks. Wouldn’t you think that the Chiefs, with their offensive attack and three picks could at least come within touchdown of the Colts today? 23-8?  Two of my bets went down in flames, just like that.

That’s no big deal, because the night game between the Seahawks and the Chiefs made my whole week, even if process of that win was not so pretty. Call it a gift, call it the ugliest win ever, but my ‘Hawks advance regardless, and that’s good enough for anyone who has a team they call home. In the process of the Seahawks just barely winning, my trip to wasn’t a successful one this time, but you can bet I’ll be back, because I’m still playing with bonus money I received!  I just wish that maybe the Seahawks could have squeaked out 3 points for me?there, that’s all I’m saying about that. I only placed smaller sized bets, and made sure that I have plenty to spare for future play, which is especially good now since I need to get some of my credibility back after getting snubbed on my wagers.

So I’m off to play a few hands tonight and see if my luck won’t change at the blackjack tables on I haven’t played this game in a while, so it should make for a good time. Their casino is very much worth checking out, if not just for the fact that they have a selection that includes nearly 20 different table games to choose from.  If you are curious about trying out a new game that you haven’t tried before, definitely check this online casino out.  You won’t go wrong with any of the featured sportsbooks and casinos we have for you on, but sets the bar for simplicity of use, has tons of features to choose your favorite games, not to mention a 15 year reputation for impeccable security, and outstanding customer support. Check this site out, see if you like it, and I’ll see you again tomorrow, with more news about Sunday’s NFL games, and visits to our featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Thanks for reading, and checking out our featured websites we have for you at





Aaron G.



Placing my Weekend Bets, Anxiously Awaiting Playoff Games

Hello one and all and happy Friday to you from! Now if you read my previous article, I spoke of some casino action that I was planning on getting into yesterday on  I am so excited to report that I did very well at the tables last night, and have gone all out for the NFL playoffs with the extra change in my pocket? Well, not exactly, since the money I won is still in my casino account, but I’ll put some aside so that I can justify betting on all the playoff games scheduled for this weekend. Tomorrow is going to be the start of a great playoff season, I can just feel it! I set aside a new bet on a few more of our sportsbooks we have featured here so I have a little going on all games, making the action that much more exciting. I also say so much for not betting on my home team, as I’m taking not one bet but two on my Hawks, and praying for rain. The 2.5 point line for Seattle is too good to pass up.

My next wager that I have placed for the weekend was over at I haven’t run parlay bet for the playoffs yet, so I’ve decided to go with a nice little three team parlay, taking the Pats, the Chiefs and the Eagles to win their respective games.  I am confident that the Pats and Eagles will be victorious, and I’m counting on the strong running of Larry Johnson and the terrible rush defense of the Colts to pull through for me. We’ll just have to wait and see about that.  It’s only for a small five dollar amount, but this should make for an interesting and exciting game day on Sunday for me. To coincide with this bet, I have taken the same three teams in a separate bet over on Yeah, so I’m nuts, and I like to gamble. It’s what I do!  In this bet however I have chosen to take the line on the same three games. I’ve got the Jets to get inside 8.5 points, the Giants inside of 7, and since I’m taking the Chiefs to win, I’m taking them to cover as well.

Needless to say, I’ve got my hands full, and have to have a pad of paper next to me while I watch the games and write this article. So what? The NFL playoffs come around once a year (not to mention college bowl season) and I’m not going to miss out on the excitement this year. I spent last year sans access to television and I’m making up for it.  In the last week I have gone though every single online casino and sportsbook we have to offer, and either played in the casinos and/or placed and bet of some type on each one.  I still cannot even describe how much fun I’m having. has some very high quality sportsbooks and casinos for you, hands down, across the board. I’m signing off, and wish you a pleasant Friday night. Get your bets placed for this weekend if you haven’t already, and have a good time watching the playoffs, because I know I will!





Aaron G.

Weekend can’t come soon enough? I Head to the Online Casinos

So it’s Thursday, and this week officially can’t go any slower. I guess that’s what happens when you place all your bets at the beginning of the week, and you just started back to work after a long vacation, and you are working 6 days this week? Oh well, only two more days until the first game of the NFL playoffs, and oh, how the anticipation for seeing your home team in the playoffs is exciting! To keep myself busy, I have ventured away from the sports books for a short while and hit up some of the poker rooms and gaming tables on some of our featured internet casinos. Now I freely admit that I have only played in a few casinos that we have featured on (what can I say, I’m a sports nut!), but the ones that I have played have been an enjoyable time and I have actually made a decent amount of money.

Now there are people that like a wide array of casino options to choose from, and there are others that would just like to have a straightforward, easily accessible website for just playing Texas Hold ‘Em for long periods of time. I could call myself a little of both, since I am afforded the luxury of a little experimentation from time to time, but generally like to keep my casino betting to games I have at least a little control over. I did manage to get a look into’s new European Roulette feature, and found that a great time can be had if you lose your control a little and test your luck. I’m just happy that I managed to break about even (actually one whole dollar won last night!). I also felt that I should spend some time over at, since I have a lot of money to bet before I can reap my 100% bonus. The 100 bucks I put down at deposit  amounts to 200 bucks into my casino account, which  should go a long way, if not only for the fact that I have been known to play a little tight on the tables. Since I play a lot just for the content in these articles, this free money will be mine in no time.

Tomorrow is Friday, and no matter what, that is a good thing. I’m going to kill some time until then scouring over a few more of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos and see if I can’t find some fun new stuff. First and foremost, I’m back to to play the ol’ faithful Texas Hold ‘Em. If there is one game for this gambler, it’s Texas Hold ‘Em. Wish me luck and hopefully we’ll see you back on tomorrow where you can find tons of information on online sportsbooks, casinos and other wagering games.






Aaron G.

The Sugar Bowl Turns Salty, I go to the Casino

For all of you who had the chance to see the first half of the Sugar Bowl this year, pitting Notre Dame vs. LSU, you saw a well-matched game that had the potential to be a classic. Unfortunately for Notre Dame (and for the 10 bucks I had riding on ND, call me crazy) the second half turned into a Irish slaughter fest as LSU scored 27 unanswered points to win 41-14. Ouch.  So I licked my wounds a little bit, and decided to take a trip back to the tables for some Texas Hold ‘Em action at Now I would freely admit that this website is my comfort zone when it comes to online sportsbooks and casinos. I love the large amounts of tables, offering all ranges of competition as well as a number of wagering amounts to choose from. This could be my overall favorite site we have listed on I am, of course totally unbiased with the 35 bucks I won last night at the tables on

My journey through the featured online sportsbooks and casinos we have here has taken me through a number of very good, if not the very best, options for the online gambler. As I continue to venture into new sites that I have yet to try, I have stumbled over another site at, which has also been a winner in terms of initial impression. The website design and quick access to wagering lines was an instant hit to me.  Now I will attest that the 10% bonus for initial deposit was a bit weak compared with our other sites, however, there is a plethora of other bonus opportunities throughout the week that very few other sites offer to online players.  Nonetheless, I signed up over the weekend, and now have the opportunity to place some bets after my deposit has gone through. My first bet on is going to be to take the over on the point spread for the Indy vs. Kansas City game at 51 points. I am almost tempted to take the Chiefs on the money, but betting against Peyton Manning is just about unthinkable (unless you took the Texans against them, in that case you are an absolute genius or completely out of your mind).

So I patiently await the BCS championship game out in the desert of Arizona.  This should be a really good match-up, with two very good quarterbacks and high-powered offensive attacks. I have decided to take the Gators, solely because I am not an Ohio State fan. THE Ohio State is going down (I am only partly telling the truth, because I took the spread at 7.5 points)! I hopped over to to place my bet and also decided to take the overall points at 46, mostly because I watched the Michigan/Ohio State game earlier this year, where about 100 points were put up. With my fingers crossed and my bets placed, there is no turning back now. I hope that you will be able to tune into the Championship game this week, and hopefully you have placed you bets on one of our featured sportsbooks here on




Aaron G.

Betting on Orange, and a Few NFL Playoff Games

Tonight’s BCS game matching up Louisville and Wake Forest is no doubt a good one. Hopefully you were able to scout out your favorite online sportsbooks and place your bets in time, because now into the 4th Quarter, the Orange Bowl has been non-stop, back-and-forth excitement, and I’m sure glad that I’ve got a little riding on it (I took Louisville straight up and it’s looking good now).  For the game wagering, I went back to the first site I signed up with using as a reference point.  The site at has proved to be outstanding, and I like going back to their online sportsbook and casino with quite a bit of frequency. I am a guy who likes a clean site, and readily available betting options to choose from. The sportsbook at is especially good, and brings up convenient categories of sports to choose from, then displays a well laid out table which includes all types of betting that can be wagered on a given match-up. Again, they are also about the best in the business in customer service and support.

Now I had previously stated that I wouldn’t be betting on my home team this week for the NFL playoffs. That has turned out to be a big lie. I was going through some of our featured sites, and looking over lines for the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, and decided that I would place a bet on my ‘Hawks over the Cowboys this weekend. I hopped over to, and now I’m taking the Seahawks on the line at -2.5 points. I’m a sucker, I will admit. However, I really like using, especially because they have been one of the few sites to offer daily sports news updated in the sportsbook section, classified by individual sport. That’s pretty cool in my book, so I couldn’t resist throwing a little action their way.

My last item of business for tonight will be playing some table games over at  I have decided to venture out of my standard Black Jack and Texas Hold ‘Em fix, and play a few slots and roulette, just to mix it up. Plus, seeing that offers a 100% bonus matching your deposit (above 25 bucks), I couldn’t resist taking up the offer. I would also like to say that has a great website in terms of design, well laid out, and has a multitude of gaming options for all types of bettors. Aesthetics certainly aren’t everything, but they definitely exude a feeling of quality and security. I like that in an online sportsbook and casino.

Tomorrow I’ll be placing my bet for the BCS national championship, and maybe a few more NFL playoff games. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get sucked into a few hockey bets here and there, as it’s been a little while since I’ve placed wagers on the ice. Make sure to place your bets for the remaining bowl games and the NFL playoffs. It’s promising to be some exciting gaming action. Thanks again for using for information on all your favorite online sportsbook and casino websites, and we’ll see you tomorrow.



Aaron G.