Another Great day for Basketball and all Sports Wagers

With the NBA and NCAA basketball in full swing, not to mention NHL hockey as well, what better way to spend an evening than placing a couple of wagers, and settle in for some exciting sports match-ups?  I decided to do just that, especially after splitting my wagers yesterday, and breaking only a little bit over the even mark last night at I must tell you that although the monetary payoffs were not big for me last night, I did manage to play a number of table games and poker hands at this featured online casino, which was nothing but a good time.  Getting in essentially three hours of casino play without it costing a dime can never be something to complain about. And besides, if I didn’t make any money last night, I bound to make some tonight, right? Well, I certainly can hope, and with some great games to choose from on our featured sportsbooks for Wednesday, I am banking on a host of wagers to boost my bank account, and fund another trip to the card tables.

First off for the evening is the action in the NCAA. There are a few great rivalries tonight, notably the #14 Duke vs. Maryland game, which has big stakes in the ACC conference race. Elsewhere, expect a wild game between in-state rivals #6 Texas A&M and #15 Texas. The Longhorns do have home court advantage, which should level the playing field, so expect this game to be an exciting one all the way down to the finish. I have gone onto the featured sportsbook at, and taken out a wager with both Maryland and Texas on the point spread.  Duke has shown that even a game played at Cameron Indoor is no guaranteed victory, and the game between Texas v. Texas A&M is bound to be close no matter who comes out on top. So I’ll cross my fingers, and hope for a good outcome. I’ve got more wagers in store for Wednesday night, so I hope to get off on the right foot with these two.

Elsewhere in sports action, there are a few good NBA games, as well as the always exciting NHL, which will have some good wagering opportunities for fans.  Checking out my former home team the Seattle Supersonics, who are visiting the Los Angeles Clippers, seemed like an interesting wager to take up. Now, I know full well the Sonics are downright bad this year. However, I do believe that tonight they will at least be able to cover their points given, which is modest, and hopefully give me some hometown luck on the sportsbooks. Last time I wagered on the Sonics, I was crushed in defeat, so I figure that this time they owe me a win! Or at least to beat the points they are given? For both the NBA and NHL, there are a number of great wagering opportunities to be had at our featured sportsbooks at I hope that you can find a winner tonight, as there are some tough calls out there, and that your wagers turn into hard cash in your online accounts. So good night, and good luck, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow.




Aaron G.

Tuesday Sportsbook and Casino wagering at

Have you ever had that one day at work where time seems to stand still, and nothing you do can make the hours go any faster? Well, I had that day today, and quite frankly I am so glad to finally be home, and getting the opportunity to throw some notes down on tonight’s NBA match-ups. Going into today, I told myself that I would use every game of the evening as a betting opportunity at I haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time at this online sportsbook and casino, and admittedly, I’ve only placed a wager here or there just to test the waters.  So tonight seems to be the perfect night to spend an evening on just one site and see how it goes? Judging from my initial impressions of the website’s clean design, and user-friendly options, I know this site will provide me with an enjoyable experience, but what I really want to know is can it show me some money?

Since there are five games being played tonight in the NBA, I’m splitting them up, 3 in one parlay, and two in the other.  I’ve placed my first wager taking Cleveland, New Jersey and Dallas to win outright in their respective games. I’m positive Dallas will win, as well as Cleveland. In my last choice, I’m betting on the fact that the Washington Wizards are visiting New Jersey, injury riddled, and going up against a still-playoff-hopeful Nets team. Vince Carter still has it in him, at least to get the team into the playoffs.  As for the second wager, I’m taking Phoenix to cover the points, and the Golden State Warriors to win tonight away against the struggling Bucks in Milwaukee. Now, I’m only placing modest wagers for both of these parlays, as I’ve got plenty of action left ahead of me in the casino and poker room at

This is where I must part ways, hoping that a visit the poker room and casino will bring me a new chunk of change, and an even better impression of  So for everybody who’s tired of work and happy to be home, I encourage you to get those wagers placed this evening, kick back and relax, and maybe get online in our featured sportsbooks and casinos.  All I know is that it’s a lot more fun than being at work, and potentially much more rewarding as well. So have a great night, and I wish you all luck, and thanks again for visiting us at

Aaron G.


Great Wagers, Great Games, and Trading Action on Monday

With the new work week comes some exciting times in the NHL on Monday night. With the trade deadline coming to a close, hockey teams were scrambling to either shore up the best players before heading into the post-season, or quickly disperse high dollar stars to gain crucial draft choices for next year.  While some high profile trades went through and many teams now look even tougher heading towards the playoff season, hockey still pressed on with a few games on Monday night. For this writer, I took a wager out on the San Jose vs. Anaheim game, as the match-up between these two teams is always an exciting time. Going to the sportsbook at, I placed a wager taking Anaheim to win at HP Pavilion in San Jose, and sat back for a great game. What I got was nothing short of that; Anaheim won the game 3-2, in a well played game for both teams that was exciting all the way to the finish. The Ducks are certainly a team to look out for heading towards the Stanley Cup, as they have the speed, strength, defense, and not to mention a great goaltender in J.S. Giguere, all of which are necessities for winning in the postseason.

Elsewhere in the sports world, there were a handful of basketball games across both the NBA and NCAA that were worth a wager or two.  In college hoops, Syracuse dominated #10 Georgetown in a shocking upset that will certainly help to boost the Orangemen’s chance of making the NCAA tournament this year.  Also, #3 Kansas got a huge scare at Oklahoma, squeezing out a 2 point win after blowing a 17 point margin earlier.  Regardless of whether you have placed wagers or not, college hoops are certainly giving fans excitement every day of the week leading up to the big dance.  Luckily for sports fans, there happens to be little difference in the excitement level between the NBA and NCAA basketball right now, and Monday had plenty of potential sportsbook wagering in the NBA as well. Teams hovering around the .500 mark are in abundance and the struggle for those precious playoff spots are making every game from here on out very important. While teams like Dallas, Phoenix and Utah look to be shoe-ins for the postseason, everywhere else tight races are taking place.  You certainly won’t want to miss out on choosing the hot teams in your sportsbook wagers, as it is becoming easier everyday to know who is going to clutch up and win, and who will be left in the dust.

So you can kiss another Monday goodbye, and look forward to great sports match-ups all week long. Place those wagers in our featured sportsbooks at, and get ready for some of the best sports action of the year. Thanks for stopping in and using our website for all your online wagering and gaming needs. We’ll see you again tomorrow.


Aaron G.

Sportsbooks pay off my casino losses!

I will start by saying that this weekend was especially good to me when it came to sports wagers placed online.  Out of a total five wagers placed across a few of our featured online sportsbooks on Saturday, I came out on top in four of them including two wins college hoops, one on the NBA, and one on the NHL. Being rarely this lucky to cash in big on the weekend sports action, I decided to see if I couldn’t continue on my winning ways in the poker room at, and maybe double up on the tables, as I had done in the sportsbooks on Friday and Saturday. To my dismay however, things did not turn out so rosy for me. As I sought out some higher stakes this evening, needless to say I didn’t exactly fare so well (to the tune of my entire winnings total for the weekend). I guess it’s true that you win some and you lose some, but only having that nice little extra stack for one day is a little bit of a bummer. Nonetheless, I did have a great time playing cards, watching and wagering on sports, and I am back to what I had starting the weekend, which I guess can’t be all bad.

For Sunday evening there is even more exciting sports action worthy of placing wagers on.  In store for sports fans in the NBA are some great match-ups including Detroit vs. Chicago and Cleveland vs. Miami, which should make for the better games of the night.  In the NHL, it gets even better with much at stake specifically in the heated Northwest division. Division leading Vancouver takes on Dallas tonight, with a 4 points lead over Minnesota, who plays host to Edmonton. Still trying to cling to life, Colorado faces a tough Anaheim Ducks team tonight at the Pond in Anaheim.  Also, the trade deadline is soon coming to a close on Tuesday afternoon, so watch out for what teams make key pick-ups before the playoffs.  It should be interesting to see what teams are able to make moves with the new salary caps imposed, and what moves might make the difference between a team being on the fence, and a team winning the Stanley Cup this year.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be wagering on the San Jose Sharks vs. the Anaheim Ducks, which should be a great in-state hockey match-up to check out. You could probably flip a coin on this one, and I’ll probably need plenty of luck to call the right team. It’s been another great weekend for sports, and I hope that you have had some luck playing in our featured online sportsbooks and casinos at  You can guarantee that tomorrow will have more great sports action to choose wagers on, and that our featured online casinos always offer a good time for the casual to the aspiring professional player. So good luck tonight and tomorrow if you have wagers placed, and thanks again for swinging by.



Aaron G.

NCAA Saturday is not to be missed?

If you like sports, I don’t have to tell you that Saturday is the best day of the week for catching NCAA hoops action. Every single weekend gets better towards March Madness, and you can be sure that all the games taking place today will have effects down the line for the NCAA tournament brackets.  There are sixteen Top 25 games in store for us this weekend, and I’ve placed my wagers early today to guarantee some action on today’s games. For my sportsbook wagering, I’ve gone over to for sportsbook purposes first, and I will probably also end up in their online casino during the course of the hoops games. I’m too much of a sucker for Texas Hold ‘Em on this website that anytime I go to, I wind up on the tables. Luckily for me I have a won more than I’ve lost, which is probably the reason I keep going back in the first place.

I must mention that I scored with both of my wagers last night, which gives this writer a little boost in confidence. Utah straight outplayed the Denver Nuggets in Denver, and my three team parlay featuring all favored-to-win teams played out just as it should.  I can’t reinforce how much better my wagering has been now that the second half of the season has spurred great play from teams with playoff intentions. Now is certainly the time to get in on this great action, as teams are becoming more predictable and sportsbook wagering is potentially more profitable because of it. If an amateur bettor like myself can come out with wins, then so can just about anyone. Take the time to know what you are wagering on, mix with a bit of luck, and hopefully your winning bets can fuel future bets. There is nothing better than wagering on our featured sportsbooks with money won on those sportsbooks.

Game time is just underway this morning, and I’ve crawled out of bed and onto the couch for the morning NCAA games. While this may seem extremely lazy, there are just too many good basketball match-ups to miss even a little bit of it.  Placing my wagers in our featured sportsbooks is most certainly the easy part. I’ve got a few parlays taken out across two of our featured online sportsbooks, and I hope that my hoops luck continues. Sitting though college basketball games and knowing the potential for upsets gets to be an exciting event when you’ve got money in the sportsbooks. Basketball is such a great sport, and watching college sports action is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday, free from the monotonous work week. Thanks again for using for finding the best in online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.



Aaron G.


Friday Night Sportsbook wagering

Happy Friday from!  I hope that you’re work week went by quickly, and fortunately you were able to wager on some of tonight’s sports match-ups before play begins this evening. I for one took advantage of the great games in the NBA tonight, and placed a few wagers across some of our featured sportsbooks. For my first wager of the day, I checked into one of my personal-favorite online sportsbooks at, and placed a three team parlay taking Detroit, Chicago and Phoenix to win their respective games. All three are favored to win, and with the way these teams have been playing of late this should be an assured victory. Now if I could only find a piece of wood to knock on?

The one game of the night to look for in my opinion, would have to be between the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets, who square up tonight at American Airlines Center in Denver. You can be sure that I’ll be checking out this game, as it should be one of the better contests of the evening. The Nuggets do have the home court in their favor tonight, but it must be taken in to account that Utah is one solid basketball team no matter where they play. Going to I have taken Utah with the points on this game.  Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson may be big names, but what the Utah Jazz may be lacking in big name recognition, they make up for with a deep bench and well dispersed talent.  Hopefully for me, I don’t have to eat my words tomorrow, and explain once again that I’m just an amateur sports bettor with no real analysis skill.  Regardless of this outcome tonight, I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, and that is worth any of the money I’ve placed on sports wagers tonight!

Tomorrow is another thing all together, and I have to squeeze in a little bit on NCAA basketball offered for sports fans. Get prepared this evening for a great day of college hoops Saturday morning by placing your wagers tonight in our featured sportsbooks at You’ve got about 90 games or so to choose from, and plenty of Top 25 action with teams vying for a spot at the NCAA tournament, so finding something to wager on shouldn’t be a problem. So have a great evening, whatever it is your doing, but make sure to be back around tomorrow for more sports and wagering updates. Thanks again for checking in with us.


Aaron G.

Thursday Night at Staples Center on a great night for NHL hockey

If there is one thing to make a sports fan happy, it’s getting to see a live game in action in your home town.  It’s even more pleasing when the team that you have wagered on comes out on top in that contest, and more money gets added to your sportsbook account! Fortunately for myself,  that is exactly what happened on Thursday night, as myself and a few friends made our way to the Staples Center once again, this time for the match-up between my favorite hockey team (the Vancouver Canucks), and the home town Los Angeles Kings.  Getting to sit right up against the glass, the game was non-stop excitement all the way to the end, where Vancouver pulled out a win 3-2. The fantastic play of Robert Luongo, the Canucks goalie, ensured a win even after the LA Kings led a 3rd Period onslaught of five power plays, and the Canucks scoring once on only 4 shots in that final period.  Needless to say, it was a great time had by all, and placing a wager in one of our featured online sportsbooks at gave me a little something extra to come home to at the end of the night!

Though this game was certainly a great one for placing a wager on, there was certainly plenty more action for sports fans on Thursday to make for exciting betting opportunities. Elsewhere around the NHL, there were great games being played from coast to coast, including 8 overtime contests, four of which went into shootouts to determine the victor. Buffalo squeezed by Ottawa 6-5, the New York Rangers were downed by the New Jersey Devils 3-2, the New York Islanders beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-2, and Montreal nipped the Nashville Predators 6-5, all teams winning on shootout victories. Now I don’t know about you, but when you have 12 hockey games played on a given night and 8 of those games go to overtime, that is exciting sports for any fan to place wagers on.  Like I have said before, if you haven’t been paying much attention to hockey this year, or taken the opportunity to wager on the NHL in one of our featured sportsbooks, you are certainly missing out. No game offers as much non-stop action, and high flying excitement for you wagering dollar. With the playoffs right around the corner, all the teams in playoff contention (which happen to be about 23-24 teams out of the 30 that are in the whole league) will be playing harder, faster, and more intense than ever.

Well folks, tomorrow is already Friday. I hope the weekend flew by for you, and that you were able to utilize some of the featured online sportsbooks and casinos offered at to add a little excitement to a shortened work week.  Thank you for checking us out, and continuing to be an avid sports fan like we are. There is so much great sports action in the near future, that no matter what team or what sport you place your wagers on, it’s bound to be a good time doing so. Have a great weekend, and stop by tomorrow for more updates on the exciting world of online sportsbooks and casino wagering.


Aaron G.

Wednesday Night Basketball

For this evening, I had the lucky opportunity to go check out some live NBA action between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trailblazers at the Staples Center in L.A. Unfortunately the L.A. Lakers were not so lucky, as the Trailblazers handed them their sixth straight loss in embarrassing fashion at home, to a team with a losing record. Phil Jackson, who was notably upset with the loss, watched on in vain as his struggling Lakers gave him a new record to his portfolio: the longest losing streak in his coaching career. If the Lakers want any shot at the playoffs they certainly have a long way to go to get into shape, starting with much needed improvements to their non-existent defense, and general lack of rebounding prowess.  Nonetheless, even with the Lakers in peril I managed to walk away happy as my wager placed on came through for me, with Portland obviously and easily covering the points. I must admit that I feel a little bit bad for betting against the home team, but in this case it’s just not a smart bet to go with the Lakers right now.

Elsewhere in the NBA the Miami Heat continue their up and down season, losing Dwayne Wade to a nasty dislocated shoulder suffered in a loss against the Houston Rockets. With upcoming opponents including the likes of the Dallas Mavericks, Washington Wizards, and the Detroit Pistons, it could certainly be all but over for Miami’s playoff hopes. Losing Shaq for 40 games, then D. Wade out indefinitely, and now falling below .500 for the year does not bode well for the former champs. It is safe to say that wagering on the Heat in our featured sportsbooks is not recommended, at least until Dwayne Wade returns to action.  Around the NBA, there was certainly more great action in store for sports fans Wednesday night, making for great wagering opportunities and exciting games. Of quick noteworthiness, Detroit crushed Orlando 110-88, Cleveland squeaked out an 86-85 win over the Toronto Raptors, and Phoenix continues its winning ways with a win against the lackluster Boston Celtics 118-108. You can certainly feel the playoffs coming on, as many teams are starting to show who wants to be in the show, and who will be left in the dust.

For tomorrow night, I am fortunate enough to be returning to the Staples Center for some hockey action. Placing my wager for the game in our featured sportsbook at, I am again betting against the home team (even though in actuality the Canucks are my real home team), but hoping for a good game.  There is plenty of sports action for Thursday that you won’t want to miss out on, and our featured sportsbooks at are the perfect places to make the sporting action that much more exciting. So hop on over, place your wagers, and kick back because the weekend is almost here already and sports around the league is as hot as ever. Have a great night and an even better tomorrow, and we hope to see you back here soon!


Aaron G.

Back to work with more money in the bank

I must admit that going back to work doesn’t feel nearly so bad after having a long three day weekend, especially when you’ve got more money in both my online sportsbook and casino accounts than before you started that weekend.  For me, I couldn’t have planned out my sportsbook wagering any better, as two out of three wagers placed on Monday paid off for me in exciting style.  Taking the total points in the Penguins vs. Islanders game was a good call, as a wild game ended up amassing 11 goals, and a late comeback win for New York. However, my bet on the Nashville vs. Phoenix game turned out to basically be a push.  The total points weren’t covered, but Nashville won, and along with Boston’s win over Philadelphia, my other two team parlay wager was also won. I’ll take two out of three just about any day, and getting to watch of few of the games on television instead of being at work wasn’t too bad at all.

For Tuesday, there is action all over the sports world that will make for great sportsbook wagering opportunities.  The NBA is back in action today, and the NHL has plenty of games to wager on as well. The NCAA has a few great match-ups in store for college hoops fans, including Wisconsin against Michigan State (who happens to be unranked, but shouldn’t be taken for granted at home), as well as a heated rivalry between Texas Tech and Texas. Also to be mentioned, the West Virgina vs. Providence should also make for a good game, as Providence is tough at home against ranked teams.  March Madness is ever creeping up on us, and wagering on NCAA basketball should make for an exciting time for any sports fan. I for one have started to pay much closer attention to how the brackets might shape up, and what teams will be making it to the Big Dance this year. If you by some odd chance haven’t gotten involved in the college tournament brackets before? You don’t want to miss out again this year. I would go so far as to say that this is the most fun wagering I’ve ever had involving sports, especially when you can get together a large pool of action for a big potential payoff.

This week, I’m off to catch a Lakers game on Wednesday night, followed by a Kings game against my beloved Vancouver Canucks on Thursday. I’ll certainly be placing bets for both of these games, as wagering in our featured sportsbooks and getting to see sports live is about as much fun as the sporting world has to offer. For us at, have a great shortened work week, and we’ll see you tomorrow with more exciting sportsbook and online casino action.


Aaron G.

Monday Hockey wagers, with a little more online casino play

Normally Mondays aren’t so great. The daily grind comes back in full force, and you still wish that you were lounging at home and watching a few games, or generally doing whatever it is you feel like doing. Fortunately for most of us, this Monday is a holiday, and I for one have placed a couple of wagers in our featured sportsbooks, and I’ve been kicking back with some roulette at for a nice lazy afternoon.  Call me what you will, I am one comfortable guy, and I can’t wait until the hockey games start later this afternoon. Since the NBA is off for Monday following an excellent All-Star weekend in Las Vegas, concentrating my bets on the NHL seemed like the way to go to make the day a bit more exciting. I’ll also be checking into for some online casino play, as they offer one of the largest amounts of casino game types to choose from, as well as having a generally great website to play on.

For my NHL hockey bets today, I have taken the red hot Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators to cover the total points in each of their games. Being that both teams have great goal scorers and are riding on high playoff hopes, hopefully that will be enough to score me a win at  The only other game offered this evening in the NHL is between the Peter Forsberg-less Philadelphia Flyers and the Boston Bruins, and that is probably not going to be a contest. It is a little sad to see a once great team in the current shape it is in, but you can bet that it won’t be too long before the Flyers gain their strength back.  In this game however, I have to put money on the Bruins, lumping them and Nashville to win in a two team parlay wager.  Just a few more hours and game time is here!

I still can’t seem to get over what a great weekend it has been, and hopefully you have utilized some of the great featured sportboooks at to win some well deserved cash.  You can bet that the sporting world will be talking about this weekend for quite a while, and I certainly will have a plenty to chirp about at work tomorrow with my fellow co-workers.  Until then, good luck placing your wagers on our featured sportbooks, and hopefully there are many hot hands for me and you in the near future.


Aaron G.