NCAA Championship set, place your online wagers

After what was a slightly disappointing couple of games for the Final Four, it is finally down to just two teams who will duke it out for the NCAA National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a disappointing finish for Georgetown, but more so for UCLA, who didn’t seem like they had a chance from the very start of the game. Having taken Georgetown to be the overall winners this year, my bracket is officially crushed. I am fortunate however, that I can regain my losses with some more upcoming sports bets on Major League Baseball, which officially starts on Monday (YES!). I can’t wait for that, as Baseball is certainly one of my favorite sports, which I have a much better knack for when placing online sportsbook wagers. Also, you can pretty much guarantee that Monday night will be a delightful change from the oh-so-slow Monday’s at work.

For the NCAA tournament thus far, I am happy to report that I’ve just barely broken even across all sportsbook wagers to this point. By far the most success has come at, which could be attributed to good karma from great customer service, or just the right games chosen on the right day. Although taking Georgetown didn’t end up being fruitful, this year’s March Madness has certainly seen a bunch of match-ups featuring the best of the best facing each other. Not too many upsets, but plenty of close and exciting down-to-the-wire games later, fans will certainly be rewarded with the contest between Ohio State and Florida. I’ve secured my online sports wager taking Florida to win, as I certainly believe they’ve got the team strength and depth it will take to win on Monday night.  While I hate to see it go, NCAA basketball is a hectic season of betting, and I prefer the more professional, manageable style of betting with the MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Speaking of which, tonight’s sports betting online will continue to be an exciting time for sports enthusiasts, with plenty of action in the NHL and NBA scheduled. Hop on to a few of our best online sportsbooks, and drop your sports wagers on Saturday night’s games. There’s less than 5or 6 games (depending on the team) left in the NHL regular season, and the action is certainly intense for the few remaining playoff seeds. I’ll be checking out the Dallas vs. Detroit game this evening, and taking out a wager for a low scoring game, and Detroit winning the contest.  I hope that you continue to have a great weekend, and if you’re placing sportsbook wagers online, take time to look over our sportsbook and casino reviews to find the best sportsbook suited for your wagering needs.

Aaron G.

Friday’s sportsbook wagering on NBA, NHL games

Congratulations. You’ve made it to another weekend! What better way to celebrate the weekend than by heading to a few of our best online sportsbooks and placing some wagers on the great sports action tonight. This evening is packed with potential wagers, and I for one am heading over to a couple online sportsbooks to place a few bets down on the NBA and NHL. There are a ton of games to choose from, so before you make your evening plans, check out some of our sportsbook reviews and choose from the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.  I’ve got a couple parlay wagers set up at, taking a few hockey games in one, and a few NBA games in the other. With so many great games taking place this evening, it would be hard to not find something worthwhile to wager on tonight. The Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings is my game of the night, and I’ve taken the two teams to finish under the total goals.

There are plenty of other wagering opportunities to be had this evening, and it’s certainly well worth the trip to one of our best online sportsbooks to find the game that suits you best. I certainly enjoy mixing my online wagering around a few different sportsbooks, as there is always valuable sport betting advice available in a number of our featured websites. I’ve used the daily updates on, the updated stats on, as well the betting trend sheets on to pick the best wagers possible. With Major League Baseball just around the corner, as well as NBA and NHL Finals just days away, you can count on plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills to make some real money in the playoffs. Our best online sportsbooks are proven to be 100% secure, they have great customer support, and offer a quick and easy way to enhance the experience of being a sports fan.

So I’ve placed my bets online taking Orlando over Indiana, Miami beating Minnesota, and Phoenix over Denver. A safe parlay bet maybe, but put a little cash behind it and a safe wager can be a profitable one. Nonetheless, the match-ups in the NBA are going to be well worth it, as there are a multitude of great games scheduled tonight. The Lakers play host to the Rockets tonight, in what is sure to be an exciting contest. Between the NHL and the NBA, sportsbook wagering will certainly be active and you certainly won’t want to miss out on the action.

Aaron G.

Thursday’s sports action with wagers on our best online sports books

Well folks the weekend is almost here, and with it will come two exciting games of the NCAA Final Four on Saturday evening. In the meantime however, there is plenty of online sports betting to be had elsewhere, especially as the NHL and NBA seasons wind to a close. For Thursday, I took a trip to a few of our best online sportsbooks offered at, and placed a few wagers down on the three NBA basketball games scheduled for the evening. After perusing the sports betting websites, I decided to take out a three team parlay wager taking the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors, and Memphis Grizzlies to all cover the points spreads posted. My wager placed at, which has long been one of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, came through as a few upsets made sure that the point spread wouldn’t even be necessary to notch a win. Every favored team was upset on Thursday night, however with little consequence as both Phoenix and Detroit have clinched playoff spots, and Portland is very much out of the playoff picture.

Elsewhere in the sports world, anyone who enjoys online sports betting will no doubt get exciting action out of the NHL, as their season is quickly coming to an end. After taking a bit of sports betting advice from, who frequently update their sports book website with plenty of valuable information, I took out a wager on the Calgary vs. Minnesota game which promised to be a closely contested match-up between two heavy-hitting division rivals. Luckily for me, wagering on the Flames to win away in Minnesota (banking on Minnesota already clinching a playoff spot, and Calgary needing the win to secure the final seed in the playoffs) turned out to be really great advice. Winning a few times in one evening is certainly good enough for me, and I have secured plenty of wagering money for the rest of the weekend. Hockey action around the league tonight was certainly a great time for anyone wishing to wager in our featured online sportsbooks, and you can be sure there will be more to come heading into the playoffs.

For those who haven’t really checked out the differences in the multitude on online sportsbooks, check out some of our sports betting reviews of a handful of the best sportsbooks offered on the internet. You will find that all of our featured websites offer many differences for online gambling of all kinds. Make the most out of your wagering experience by choosing the sportsbook or online casino most suited to your playing style, and make sure to place your online wagers for this weekend, as the Final Four games between Georgetown and Ohio State and Florida and UCLA will sure to be match-ups you won’t want to miss out on.

Aaron G.

NBA Basketball wagers for Wednesday night’s action

As the NBA’s regular season comes near to a close, there are many teams still fighting it out for playoff contention, making for some great wagering opportunities in our featured online sportsbooks. Wednesday night had plenty of games to choose from, and this writer in particular was able to place a few bets at to make the evening a little more exciting. Taking a few small wager parlay bets, as well a two straight up wagers, my night was certainly full of action, hoping that I could cash in on some teams making a run for the playoffs. In the first parlay wager placed, I scored a victory wagering on the wins by Utah, Dallas, and San Antonio. Now it’s true that this is a very safe bet with not too much to be made, however getting a win out of at least one wager tonight gives a little sense of confidence for further sportsbook wagering when you can count on teams to come through. That being said, the next wager placed taking New Jersey and Miami to win respective games was quickly quashed as Miami fell to the strong play of Toronto who had home court advantage. Nonetheless, the small wagering amounts don’t add up to a large dent in my online sportsbook account either way, as today’s wagering is mostly just for fun.

That being said, a couple of straight up wagers on the Seattle vs. Denver and Houston vs. LA Clippers games would prove to be more profitable, leaving a smile on my face, and money in my account. Taking Seattle with the points, who ended up winning the game 100-97 on Rashard Lewis’ solid 33 point performance, it was surprising to see my struggling hometown team prevail. Denver, even with two superstars on their team, is limping towards the playoffs, hoping that no underdog team makes a late run for the last few playoff seeds. Elsewhere, the game between the Houston Rockets and the LA Clippers turned out to be a great game to watch, as it was back and forth for most of the game. As the Clippers jumped out of the gates taking a lead in the first half, they were promptly contained and defeated 92-87 after being held to just 38 points in the second half. Nonetheless, another sportsbook wager was won, taking the Rockets on the line.

Overall, it was a pretty good night for the NBA, with plenty of teams in action, and plenty of wagering opportunities to be had at our featured online sportsbooks at With that little extra cash won this evening, I’m off to the tables at to play of few card rounds, and see if I can’t make my recent wins stretch a little further. I hope that your sportsbook wagering has been successful this week, and hopefully you’ll have a little change left over for what will be an exciting NCAA Final Four. Until tomorrow, good luck on your sportsbook bets, and thanks again for stopping by.

Aaron G.

NHL sportsbook wagers for Tuesday

It was a very busy day for NHL hockey, as there were a total of 24 teams playing in 12 games across North American on Tuesday. With the hockey season coming to a close, and so many very good teams in contention, you would be hard pressed not to find something exciting to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks at The only difficulty for the day was deciding which wagers to place on what games, as there are still so many teams fighting for remaining playoff spots. On the brink in the East, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the New York Islanders, and the Carolina Hurricanes were all in action, with a key match-up between the ‘Canes and the Leafs taking place in Toronto. The Maple Leafs emerged victorious over the former Stanley Cup champions in a 6-1 blowout, which could spell disaster for Carolina’s playoff chances. Spreading the puck around with 6 goals scored by 5 different players, Toronto is coming on strong for the 8th seed in a well contested Eastern Conference playoff picture. Not so lucky were the NY Islanders, who were unfortunate to run into the New Jersey Devils, and the ever-so-strong net minding of Martin Brodeur. Winning a team record 44 games this year, Brodeur is not only a shoe-in for the Hockey Hall of Fame, he is also the main reason that the Devils will be headed back to the playoffs again this year.

There is much less room for final seed positioning out in the Western Conference this year, as 7 of 8 playoff spots have already been secured. The streaking Calgary Flames, and the Colorado Avalanche out of the powerful Northwest division will be the only teams left at the eighth and final playoff spot, and my Vancouver Canucks helped out the Flames by crushing the Avs 3-0 on another shutout performance by Roberto Luongo. With less than 6 games left on the regular season schedule, each win is critical, and hockey action in our featured online sportsbooks should be heating up. I was fortunate to clutch up with a couple of wins, taking Vancouver over the Avs, San Jose over Los Angeles, and Nashville over the struggling Edmonton Oilers, who have put on one of the worst season-tanking performances of recent memory. With the top spots for the playoffs all locked up, it is already apparent that the NHL playoffs will be a great spectacle, with plenty of exciting wagers to be had at our featured sportsbooks.

Myself being the Hockey nut that I am, I must say how pleased I have been with the overall state of the league this year. The salary cap changes, on-ice modifications, and further balancing of quality players across many teams are creating a league with exciting potential. For any sports fan, giving hockey a chance as a great sport to watch and wager on should certainly be a priority, especially with the struggling state of NBA teams. Look for more great action ahead, and a great playoff season to fuel exciting wagers at our online sportsbooks featured at I promise you won’t be disappointed, as this is certainly one of the best hockey seasons in recent memory.

Aaron G.

Online sportsbook wagers continue the weekend NCAA excitement

With the Final Four solidified after the Georgetown and Florida laid the respective tournament hopes of UNC and Oregon to rest, Monday’s sports action would be considerably slower. However, our best online sportsbooks always seem to make any day worthwhile for avid sports bettors and even when there are only a few games being played, you can bet on a sportsbook wager or two making all the difference between a boring and exciting day of sports. Case in point tonight’s only NHL hockey match-up between two conference powerhouse teams, the Detroit Red Wings playing host to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. These types of games always make for the best online sports betting as the games feature high flying action, great goaltenders, and an assured closely contested outcome. It’s almost an easy bet to bank on a low scoring game, and the best sports betting advice would be to take under the total points in these types of games. Between the solid goaltending by J.S. Giguere and Dominik Hasek, I’ve taken out a wager on, and hopefully the in-game excitement won’t extend to a lot of points on the board tonight.

With betting on sports being a little slow today, I’ve had the opportunity to head back to on of our best online sportsbooks and casinos at With a few good NBA games, notably the match-ups between Denver and Detroit and Utah and Washington, throwing a little change down on these games seemed like a great idea. Placing a quick three-team parlay wager, taking Utah, Denver, and San Antonio to win their games, I ventured back to my favorite casino tables for some Texas Hold ‘Em action, and hopefully a little extra cash to be won for future online sports bets.  As it turns out, my recent luck betting on sports did not translate onto the casino tables, as a lucky streak from two international players handily put me out within about an hour of play.
Oh well, as they say, you win some, you lose some. Maybe I’ll put down the chips, and plant myself in front of the television for tonight’s sports contests, which should certainly be less painful than the online spanking I just received from abroad.

Betting on sports this week should be a great time for anyone venturing to our best online sportsbooks at With the regular seasons in the NBA and the NHL coming to a close, you can be sure that your online bets will be exciting, and offer a great change of pace from the normally slow and drab work week. So check out some of our sportsbook reviews, and choose one of the great online sportsbooks offered on our website to give you all the rundown on sports betting action around the world. No matter what your favorite sport is, it is guaranteed to be more exciting to watch when you have a little bit of juice riding on it. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and we wish you the best of luck at any one of our online sports books and casinos offered on our website.

Aaron G.

Sunday’s NCAA tournament games decide the Final Four

The two remaining college basketball games on Sunday leading to the NCAA Final Four were a continuation of the excitement that has been going on all month long. Though the Florida Gators definitively handled the Oregon Ducks, the game between UNC and Georgetown gave basketball fans a true taste of what college basketball is all about. The constant back and forth action ending in an overtime victory for the Hoyas kept fans on the edge of their seats throughout the entire game. I for one was lucky enough to have my wagers placed on our featured sportsbook at come through in exciting fashion as Georgetown rallied back late, and finished the UNC Tarheels by a final of 96-84.  Holding UNC to only 2 points from the floor in extra time, Georgetown is a very real threat to take the NCAA Championship, which would make this writer a very happy camper (as I have picked them to win the tourney from the beginning in my bracket selections).  Regardless of how anyone did in the brackets, or online in the sportsbooks, this year’s tournament has had a multitude of great basketball contests, even if mostly top-seeded teams have prevailed.

With the NCAA on hiatus until the Final Four begins later this week, it is a perfect time to focus in on the NHL, which is quickly coming to a regular season close in just a few short games.  For Sunday, the NHL had a number of great contests; of note the cross town rivalry between two storied New York hockey clubs both vying for a spot in the post season. Taking an overtime period to decide the outcome, the Rangers overcame the Isles 2-1, making their playoff hopes more secure and leaving the Islanders clinging two points out with only 6 games remaining. Elsewhere, the Colorado Avalanche rallied in a shootout against my Vancouver Canucks to keep them barely in the playoff hunt. Their fate rests solely with the Calgary Flames who downed the Chicago Blackhawks tonight 3-2 giving them a solid lead for the 8th and final seed in the Western Conference. Though my parlay wager was busted on the Canucks loss this evening, hockey action is always worth wagering on in our featured online sportsbooks. It truly is the fastest, and one of the most exciting games in all sports, and this season has been great with changed rules, more balanced teams, and great divisional rivalries.

Make sure that you mark some NHL and NBA games into your calendar, as the few remaining match-ups in professional hockey and basketball will make for some great wagering in our featured online sportsbooks at Besides, we all need a little something to do before the two Final Four games take place, and this time of the season is fantastic for placing sportsbook wagers. Have a great upcoming week, and check back with us for the latest updates from the exciting world of sports.

Aaron G.

#1’s vs. #2’s in NCAA tournament Elite 8 action

Saturday’s NCAA tournament games were sure to be on just about every sports fans must see list, as the battle for victory in the Elite 8 began with a showdown between 4 top seeded teams. It has certainly been a great tournament thus far, even if there has not been the usual Cinderella story team making it deep into March Madness, and busting everyone’s brackets in the process. However, it is probably true for most bracket-betting fans that, with the relative stability of top seeded teams, many who felt obligated to pick upsets along the way have been disappointed in doing so. I for one have certainly been one of those fans, and have seen a number of potential March Madness upsets go down in flames while more and more lower seeds dropped like flies from the tournament. That being said, this has taken nothing away from the exciting action on court, or in our featured sportsbooks at Placing at least a few online wagers in each of the tournament rounds so far has left me hanging on the edge of my seat, and I have certainly been fortunate to break a little more than even in this March Madness season.

Saturday’s games, featuring two number one seeds against two number two seeds, found me heading over to to place wagers on the day’s action. The two games, of which both should have been well contested match-ups, both end with double digit margins of victory for the winning teams. I was fortunate enough to win both wagers placed, betting first on Ohio State cover the points spread over Memphis, and UCLA to win outright in what was essentially a home-court victory. I am actually quite surprised at the great tournament play exhibited by the UCLA Bruins, who looked shaky in the Conference Championships, but have certainly stepped up their game when all is on the line. Ohio State on the other hand, riding on the powerful presence of the ever-so-talked-about Greg Oden, was expected to get this far, and now has sealed the bid to the Final Four with a dominating and decisive 92-76 win. While it is sad to see good teams like Memphis and Kansas go down, the Final Four is now shaping up to be very exciting indeed.

As Sunday comes around, Oregon vs. Florida and Georgetown vs. North Carolina should be much more closely contested games, and you certainly won’t want to miss out wagering on these Elite 8 match-ups in our featured online sportsbooks. I’m counting down the hours, and placing my bets, hoping that fortune will see to another couple of wins, and possibly more wagering money to be available for what will without a doubt be a great Final Four. Enjoy the rest of the weekends, and thank you again for checking out our featured online sportsbooks and casinos at

Aaron G.

More Sweet 16 NCAA tournament games for Friday

For an avid sports fan, this time of year is awfully hard to beat, and I for one just can’t get enough of all the great sports action taking place from the NCAA tournament, to the NBA and NHL which are rapidly coming up on the postseason. No matter what your passion for sports is, you can guarantee that March is one of the best times of year to place a few wagers and check out some great match-ups around the sports world. Even the prospect of Major League Baseball just around the corner has sports fans scrambling to put together fantasy leagues, and prepare for yet another 162 game season with thousands of potential wagers to be placed in our featured online sportsbooks. While I wasn’t as successful as I has hoped in picking upsets in the NCAA tournament yesterday (S. Illinois just barely got beat, as did Tennessee, crushing my sportsbook wagers for the day), today is yet another great day for sportsbook wagering, and I will no doubt be placing a few more notes down for today’s match-ups. Fridays are always great days based on the fact that there isn’t more pointless work to be done, and with NCAA basketball in action, it is without a doubt one very good Friday indeed.

My overall pick to win the NCAA Tournament, Georgetown, is in action today, and I’ve been glued to every game of theirs as my college hoops brackets pretty much depend on them at least getting to the title game. They have a tough fight ahead for Friday night against a strong Vanderbilt ball club however, by placing a wager on the Hoyas to win today, hopefully they can set me straight from the chunk of change I just missed out on last night. Taking a straight up wager at, I hope that John Thompson and Patrick Ewing Jr. can lead Georgetown back into the elite status they maintained just a few short years ago. You can be certain that of these guys, with former Hoya fathers will be looking on in anticipation, just as I will. They could certainly make a little piece of history as the only father and son to reach the final four as head coaches, let alone for the same team.

Also in action today, there will be an exciting match-up between USC and UNC, with the Trojans being a very surprising addition to the Sweet 16. I would count on Florida and Oregon to win their games against Butler and UNLV respectively, especially as there have been so few upsets coming from teams that are seeded anymore than one or two slots down from their opponents. However, stranger things have, and do happen, so look out for more potential upsets on Friday night. I’m excited and I hope you are as well for a great upcoming series of college hoops. Thank you again for checking in to, and most importantly for wagering in our featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Until next time, have a great weekend and good luck in every wager placed this week.

Aaron G.

NCAA Tournament resumes with plenty of great sportsbook wagering opportunities

I’m rarely lucky enough to win whenever I start placing parlay wagers taking more than three teams at a time. To compound that, I’ve rarely been able to score two parlay wagers in our featured online sportsbooks in one evening. However, as luck may have it, Wednesday night turned out to be a good night for the favored teams, and I was able to cash in on one three and one four team parlay wager in the NBA and NHL respectively. The timing of this lucky streak couldn’t be better, as tonight’s March Madness will be ripe with potential wagers to be placed in some of our best sportsbooks at While there certainly has been a lack of the Cinderella story this year, there hasn’t been any lack of excitement, and each round of the NCAA tournament has had me on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting the final outcomes. So for Thursday, I head to after ditching work early (as many across the US have been reported doing) and I can’t wait for tip-off to begin in just a few short minutes.

Having no team seeded higher than 5 in the college hoops brackets, it will certainly be a tough call wagering on tonight’s games, and it would be difficult to suggest that at least one higher seeded team won’t go down today. I’m banking on the great run put forth so far by Southern Illinois to overcome the Kansas Jayhawks, even as they have run off a 13 game win streak up until this point. I’m hoping that the solid play of Jamaal Tatum will lead the Salukis into the Elite 8 this year, sending Kansas home early for a second consecutive year. No matter what wagering you look into for today’s games, you can be certain that they will all be closely contested and as exciting as all the March Madness games have been thus far. I will also take the UCLA Bruins to beat Pittsburgh (as they are essentially playing at home all the way through these opening rounds), as well as Tennessee to pull off an upset win over Ohio State. With my online wagers placed at, I’m kicked back and ready for some great college hoops action. Besides, this is just so much better than slaving away at work!

If you are a sports fan, you certainly won’t want to miss out on today’s wagering opportunities, and hopefully you’ve gotten the chance to stop by one of our featured online sportsbooks and taken out a wager or two on college hoops today. Today will be the start of what will undoubtedly be a great weekend of NCAA tournament action, and I for one am looking forward to every minute of it. We’ll just have to wait and see how long it will be before my girlfriend yanks the TV out of the wall and throws it out the door. Oh well, it’s only once a year that March Madness comes around, and even if I have to sleep on the front porch tonight, it will be well worth the price of getting to watch some great NCAA tournament action. Enjoy the games, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow with more updates from the exciting world of sports.

Aaron G.