Online sportsbook wagers continue the weekend NCAA excitement

With the Final Four solidified after the Georgetown and Florida laid the respective tournament hopes of UNC and Oregon to rest, Monday’s sports action would be considerably slower. However, our best online sportsbooks always seem to make any day worthwhile for avid sports bettors and even when there are only a few games being played, you can bet on a sportsbook wager or two making all the difference between a boring and exciting day of sports. Case in point tonight’s only NHL hockey match-up between two conference powerhouse teams, the Detroit Red Wings playing host to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks. These types of games always make for the best online sports betting as the games feature high flying action, great goaltenders, and an assured closely contested outcome. It’s almost an easy bet to bank on a low scoring game, and the best sports betting advice would be to take under the total points in these types of games. Between the solid goaltending by J.S. Giguere and Dominik Hasek, I’ve taken out a wager on, and hopefully the in-game excitement won’t extend to a lot of points on the board tonight.

With betting on sports being a little slow today, I’ve had the opportunity to head back to on of our best online sportsbooks and casinos at With a few good NBA games, notably the match-ups between Denver and Detroit and Utah and Washington, throwing a little change down on these games seemed like a great idea. Placing a quick three-team parlay wager, taking Utah, Denver, and San Antonio to win their games, I ventured back to my favorite casino tables for some Texas Hold ‘Em action, and hopefully a little extra cash to be won for future online sports bets.  As it turns out, my recent luck betting on sports did not translate onto the casino tables, as a lucky streak from two international players handily put me out within about an hour of play.
Oh well, as they say, you win some, you lose some. Maybe I’ll put down the chips, and plant myself in front of the television for tonight’s sports contests, which should certainly be less painful than the online spanking I just received from abroad.

Betting on sports this week should be a great time for anyone venturing to our best online sportsbooks at With the regular seasons in the NBA and the NHL coming to a close, you can be sure that your online bets will be exciting, and offer a great change of pace from the normally slow and drab work week. So check out some of our sportsbook reviews, and choose one of the great online sportsbooks offered on our website to give you all the rundown on sports betting action around the world. No matter what your favorite sport is, it is guaranteed to be more exciting to watch when you have a little bit of juice riding on it. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and we wish you the best of luck at any one of our online sports books and casinos offered on our website.

Aaron G.

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