NBA Basketball wagers for Wednesday night’s action

As the NBA’s regular season comes near to a close, there are many teams still fighting it out for playoff contention, making for some great wagering opportunities in our featured online sportsbooks. Wednesday night had plenty of games to choose from, and this writer in particular was able to place a few bets at to make the evening a little more exciting. Taking a few small wager parlay bets, as well a two straight up wagers, my night was certainly full of action, hoping that I could cash in on some teams making a run for the playoffs. In the first parlay wager placed, I scored a victory wagering on the wins by Utah, Dallas, and San Antonio. Now it’s true that this is a very safe bet with not too much to be made, however getting a win out of at least one wager tonight gives a little sense of confidence for further sportsbook wagering when you can count on teams to come through. That being said, the next wager placed taking New Jersey and Miami to win respective games was quickly quashed as Miami fell to the strong play of Toronto who had home court advantage. Nonetheless, the small wagering amounts don’t add up to a large dent in my online sportsbook account either way, as today’s wagering is mostly just for fun.

That being said, a couple of straight up wagers on the Seattle vs. Denver and Houston vs. LA Clippers games would prove to be more profitable, leaving a smile on my face, and money in my account. Taking Seattle with the points, who ended up winning the game 100-97 on Rashard Lewis’ solid 33 point performance, it was surprising to see my struggling hometown team prevail. Denver, even with two superstars on their team, is limping towards the playoffs, hoping that no underdog team makes a late run for the last few playoff seeds. Elsewhere, the game between the Houston Rockets and the LA Clippers turned out to be a great game to watch, as it was back and forth for most of the game. As the Clippers jumped out of the gates taking a lead in the first half, they were promptly contained and defeated 92-87 after being held to just 38 points in the second half. Nonetheless, another sportsbook wager was won, taking the Rockets on the line.

Overall, it was a pretty good night for the NBA, with plenty of teams in action, and plenty of wagering opportunities to be had at our featured online sportsbooks at With that little extra cash won this evening, I’m off to the tables at to play of few card rounds, and see if I can’t make my recent wins stretch a little further. I hope that your sportsbook wagering has been successful this week, and hopefully you’ll have a little change left over for what will be an exciting NCAA Final Four. Until tomorrow, good luck on your sportsbook bets, and thanks again for stopping by.

Aaron G.

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