NBA, NHL seasons coming to a close

With the NCAA tournament off for Wednesday night, there were plenty of games for sports fans to wager on in the NBA and NHL that were sure to bring the same amount of excitement as these two leagues draw ever closer to the playoffs. With only a handful of match-ups remaining before the postseason gets under way, many teams are trying as hard as possible to shore up those coveted final seeds for the playoffs. While there is no doubt that it is hard to beat the exhilaration of watching March Madness, the level of intensity in the professional leagues makes wagering in our featured online sportsbooks highly interesting and enjoying for any type of sports fan. So for Wednesday evening, I decided to hop on a couple of our featured online sportsbooks, and make a few wagers while I eagerly await the next round of NCAA tournament games scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  With my beloved Vancouver Canucks in action against the impressive Nashville Predators, there is no doubt that I will have to take out a wager on that game to start the night off.

Going to one of my favorite online sportsbook and casino websites at, the first set of wagers for the evening will be a four team parlay wager on the NHL.  I am fortunate enough to have dropped the extra dough this year on the NHL Center Ice package, and having all games available to me, I am sure to get to catch my favorite games just about anytime I please. With that in mind, I’ve placed my wager taking Vancouver and Nashville to finish under the total points, as Tomas Vokoun and Roberto Luongo are arguably two of the best net minders in the business today. Also taking Colorado, San Jose, and Buffalo to win their respective games tonight, I’m banking on these teams getting into playoff form to easily handle the handful of teams that have lost all hope of making the playoffs. Many teams have given up this week, and it is a fun time to stretch out some parlay bets and cash in teams that are almost assured a victory.

One great match-up in the NBA is in store for tonight, pitting the ever-so-solid Dallas Mavericks against the Cleveland Cavaliers. While Cleveland is certainly a good team, they probably won’t be able to hold out long enough, as was the case in the last meeting between the two teams, so I expect the Mavs to come out on top.  Going to our featured sportsbook at for a couple NBA wagers, I have taken Dallas to cover the points, as well as the L.A. Clippers and Minnesota T-wolves to win their games in a combined three team parlay.  I guess it will be a night of parlay wagering for this writer, and I’m certainly excited to see these games get underway. Hopefully you’ve secured a few bets, and got a little time to check out the action tonight. Tomorrow will be another great day for March Madness, and you can be sure that we’ll have plenty to discuss tomorrow evening.  From us folks at, thank you for stopping by, and checking out the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.

Tuesday’s NBA, NHL online sportsbook wagers

Monday turned out to not be such a bad day after all. Not only was I fortunate enough to see a few of my sportsbook wagers come through on, but my trip to netted me a nice little chunk of change perfectly suited for use on Tuesday’s exciting sports match-ups. With 10 NBA games and 8 NHL games to choose from, having a nice little extra wad of cash will certainly come in handy in our online sportsbooks at I don’t know what it is, however every time I get on the website, my luck seems to come around in all my wagers placed. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this online sportsbook and casino out, you won’t be disappointed. With that in mind I have taken out a few wagers at their website this evening, if only to show my gratitude for the money won there last night on the tables. Or that’s just where my extra cash is in my sportsbook account?either way it equals more sportsbook wagering for me tonight with someone else’s money, and that is good enough for this guy.

For Tuesday’s sports match-ups, continued wagering on the NHL will be on my list of things to do, especially after my Canucks came through last night. Placing a small 5 dollar parlay wager taking Ottawa, Toronto, and Minnesota to win on, I’m ready for even more exciting hockey action again tonight. The playoffs are creeping ever-so-close, and with most teams having only about 10 games left on the regular season schedule, the action on ice will be at its very best. That is, of course until the NHL playoffs come?and that is a whole other matter altogether. Nonetheless, it would certainly be worth any sports fan’s while to hop on to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two on tonight’s NHL games. I will personally be watching out for the New Jersey v. Toronto game and rooting for the Maple Leafs, who are trying to keep their playoff chances alive tonight at home. There are a few bubble teams fighting for playoff spots this evening, which will no doubt make for some great sporting contests.

If you prefer the NBA, you are certainly in luck, as our sportsbooks have plenty of opportunities for firing some wagers out for pro hoops. Games of the evening include the LA Clippers taking on the Bulls in Chicago, and Denver vs. New Jersey. The Nuggets haven’t won at New Jersey in almost 7 years, and this should be a good match-up to check out tonight.  With only two more days left until the NCAA tournament resumes with the Sweet 16 round of action, and only two more weeks until the NBA and NHL playoffs get under way, it is an exciting time to be a sports fan. So get those wagers placed, and prepare for a great week of fun-filled, exciting sporting contests by using our featured online sportsbooks at We’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.

Casino wagering and sportsbook bets cure a case of the Mondays

It’s a little odd to not hear countless screaming college fans, the sound of sneakers squeaking, and the non-stop motor mouth of Dick Vitale adding color to yet another great college hoops match-up. Since last Thursday, it seems as though every single day has been the most sports-filled, action packed extravaganza yet this year. With hundreds of sporting match-ups, sports fans packed our featured online sportsbooks over the last week, throwing down action on their favorite teams, while milling over carefully picked office pool brackets wondering which ‘guaranteed’ win would faulter. Well, at least this writer was one of those people, and needless to say I could use a break from the whirlwind action, no to mention the anxiety of winning a few bets, losing some, then winning again. As the NCAA tournament begins the Sweet 16 this Thursday, a nice three days’ rest from all-day college hoops is great for the players, not to mention the fans watching the contests.

For this Monday, at least I can kick back after having already placed a few wagers for todays sports games, and I’m prepared to kick back after an all-too-long day of work. With my Vancouver Canucks in action and vying for the Northwest Division title, I just had to get a wager in on the game, and hopefully the struggling Edmonton Oilers , who have already lost 10 straight, will help make my sportsbook account grow a little with loss number 11. Elsewhere, the rallying Pittsburgh Penguins are taking on the NY Rangers, with playoff implications for both teams. This should be a great match-up, especially with the likes of veteran superstar Jaromir Jagr and rookie Sydney Crosby on ice, and I would be surprised if this game wasn’t within a point either way. With a small wager placed and the Canucks game just getting started, I’ll head to the online casinos to check out the action there tonight. Nothing’s better in my book than placing a few sportsbook wagers, watching a game, and playing some cards from the comfort of my own home.

With that, I’m off to for a run at the tables.  As one of our featured websites at, I’ve had plenty of fun (and quite a bit of luck, too) to keep me coming back to this online casino time after time.  Though I rarely venture farther than the poker tables, you can easily find plenty of other games to keep you interested, not to mention a great sportsbook for all your online wagering. Catch up with us again tomorrow, as there will be many more NBA and NHL games to choose from. Thanks again for reading, and have a great night.

Aaron G.

March Madness moves on to the Sweet 16, more Sportsbook wagers to come

It has officially been an exciting first portion of the NCAA tournament. With many sportsbook wagers placed over the course of the last two days, myself and many others are sorting out what’s left of our brackets, and how much money we will have left over for further wagering on the NCAA tournament. While there have been plenty of great games for sports fans to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks, what is most surprising still is the relative lack of upsets being handed to top seeded teams. Yesterday, only a few higher seeded teams were bumped off, including Wisconsin who fell somewhat surprisingly to UNLV, and Texas, who was upset handily by USC. After Sunday’s match-ups, every #1 seeded team is still remaining, and no team higher than a #7 seed is left. So much for the Cinderella story this year, as it will all coming down to the heavy hitters from the Sweet 16 on out.  Though I will be the first to admit the disappointment from not getting to see a long shot make it deep into the NCAA tournament, my wagers placed on our featured sportsbooks at have definitely benefited from the lack of upsets, and I’m just happy to have money left to keep wagering in the next round of play.

With the NCAA tournament on hold until Thursday, there will be plenty of sporting action to keep fans busy in the sportsbooks throughout the remainder of the week. While Sunday’s hoops action certainly kept wagers mostly on NCAA basketball, the NBA and NHL leagues are coming close to wrapping up regular season play, giving plenty of opportunities to place some sportsbooks bets. Although I personally have taken out enough wagers for this weekend already, tomorrow night will be another action-packed day for sports, and I’m all set to place more wagers for Monday night’s contest. First of all, my beloved Canucks will be taking on the Edmonton Oilers from Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta.  Holding only a 1 point lead over the second place Minnesota Wild, each game from here out will be ever-so-important for Vancouver. Since there is only one other NHL on the slate for Monday, I’ve taken out a quick two-team parlay at In the other contest, Pittsburgh looks to take a share of the Atlantic Division lead, while the NY Rangers are sitting right on the edge of playoff contention. These should indeed make for a couple great match-ups on a usually slow night for hockey.

On the NBA side of things, Monday will be a little slow in the online sportsbooks, as there are only two more match-ups scheduled in professional hoops for the evening. However, as the NBA season also winds down, fans should be getting prepared for yet another postseason, and taking out wagers on the teams fighting for playoff spots. Even with just a few contests available, sportsbook wagering is always a fun option for sports fans this time of year.  I’m actually a little glad to be able to take a break from college hoops, and have a slow night for once! I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed March Madness, and have been successful in your sportsbook wagers during this crazy time of year. Thank you again for using for the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet. We’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.

Saturday’s wild NCAA action

With this NCAA tournament having surprisingly few upsets up until Saturday, those placing wagers certainly have a choice to make when putting money down on sportsbook bets. Will there be more higher-seeded teams winning as expected, or will today finally be the day that all wagers get busted as some mid-major teams root through the top seeded teams and ruin everyone’s brackets? I certainly have been shocked by the relative lack of upsets in the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament, and while everyone has been talking about all the underdogs that could prevail?every bet I had placed on an underdog to win went down in flames.  So today, I looked to do better with a couple of wagers placed on some great match-ups which will see a handful of teams headed to the Sweet Sixteen. Going back to, I took out my first wager of the day on the Vanderbilt vs. Washington State taking the Commodores with the points. Fortunately for me, Vanderbilt came through 78-74 after an exciting double overtime game in Sacramento, securing a bid for the next round. The PAC-10 is being whittled away slowly in this tournament, however don’t count out UCLA this year, as they are essentially playing at home and should overcome Indiana at Arco Arena. That game is just about to start?

Elsewhere this afternoon, there has only been one other lower seeded team moving forward to the Sweet Sixteen?if you can really call #5 seeded Butler nipping #4 seed Maryland 62-59 an upset. There are very few underdogs left year, in a surprising change of tack from the normally crazy March Madness season. However, sports fans have not been disappointed as the contests this afternoon have seen wild overtime action, and close calls all around. I expect more of the same in the UCLA vs. Indiana game, and thus have taken UCLA to win on a wager placed at The game has just tipped off and I’m fully prepared for another exciting contest between two storied teams with lots of tournament history. Elsewhere, the UNC Tarheels are duking it out against Michigan State, which could be the last chance at an upset tonight. No doubt North Carolina is very skilled and prepared, however Tom Izzo is a fantastic coach with an excellent ability to get the most out of his players come tournament time. Currently though, UNC holds an 8 point lead with a few minutes before half. Hopefully you get to see this game locally?I for one am restricted to only the west coast games over here and am stuck watching live updates on the internet. Boo.

Hopefully you have gotten a little time to relax, and have taken out a few wagers at our featured sportsbooks at There is a non-stop supply of fast-paced, exciting action across every sports league to appeal to every sports fan. Even if you’re not a sports fan, tournament time in the NCAA is ridiculously fun to watch. So have a great rest of the weekend, and thanks for checking us out!

Aaron G.

Friday night Casino and Sportsbook wagering

Since this is March Madness, and the NCAA tournament only comes around once a year, I’m forgoing the normal Friday night debauchery for a few hopefully great college basketball contests.  Well, that and the fact that I have to be up for work at 7:30 a.m. might have a little bit to do with it. Nonetheless, all sports fans should be tuned in for Friday night’s games whether it be at home or out at your local sports bar. It would certainly be a big mistake to miss out on the exciting hoops action, and I for one have cut out of work a little early to come home for the games. To some, that may seem to be a cop-out of responsibility, to me that’s just what has to be done. Now if I could only figure out which teams, and which upsets I’m taking for today, I would be all set.  Without question, we should definitely be expecting a few upsets, and taking sportsbook wagers on margin of victory could be a scary proposition.

For a safe bet, I’ve taken out a parlay bet with Kentucky, Oregon, and Purdue to win. Just to get into a bit more action, I decided to stick with the parlay style, and take Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, and Arkansas in one more wager. With a few underdogs in this wager hopefully lady fortune will be on my side, as I know I’ll need extra loot for future tournament games. With this wager placed at, I’m already at one of my favorite online casinos featured at, and playing a few cards while watching the tournament sounds like a fine time for sure. Regardless of the tournament, or anything else for that matter, there is always a massive amount of people ready to play on this website, and I’ve queued up with the rest of them to squeeze onto a table.

The nice thing about waiting to get on to a table tonight is, I can easily write this update, and watch the games get underway on the tube to pass the time. Now that’s some sports-fan efficiency! I’ve placed enough money on our featured sportsbooks for this evening, and now it’s time to win some extra dough at our featured casinos, which could come in handy as the games get tougher and tougher to wager on. Whatever you wager on, you can be sure that the featured sportsbooks at are a great place to place your bets. Likewise, the attached casinos at each of these websites all offer exciting action for their users, as well as a wide variety of gaming types. Thanks for stopping by, and good luck tonight in your sportsbook wagers!

Aaron G.

Thursday night College hoops in full swing

I was reading somewhere that during the NCAA tournament productivity loss for businesses will reach an astonishing 1.2 billion dollars as people watch or listen to games at work, or will skip work entirely to be at home in order to watch their team(s) play.  At the same time, over 2.4 billion dollars will be wagered on the NCAA tournament during its duration, which leads this writer to believe that in order to save money at work, March Madness games on Thursdays and Fridays should be now be declared national holidays. I for one join in being a statistic, and have played hooky from my day job in order to watch the great opening round action of the NCAA tournament, while hopefully seeing my wagers placed in our featured online sportsbooks come to fruition. 32 teams will be in action today, and it would be borderline criminal for a sports wagering fan not to head to one of our featured sportsbooks (or if you are lucky enough, head to Vegas) to get in on the excitement of March Madness. I for one have taken out a handful of wagers and compiled them into a few parlay wagers at  With eager anticipation, I, like most of the sports-watching American public cannot wait for the games to begin, and for the brackets to start taking shape. What a great time March Madness is indeed.
Although this is the first round of the NCAA tournament, one can never be sure that higher seeded team will actually come out on top. If any of you can (or want to) remember last year’s tournament, no ranking can secure a bid to the second round, especially as the lower ranked teams are hungry to upset the top seeds in the tourney.  I certainly learned the hard way last year, having my brackets almost completely destroyed by the start of the second round that those who are placing their sportsbook wagers this year will have to do some hard thinking before just choosing the favorites in each game. Though I certainly can’t pick who will be upset in the first round of the tournament, you can be sure that it will happen somewhere.  Nonetheless, I for one am forging ahead with my wagers taking Gonzaga, Xavier, and North Carolina in my first sportsbook wager of the day. I’m hoping that Gonzaga and Xavier will pull of a couple of upsets (even though they are fairly closely seeded to the teams they are playing) and start me off with my first parlay win. My wager from Tuesday paid off, as Florida A&M beat Niagra, and hopefully I’ll keep the ball rolling in this online wager.

For my second and last wager of the day, I’m taking out another parlay bet at, except this time taking a number of favorites to win. Taking Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, and Georgetown to win, my five dollar, four-team parlay wager should make for an exciting time watching the games this evening. If you have yet to get your sportsbook wagers placed for today’s match-ups, please stop reading this, and place your bets. You won’t want to miss out on any of the March Madness action, as it will be an exciting time all week long.  Check back tomorrow for more updates and good luck this year in your brackets and sportsbooks wagers. Thanks again from us at

Aaron G.

Mid-week NBA wagers in our featured sportsbooks

Without a doubt, one of the best match-ups in the NBA would have to be between two of the three best teams in the NBA right now. The Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, and the San Antonio Spurs have everyone guessing at who will make it safely through the NBA playoffs, and have a potential run at the Finals this year.  For Wednesday however two of these teams, the Suns and the Mavericks settled in for a pre-playoff showdown at American Airlines Center in Dallas. Seeming as though these two teams would keep the game very close, taking out a wager on Phoenix on the points seemed like a good idea with Dallas being a slight favorite at home. What a great game it turned out to be indeed. Needing two overtime periods to settle the score, Phoenix ended up nipping the Dallas Mavericks 129-127 giving my sportsbook wager placed at a notch in the win column, not to mention a smile on my face. This game seems to be indicative of what is to be expected when great teams eventually are forced to play each other in the post-season. I for one am a little hesitant to make any predictions for who will eventually come out on top in the NBA, as it seems that on any given night either Dallas, Phoenix, or San Antonio could come out on top. Man, it is going to be a fantastic NBA postseason!

Switching gears quickly the NHL, there were a number of great games, and one notable transaction that firmly plants a classic team at home where it belongs. The Pittsburgh Penguins had been struggling to secure financing for a new arena to replace the famous Igloo, and a deal has finally been struck to keep the team from potentially going to Kansas (were they kidding?) Nonetheless, it is no doubt due to the addition of youngster Sydney Crosby and the high-flying Pens who secured their team’s home town, which should make every hockey fan pleased. I for one hate seeing teams moved, especially one with such a storied past, and strong regional ties. With that aside, there was plenty of great wagering opportunities to be had in the NHL this evening, and I for one certainly wasn’t going to miss out on the four great games being played on ice. Taking another wager at, I came up a little short in a three team parlay bet, as both Pittsburgh and Detroit clutched up with respective wins, but Anaheim could not rally back at home, getting clipped 5-4 after a shootout victory for the Columbus Blue Jackets. With that, I break even on the night, minus a buck or two, and look forward to tomorrow’s real start to the NCAA tournament.

Make sure to get your wagers placed in our featured sportsbooks at, as you certainly won’t want to miss any betting action this week. It’s going to be a wild first couple of rounds, so I for one will be placing small wagers and hoping that I can keep my bankroll rolling through my opening wagers. Expect quite a few upsets, and even more great and exciting match-ups this week and through the weekend. From here on out, it’s anybody’s tournament and getting lucky with wagers will be just as valuable as knowing exactly what teams have the upper hand and should win. Check back with us tomorrow for more NCAA tournament updates, and thank you for using for the best in online sportsbooks and casinos.

Aaron G.

The ‘Official’ Start of the NCAA tournament

As the flurry of the NCAA Conference Championships has come to rest, one more sports-related storm is just about to kick off again. Tonight, sports fans, especially basketball nuts in particular, will get what they have been waiting for: March Madness has officially begun.  Now it is understood that tonight’s game between Florida A&M and Niagra may essentially be just a battle for the last seed in the tourney, however I’ve have taken out a wager for tonight’s game on our featured sportsbook at, and am hoping to go my tournament wagering luck going right away. Now, I admittedly don’t know too much about Niagra in this case, however, I do know that Florida A&M has had a little tournament success in the past, and I am banking on that for today’s online wagering.  With fingers crossed, we at are finally prepared for a few weeks of exciting college hoops action, and hopefully you as well have checked out our featured online sportsbooks and have begun placing your opening round wagers.

While Tuesday is really just a symbolic start to NCAA tournament, as the actual brackets games won’t commence until Thursday, keep in mind that there are still plenty of sportsbook wagering opportunities around the sporting world to keep fans and online gamers satisfied. There are a number of NBA and NHL games this evening to keep fans preoccupied until March Madness begins to get into full stride. For this writer, sportsbook wagering on the NHL has become an almost daily hobby (or addiction, but who’s counting?). So with a healthy habit to feed, my first wager on hockey for the evening has to be on my favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks. Tonight’s game is an important Divisional match-up, and the Canucks take on the second place Minnesota Wild for rights to the Northwest Division lead. I haven’t been let down by the Canucks so far this year, and for the game tonight, my sportsbook wagering on will be for an under total points wager, as both teams have very good net minders and solid defensive play. To make it more interesting, I’m taking Buffalo and San Jose to win their respective games, in a two team, five dollar parlay wager. I can kick back and enjoy a night of great sports action, as I eagerly await the few short days to pass before Thursday’s tournament action (re-) commences.

There are some great sports match-ups in the NBA tonight, if that better suits your sportsbook fancy. The game of the night will certainly be between the surprising Miami Heat, and the Utah Jazz. Shaquille O’Neal has taken leadership role of his team after the injury-related departure of Dwayne Wade, and this game tonight in Miami should be game you won’t want to miss. My time is up for today, as there is too much sports action to watch, and little time left to spend writing about it here! Enjoy the start of the NCAA tournament, and get those wagers placed in our featured online sportsbooks for the rest of the scheduled basketball games this week. It’s going to be a wild ride, and no sports fan will want to miss out.

Aaron G.

Sportsbook wagers for Monday night

With the NCAA brackets all lined up, and no games scheduled until the official opening tomorrow night, I felt compelled to do a little wagering on our featured sportsbooks, taking out a couple of bets on the NBA and the NHL.  It’s been a long day, and nothing could be better than getting home and quickly squeezing in a wager for the late games in store for tonight (even though I will admit that I got in a wager this afternoon at work?bad me!). With Dallas looking for their 18th win in a yet another winning streak tonight against the Golden State Warriors, I definitely will be checking into this match-up as it will be televised in-state and nationally. Elsewhere, the ever-strong Phoenix Suns go up against Yao, T-Mac and the Houston Rockets. Every day that passes becomes more exciting as the thought of the Mavericks and the Suns meeting up in the post season. They are most certainly already guaranteed a playoff berth, however both these teams are not letting up down the home stretch. Placing wagers tonight at, I have taken the Warriors to cover the points, which hopefully will be adequate at home tonight.

I would expect that the Golden State Warriors will put up a good fight this evening, and this game shouldn’t be missed if you are checking out NBA basketball tonight. I am hoping that the Warriors will be able to keep the game close against the Mavericks as they, like everyone else, are gunning to break their impressive streak. However, I am expecting Dallas to prevail, as they are with no question the better team. In further sportsbook wagering, a quick 5 dollar parlay was taken out at, taking Phoenix, New Jersey to win their respective games, and Milwaukee to cover the point spread in theirs. For some reason, Milwaukee has been playing much better towards the end of the year, which could end up hurting their draft order for next year. They are certainly out of the playoffs, however, tonight I can hope they will cover the modest points spread and score me another win.  We’ll just have to wait and see on that one?

As for the NHL, I hopped over to and took out one more sportsbook wager tonight for tonight’s action on the ice.  I just couldn’t resist putting a little money down in the battle of the worst and included in my wagering tonight will be the contest between Phoenix and Philadelphia out in the desert. A fitting setting indeed for two teams that have been a disappointment all year long, I will certainly have to take the Coyotes to win at home, as that seems to be the only real advantage either team might have. To combine with this wager, I will take Calgary and St. Louis to beat the total points tonight, and Atlanta to win outright against the struggling Washington Caps. That should do it for me this evening, so join me in kicking back for some great sports action, and thanks again for making your way to for all the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the web.

Aaron G.