New Month, Same great wagering opportunities

February has come and gone like a passing windstorm, leaving many sports leagues in a struggle for playoff spots. From the NBA to the NCAA, to the NHL, teams are vying for remaining playoff and tournament spots, which happens to make for great sports wagering action in our featured online sportsbooks we have offered at  If you are unable to find a great wagering opportunity, then you have been missing out on many dramatic games, with highlight-reel-worthy plays, and down to the wire action.  This Thursday, I’ve decided to take out a few wagers with a three team parlay bet for the NBA, since only three teams are in action tonight, and a quick wager on my Vancouver Canucks to win against Phoenix in the NHL. With the weekend quickly approaching, hopefully I will be able to cash in on some quick money with a couple of wins in our featured sportsbooks that will give me fuel for casino play later.

For the NBA this evening, I have gone over to the great featured sportsbook at none other than to place my three team parlay wager.  For the first match-up taken between the L.A Clippers and the hosting Seattle Sonics, I am taking the Sonics to get within the points again seeming as though they were able to win my wager for me last time I chose the point spread. Next up, I’ve taken the Portland Trailblazers to beat the Charlotte Bobcats at home in Portland. Since I’m on the home team betting streak, why not go with Dallas at home against Cleveland?  This bet is more a of no-brainer, however this should be the best match-up of the evening, and will definitely be worth watching. With the Dallas Maverick’s lights out play at home this year, it is impossible to bet against them, but it is probably safe to say that Cleveland will give them a good run for their money. Hopefully for me, they’ll give it a good shot, and come up a little short tonight!

Elsewhere in sports, the College Basketball world is getting anxious towards the coming of the NCAA tournament. As teams struggle to clinch division championships, secure those last bracket spots, and take on big rivalries, the action just gets better and better for sports fans. For Thursday, just a handful of games are available for the NCAA, but rest assured they will inevitably have an effect on the tournament coming up in just a few short weeks.  So for tonight, get your wagers placed for some great sportsbook action on our featured websites offered here at  Thanks once again for checking in with us, and have a great evening.

Aaron G.