A couple of great games to start the new week

Mondays are Mondays for the most part. Dull, way too long, and often filled with a ton of work that was left over from the week before, no one really likes going back to work and having to give up their leisure time to be back in the office. Fortunately, this Monday had some great sports match-ups in store for those wishing to do a bit of online sports gambling, including a few great playoff hockey and basketball contests, bringing a bit of excitement for those getting off work. The first of the two hockey contests this evening pitted the Ottawa Senators against the New Jersey Devils, in what was an exciting and hard-hitting contest. Ottawa played an outstanding game, not that the Devils didn’t either, and the shutout performance of Senator Goalie Ray Emery helped to secure Ottawa with a 2-1 lead in the series. This has certainly been a great series in the second round, and with the Senators victory, my bet placed at Intertops.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html”>read the review of Intertops</a>) turned out victorious, leaving me with a big smile on my face, and a cure for my Monday blues.

The late game of the evening, taking place in the ‘Shark Tank’ in San Jose, was another game that should not have been missed. If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch the Sharks in action this post season, make it a point to do so soon, as their powerful performances each and every night make for some great sports action, and solid online sports betting chances. Although I didn’t choose to bet on this game last night, San Jose’s late rally to come from behind to win 2-1 was a great performance against Detroit, and is certainly a sign of the resilience of the San Jose Sharks club. Relying on heavy hitting, great goaltending, and a strong power play, this team has just what it takes to make a serious run at the Stanley Cup this year. Look out for more great hockey on the way this week, and make sure to hit up a few of our best online sportsbooks like the ones at Betus.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betus.html”>read the review of BetUS</a>) and at Betonusa.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/betonusa.html”>read the review of BetonUSA</a>) for more exciting hockey wagering choices.

With all that hockey action last night, there was just a little bit of room left for the three NBA games being played, however there was great action to report there as well. The Cavaliers polished off the Magic in a 4-0 series sweep with a 97-90 victory on the back of LeBron James’ 31 point performance. San Antonio and Houston both pull within one game of a series win, and tomorrow night, Golden State goes for a huge upset against the Dallas Mavericks. No matter what your sports fancy happens to be, you can find great wagering opportunities at out best sports betting sites at CasinoReview.org. Until next time, good luck with your wagering and have a great week betting on sports.

Aaron G.

There will be a new NBA champion this year

The NBA is without a doubt one of the most exciting sports leagues to watch during the post season. As is true with most of the professional sports leagues post seasons, anything can happen, and this year’ NBA playoffs are no exception. Case in point, the struggling Miami Heat have officially been eliminated from the playoffs in embarrassing fashion, being handed a 4-0 series defeat at the hands of the Chicago Bulls. While the Bulls certainly played with great intensity and a desire to win, the Heat put on one of the saddest, least inspired playoff performances I have witnessed in a few years. Sure teams go down every year in the first round, but seldom is that team a previous year’s NBA champion, with a solid team match-up against their opponent. Pat Riley should be embarrassed about his team’s playoff debacle, and my bet at one of our best online sportsbooks at Sportsbetting.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/sportsbetting.html”>read the review of sportsbetting.com</a>) was certainly well placed, taking the Bulls to sweep out the Heat without a problem. There are lots of surprises to be had in the NBA postseason, however seeing Miami go down in flames like my home town Sonics did just about every game of the year was just downright disappointing (even if myself and others happen to profit a bit from their losses).

Golden State, Golden State, Golden State. What more is their to say about the most surprising first round match-up than this year would be the first time in history that an 8th seeded team takes down a one seed? Ironic as it is, Dallas maintained the 6th best regular season record in history, and undoubtedly has one of the most powerful lineups in present day basketball, however they can’t contend with the strong fundamental basketball exhibited by the Warriors thus far. Their 3-1 series lead over the Mavericks could prove to be too much to overcome, even for one of the best teams in the NBA, and I don’t think that anyone in their right mind could have predicted this sort of outcome, but the ongoing theme of great team defense and ball movement continues to this day. Teams will not win unless all members of those squads use every weapon available to win. It certainly doesn’t hurt if you have a bearded warrior (pun definitely intended, sorry) putting up 30 points every night. B-diddy Baron Davis has really turned his team around from about the third week prior to the playoffs, and his team is now prime to shake up the NBA world with a possible series clinching victory against Dallas on Tuesday evening. I for one don’t recommend doing much online sports betting on this series, but a betting person might just take the Golden State Warriors to finish off their foes in 5 games. If they don’t, look out for Dallas to make a wild comeback.

What is for certain is that you won’t want to miss betting on sports this week, or any of the weeks to come in this playoff season. The next round of the NBA playoffs is already shaping up to be a good one, but there is still plenty of action left on our top sportsbooks for the first round. Hop on to a few of our best sports gambling sites to pick and choose the best opportunities for betting on sports on the internet. You won’t be disappointed, as our best online sportsbooks will always make for an exciting experience to compliment any sporting match-up.

Aaron G.

Saturday’s playoff action makes for more excellent online wagering

After a great Friday night of online wagering, it’s time for this writer to take a little break, and enjoy the sports action offered on Saturday without taking part in today’s online sports betting festivities. With a couple of clutch wins, most notably with my Vancouver Canucks evening the series with the Anaheim Ducks with a stunning 2-1 win in double overtime, I can relax a little bit with an extra chunk of change in my online account. Between this game and the Buffalo Sabres topping the NY Rangers, another parlay win makes for a great week of online sportsbook betting, and I for one need a little time off to recoup from this week’s exciting sports betting opportunities. Nonetheless, as this is playoff season, there are still plenty of great online sports gambling opportunities in store for today, and if you are looking for some sporting action on Saturday, look no further than our best sports betting websites featured at CasinoReview.org to fulfill all of your wagering needs.

Of noteworthy news heading into today, the NBA playoffs have been shaping up to be quite an unexpected series of events. Golden State has jumped out to a surprising 2-1 series lead over the Dallas Mavericks, which is no doubt making every Warriors fan go completely nuts (seeing as though their team hasn’t seen playoff action in about a decade). Baron Davis is carrying Golden State into uncharted territory, and I for one can’t help but to root for them to be the first eight seed team to break a one seed’s hopes for playoff advancement. Speaking of playoff advancement, Detroit looks to finish off Orlando today, and it wouldn’t be smart to bet against that happening. Elsewhere Cleveland goes up against Washington again today, and the Denver Nuggets look to move ahead in their series taking on the San Antonio Spurs at home after splitting the first two games of the series. Online sports betting doesn’t get any better than when you don’t have anything else to do, and today will certainly be a great day to head over to one of our top sportsbooks and drop a few wagers on the multitude of sports events in store for fans today.

It’s been a great, but extremely long week in the world of online sportsbook gambling, however it only continues to get better as more and more exciting match-ups pop up every day for the sports betting enthusiast. Sunday will be all about Major League Baseball, with a number of great series getting underway, including the ever-so-exciting rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Surprising to anyone is the sad state of affairs of the Yankee pitching staff, who badly need a few wins to get their season kick started (You know things are bad when your record is below that of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays). So have a great rest of the weekend, enjoy not working for one more day, and thanks again for dropping in at CasinoReview.org for the best reviews of the best online sportsbooks offered of the internet.

Aaron G.

Friday comes not a moment too soon

It’s that time of the week again, and Friday is most certainly a welcome break from a stressful and busy work week, not to mention source for great online sports betting to be had at our featured sportsbooks at CasinoReview.org. In store for sports fans on Friday are another set of hockey games, three basketball games, and the usual myriad of baseball games to choose from, making Friday night a great night for dropping a couple of sportsbook wagers and kicking back for a few of the games. Don’t have time to sit this Friday out? Get your online sports betting out of the way early, and pick your best wagers before heading out for a night on the town. Sometimes making money without having to go through the nervousness of watching the sporting event you’re betting on is a welcome change of pace, especially if you happen to be wagering on just about every night of the week (as is my duty as a sportsbook news writer). Nonetheless, I’ve placed a couple wagers on the two hockey match-ups, taking Vancouver (who badly need to split the opening games in Anaheim) and the Buffalo Sabres to go up 2-0 in the series with the New York Rangers with a win at home. With my online sportsbook betting finished for the evening, it’s off to the local pub, where a very good friend of mine behind the bar doesn’t mind throwing on the hockey game while the drinks go down. Ahh, Fridays are great days indeed.

If you happen to be more of a NBA or MLB kind of person tonight is just as good for you, as there are a few great match-ups taking place this evening. Of noteworthiness, the game between Golden State and Dallas should be a must see, and a must wager on game. Getting just one game of two at Dallas seems like a huge feat for the Warriors, and I’ll be taking them with the point spread tonight at Sportsbetting.com, which is yet one more of our best sports betting sites featured at CasinoReview.org. Who would have thought that a team struggling just to clip the .500 mark in the regular season would be going toe-to-toe with the team holding the best regular season record in the NBA. It just goes to show you that anything can happen come playoff time, and nothing is ever set in stone when it comes to the playoffs (even if an eight seed has never beat a one seed). Tell that to the Miami Heat, who face going down 3-0 tonight as they battle with a very impressive Chicago Bulls team. They may be last year’s champions, but they have been playing like a last place team in the first two games of the series. If they can’t win tonight, consider them finished.

Well it’s a great Friday night, and if you haven’t placed your bets at our top sportsbooks, you’re going to be missing out on some great sports betting action this evening. I certainly hope that you have a fantastic Friday night, and an even better weekend, and we’ll hopefully see you tomorrow with more updates from the exciting world of online sportsbook betting. Cheers from us at CasinoReview.org, and thanks for dropping by and checking out all the great online sportsbooks on our site.

Aaron G.

Thursday night online sportsbook wagering

As the playoffs for the NHL and NBA continue on, those looking for great action in online sportsbooks need not look to far to find some quality betting opportunities on in given day of the week. Thursday night would prove to be no different, with plenty of action across all the major sports leagues to keep bettors happy. With the series even between the Phoenix Suns and the L.A. Lakers, Thursday seemed like a great chance to throw down a wager on the game, and perhaps gain a little bit of extra dough for future wagering through the rest of the week. Unfortunately for me, underestimating the Lakers on Thursday night spelled disaster for my parlay wager place at one of our featured online sportsbooks at Betus.com, as Kobe Bryant’s ball hogging skills actually paid off in a 95-89 win. Surprised as I might have been, it should be expected that the Lakers win at least one game, especially when Bryant puts up 45 points and still manages to move the ball around. In his defense, this is probably one of the least talented L.A. Laker teams that I can even remember, and the fact that Mr. Bryant can lead this team to victory is an incredible feat. That being said, I’m still placing my wagers for Phoenix to mow through Los Angeles in the rest of the series, because a whole team will always conquer of just one man.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons are handling the Orlando Magic with ease, even with a somewhat shaky team performance in Thursday night’s 93-77 win. This team is just as good as the Championship team from a few years back, and going up 3-0 in this series all but guarantees advancement into the next round of the playoffs. It’s going to take a team that knows how to distribute the ball well and how to utilize all of its players every night in order to take this year’s title. I’m still banking on Phoenix to win the whole thing based on that very fact; the Suns have no fewer than 6 players (including the 6th man of the year in Leandro Barbosa) who can score in high double digits every night, making them a serious threat to any team they are put up against. You don’t have to take any sports betting advice from me, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider the Suns to win in your online sportsbook wagering throughout the playoffs. If you are a basketball fan and just getting into the great world of online sports betting, now is the time to check out our best online sportsbooks, and start making some money before the playoff match-ups start to be too equally balanced.
With enough betting option to make any sports fan happy, this week has certainly been a great week for sports book betting, and it is most certainly going to continue the deeper the playoffs go. Tomorrow will be back on the NHL for this writer, as my Canucks look to even the series with Anaheim, and the NY Rangers look to do the same against the Buffalo Sabres. Place your bets now and enjoy all the great playoff action that makes online sports betting a whole lot of fun. Check back in tomorrow for updates, and until then, good night, and good luck!

Aaron G.

NHL second round blowouts, more great sportsbook wagering action

I can’t really say that Wednesday was a great day for this writer, after having to watch my Vancouver Canucks get completely blown out in Anaheim last night by a score of 5-1. Combining with the 5-2 win by Buffalo over the New York Rangers, NHL action was a little bit disappointing compared with the close action at the end of the first round of games. With a parlay wager taken out on these two games at Playersonly.com, choosing both Buffalo and Vancouver to win their openers may have been shooting a little too high yesterday. While Buffalo had the home-ice advantage, as well as a great team with plenty of rest, the ‘Nucks looked flat-footed and tired when up against a well-rested Ducks team. As tempting as it is to want to place online sportsbook wagers on the home team every game, last night’s game was certainly enough to show this amateur gambler that you can’t always bet with your heart; sometimes you should actually listen to the sports betting advice given out freely at some of our best online sportsbooks, and bet according to what makes the most sense. While losing 10 bucks isn’t too bad, seeing your favorite team get lit up in the first game of a series is never what any sports fan wants to see. With that, we can move on and discuss less disparaging items of business, and start talking about some of the great sports match-ups last night, and coming up on Thursday.

The two series in the NBA playoffs that are starting to shape into some real heads-up competition would have to be the Denver v. San Antonio and Dallas v. Golden State series currently taking place. After watching the Warriors handle the Mavericks in the first game, Dallas stormed back last night with Jason Terry blowing up for 28 points in a 112-98 win at home. Nonetheless, Golden State scores a huge win in the first game to give them a shot to take down what looked like an impenetrable Dallas Mavericks team. Get ready for some great online sportsbook wagering opportunities between these two series, as they are now even at a game apiece with all teams showing the will to win. Not to be left out of the equation for potential wagering, the series between Washington and Cleveland has been none too surprising, in the sense that the Gilbert Arenas-less Wizards have found themselves clearly outmatched in their opening round series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a full sweep, and certainly my up and coming sports book betting will reflect that notion.

This time of the year is perfect for sports fans, and especially for online sports betting. Make the most of your sports betting online by gathering up as much sports betting tips as you can get your hands on at our best online sportsbooks featured at CasinoReview.org. There are plenty of wagers to be had, and money to be earned by researching a little into the match-ups offered at the many great sportsbooks on the internet. Maybe I’ll take some of my own sports betting advice, and head back to a few sportsbooks for some more information as well. The week is half over, but the action always continues during playoff season. We hope that your wagers have been an overall success so far, and thank you again for using the best online sports books featured here at CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.

Sportsbook Wins, and a prevailing home team heads to the second round

Now it’s not generally considered nice to gloat about your home team winning, but on this day, it’s hard to contain ones self. Canucks win! Canucks win! Ok, that’s enough of that. Game 7 between the Dallas Stars and the Vancouver Canucks turned out to be just as good a game as anticipated, with a final score of 4-1 masking the closeness of this contest last night. With that win, my first of two online sportsbook wagers cashed in some extra dough into my sportsbook account, and I get the privilege to see another round of play for the ol’ home team. Whew. That was arguably one of the best first round match-ups I have seen in many years, and certainly the best series of the year to date. Back and forth action, great goaltending, and high-flying action always make for great sports television, and exciting online sportsbook betting. I’m satisfied for the rest of the week, even if I don’t win another bet. That may not be entirely true, but admittedly anytime your home team wins in the playoffs that is cause enough for a lot of celebration. Fortunately for me my sportsbook betting day for Monday didn’t stop there, as the NBA wager placed for last night came through with the Rockets and the Pistons winning their games to take 2-0 leads in their respective series.
Moving on to online sportsbook betting for Tuesday, the NHL is off, so the NBA and MLB leagues are great targets for wagering this evening. A great series is underway between the San Francisco Giants and the L.A. Dodgers, in what is a classic rivalry between two potentially playoff bound teams. Yes, it is early to make a prediction like that, however these two team are already poised to make a strong run for the post season�which is only about 150 games away. Nonetheless, if you have a chance to do a little sportsbook betting today, check out this series as it is one of the best in baseball right now. Another good match-up worth checking out for an online sportsbook bet will be the game between the Detroit Tigers and the L.A. Angels tonight in Anaheim (still hating that L.A. label for this team, as they aren’t in L.A.!) which should be a wild last game of the series. I expect a high scoring game, so taking over on the total points might not be a bad idea. At least that’s were my sportsbook wager tonight will be going.
As previously stated, this week will only get better as it goes on, with plenty of great wagering opportunities at the best online sportsbooks at Casinoreview.org. We wish you all the best when placing your online wagers, and if you haven’t decided yet on a sportsbook suited for your needs, take a little time to go over some of our sports betting reviews we have on site, and choose the best online sportsbook for you. Thank you for checking out our website, and good luck in your future online sports betting!

Aaron G.

Monday Sportsbook wagering

It’s a bit of a quiet day for online sportsbook betting, being that it is a Monday, however for sports fans looking for a little playoff wagering action, there are three great games in store for  you today in the NBA and the NHL. No one really likes Mondays, especially if you are like most of us and have to head back to work after a relaxing weekend, however, getting a chance to do a little sports betting online is an exciting way to perk up an otherwise boring and long running day. For this evening’s NBA games, the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons square off, as well as the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz. Both Orlando and Utah are looking to even the score after first game losses, and will certainly need to step up their respective game play if they want to get through the first round this year. I’m taking my bets for the favored teams tonight, going to one of our best online sportsbooks at Sportsbook.com and taking out a two team parlay wager predicting both Houston and Detroit to widen the series to a 2-0 advantage. Both Utah and Orlando appear to be outclassed in these playoff openers, so don’t be surprised if it all ends in tears for these two.

Now, for the game that I’m really looking forward to tonight; if you have a chance this evening, and aren’t too busy to take down a bet at one of our top sportsbooks, drop a wager on the Dallas v. Vancouver game and prepare for one great hockey match-up. This is the only Game 7 of the opening round, and to be honest this game could easily go either way. The Canucks were completely shut down in Dallas over the last couple of games, including being held to a playoff low 3% execution of power play opportunities, however home ice advantage could prove to be the difference in this game. As I am ever the die-hard Canucks fan, I will be dropping another wager today taking the Vancouver Canucks to finally polish off the talented and pesky Dallas Stars and head off to the next round to face the Anaheim Ducks. Root for whomever you please, but tonight’s hockey game will be sure to provide any sports fan with great action, and exciting wagering possibilities.

With the first round of the NHL Hockey playoffs wrapping up, playoff season has already gotten off to a great start in both the NHL and the NBA. Great games are available everyday for online sports betting, and this week will no doubt be one of the best weeks this year for betting on sports�at least until next week rolls around. No matter what your game is, now is the time to check out some of our best sports gambling sites and take out your wagers on any of the great action around the sports world.

Aaron G.

Winning weekend wagers at Betus.com

Sunday’s action was certainly a must see for any type of sports fan. From the NBA to the MLB, to the NHL, sports action was in full swing offering plenty of online sports betting for everyone placing wagers. Four great basketball games, two NHL games, and fifteen baseball games would prove to be the best sports betting for anyone looking to find something to wager on, and have a little bit of excitement left for the weekend before having to head back to the daily grind on Monday. As for my previous wagering, a rough defeat handed to my Vancouver Canucks on Saturday brought down on of my wagers, and also pushed the series with Dallas to a deciding game 7 that will be played in Vancouver Monday night. Shrugging off a difficult trip to Dallas, I can only hope that the Canucks will be able to strengthen their hideous power play offense, as it will prove to be the only way to get around the Stars and into the playoffs. Needless to say, this has been a great series, and placing a sportsbook wager on game seven of this series should be a must for any hockey fan. With that said, looking at Sunday’s wagers placed, I am all smiles as two of my bets have amounted to sportsbook wins and a little chunk of change added to this writer’s account.

Betting on the NHL once again (as there are only two teams playing), I decided to grab a two team parlay wager at Betus.com, one of our best sports betting sites, taking both the New Jersey Devils and the Detroit Red Wings to close out their series against Tampa Bay and Calgary respectively. Both games ended with close scores, however I was fortunate enough to have both wagers go my way, and both the Red Wings and the Devils will be headed to the second round of the playoffs this year. Martin Brodeur of New Jersey looked tremendous against the strong Lightning offensive attack of Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards, and Martin St. Louis, and the Devils as a whole look prime to make a serious run at the Cup this year. Detroit on the other hand gets past their first round jitters that they have been experiencing in the last few years, and easily handled the Flames, with Mikka Kiprusoff looking almost defenseless to stop the Red Wings onslaught. He is no doubt one of the best goalies in the league, but what can you really do if the puck is on your side of the ice for almost two full periods of the game? You lose, that’s what.

On another big sports note the Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees series was in its final game on Sunday, with the BoSox looking for a sweep of the mighty team in pinstripes. What they got was some big production from their big time hitters, as well as some horrible pitching from the already struggling Yankee pitching staff. With a 7-6 win, the Red Sox bump the Yankees below .500 for the year, and subsequently give bragging rights to the Boston faithful at least until the next time these two teams match up. Whew! With all this action, there just isn’t enough room to cover it all. I hope that you’ve had a great weekend, and that your trip to a few of the best online sportsbooks has been a success for you. Check back with us again soon and thank you for stopping by casinoreview.org for the best reviews, updates, and news from around the sports betting world.

Aaron G.

Series openers, great playoff wagering for Saturday

As the NBA playoffs get underway today, our online sportsbook gambling websites will have all the action you could ever ask for, not to mention a ton of helpful information to get your bets placed on the right match-ups. In store for sports fans today are four great contests pitting the New Jersey Nets against the Toronto Raptors, the Chicago Bulls facing the last season Champion Miami Heat, as well as Detroit v. Orlando and Houston v. Utah.  This week’s online sports betting doesn’t get any better than this especially when sports betting is accompanied by a weekend filled with no work and plenty of play. So for the games this evening, I have taken out of few wagers on one of our best online sportsbooks at Betonusa.com. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out some of our featured sportsbook reviews, this is definitely a website worth looking into, and happens to be one of my most frequented online sportsbooks we have at Casinoreview.org.

Moving along to the action in the NHL tonight, more playoff battles are in store between Calgary and Detroit, and Vancouver matching up against Dallas. Both games hold a heavy amount of importance for all teams involved, most notably Dallas who is up against the wall at home down 3-2 in the series. If you are looking for some sports betting advice, look no further than these games and take out a wager or two on some NHL Hockey for Saturday. If I were wagering on the Calgary v. Detroit game, there would be no doubt that Detroit would be the ones to choose, as they are all but unstoppable at home. As for the other game of the night, the Canucks against the Stars is more of a toss up, however considering that Vancouver has not been able to score on Marty Turco so far on home ice, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see this series go to a seventh game back in Vancouver to decide it all. Nonetheless, the two hockey games in store for tonight will make for some very exciting action that any that any sports fan should be able to get behind.

Of note, there are some more great games in Major League Baseball today, which is enough to round out an overall great day for online sports gambling. There is no shortage of great wagering during the spring sports season, and Saturday is no exception. Check out our sports betting reviews at Casinoreview.org, and find out what sites are most suited to your betting style, then get down to those sportsbooks and place your wagers today. Have a great weekend and come back soon for more updates in the world of sports book wagering.

Aaron G.