NHL second round blowouts, more great sportsbook wagering action

I can’t really say that Wednesday was a great day for this writer, after having to watch my Vancouver Canucks get completely blown out in Anaheim last night by a score of 5-1. Combining with the 5-2 win by Buffalo over the New York Rangers, NHL action was a little bit disappointing compared with the close action at the end of the first round of games. With a parlay wager taken out on these two games at Playersonly.com, choosing both Buffalo and Vancouver to win their openers may have been shooting a little too high yesterday. While Buffalo had the home-ice advantage, as well as a great team with plenty of rest, the ‘Nucks looked flat-footed and tired when up against a well-rested Ducks team. As tempting as it is to want to place online sportsbook wagers on the home team every game, last night’s game was certainly enough to show this amateur gambler that you can’t always bet with your heart; sometimes you should actually listen to the sports betting advice given out freely at some of our best online sportsbooks, and bet according to what makes the most sense. While losing 10 bucks isn’t too bad, seeing your favorite team get lit up in the first game of a series is never what any sports fan wants to see. With that, we can move on and discuss less disparaging items of business, and start talking about some of the great sports match-ups last night, and coming up on Thursday.

The two series in the NBA playoffs that are starting to shape into some real heads-up competition would have to be the Denver v. San Antonio and Dallas v. Golden State series currently taking place. After watching the Warriors handle the Mavericks in the first game, Dallas stormed back last night with Jason Terry blowing up for 28 points in a 112-98 win at home. Nonetheless, Golden State scores a huge win in the first game to give them a shot to take down what looked like an impenetrable Dallas Mavericks team. Get ready for some great online sportsbook wagering opportunities between these two series, as they are now even at a game apiece with all teams showing the will to win. Not to be left out of the equation for potential wagering, the series between Washington and Cleveland has been none too surprising, in the sense that the Gilbert Arenas-less Wizards have found themselves clearly outmatched in their opening round series. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a full sweep, and certainly my up and coming sports book betting will reflect that notion.

This time of the year is perfect for sports fans, and especially for online sports betting. Make the most of your sports betting online by gathering up as much sports betting tips as you can get your hands on at our best online sportsbooks featured at CasinoReview.org. There are plenty of wagers to be had, and money to be earned by researching a little into the match-ups offered at the many great sportsbooks on the internet. Maybe I’ll take some of my own sports betting advice, and head back to a few sportsbooks for some more information as well. The week is half over, but the action always continues during playoff season. We hope that your wagers have been an overall success so far, and thank you again for using the best online sports books featured here at CasinoReview.org.

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