Thursday night online sportsbook wagering

As the playoffs for the NHL and NBA continue on, those looking for great action in online sportsbooks need not look to far to find some quality betting opportunities on in given day of the week. Thursday night would prove to be no different, with plenty of action across all the major sports leagues to keep bettors happy. With the series even between the Phoenix Suns and the L.A. Lakers, Thursday seemed like a great chance to throw down a wager on the game, and perhaps gain a little bit of extra dough for future wagering through the rest of the week. Unfortunately for me, underestimating the Lakers on Thursday night spelled disaster for my parlay wager place at one of our featured online sportsbooks at, as Kobe Bryant’s ball hogging skills actually paid off in a 95-89 win. Surprised as I might have been, it should be expected that the Lakers win at least one game, especially when Bryant puts up 45 points and still manages to move the ball around. In his defense, this is probably one of the least talented L.A. Laker teams that I can even remember, and the fact that Mr. Bryant can lead this team to victory is an incredible feat. That being said, I’m still placing my wagers for Phoenix to mow through Los Angeles in the rest of the series, because a whole team will always conquer of just one man.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the Detroit Pistons are handling the Orlando Magic with ease, even with a somewhat shaky team performance in Thursday night’s 93-77 win. This team is just as good as the Championship team from a few years back, and going up 3-0 in this series all but guarantees advancement into the next round of the playoffs. It’s going to take a team that knows how to distribute the ball well and how to utilize all of its players every night in order to take this year’s title. I’m still banking on Phoenix to win the whole thing based on that very fact; the Suns have no fewer than 6 players (including the 6th man of the year in Leandro Barbosa) who can score in high double digits every night, making them a serious threat to any team they are put up against. You don’t have to take any sports betting advice from me, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider the Suns to win in your online sportsbook wagering throughout the playoffs. If you are a basketball fan and just getting into the great world of online sports betting, now is the time to check out our best online sportsbooks, and start making some money before the playoff match-ups start to be too equally balanced.
With enough betting option to make any sports fan happy, this week has certainly been a great week for sports book betting, and it is most certainly going to continue the deeper the playoffs go. Tomorrow will be back on the NHL for this writer, as my Canucks look to even the series with Anaheim, and the NY Rangers look to do the same against the Buffalo Sabres. Place your bets now and enjoy all the great playoff action that makes online sports betting a whole lot of fun. Check back in tomorrow for updates, and until then, good night, and good luck!

Aaron G.

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