NBA, NHL playoff report

Last night was certainly an interesting post-season spectacle across the NBA and the NHL, which in one case made for an exciting sporting event, and in another led to a complete snooze-fest. As the Stanley Cup Finals between the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks began, I was certainly hoping that my online sportsbook wagering on the Sens would pay off with Ottawa making an adjustment to tie the series up. However as the game got under way, the opening ten minutes of the first period saw an extreme imbalance of shots on goal, to the tune of 10-1 favoring the Ducks which was certainly not what Ottawa, or myself expected. What was definite in this game were the goaltending prowess of both J.S. Giguere and Ray Emery, the latter holding on to a shutout until Samuel Pahlsson fired in an unassisted goal 14 minutes into the third period. This lone goal shot down my sportsbook bet for Wednesday night, and also will send Ottawa home with a 2-0 deficit for Friday night’s game. Nonetheless, the action was back-and-forth all night, and both teams played a solid, defensive-minded game.

In the NBA, things were certainly a little more ho-hum on Wednesday night. As was apparent from the opening minutes of the first quarter, San Antonio had grown tired of toying around with the Utah Jazz, and basically ended the game there. Jumping out to a 34-15 lead after one period, the Spurs made quick work of the Utah Jazz, and left fans with a lot to be desired in this match-up. Even with a winning bet placed on one of our best online sportsbooks at, this game was over in the first half, and really not much of an interesting game to watch from then on. Nonetheless, San Antonio will advance the NBA Finals, and get a few extra days rest as the outcome between the Detroit Pistons and the Cleveland Cavaliers is still very much up for grabs. With the Detroit v. Cleveland game getting underway at 8:00 pm ET, there is still plenty of time to jump on to one of our top sportsbooks at and place a wager for this match-up. I’ve gone over to for my wager this evening, and taken the Cavs with the 5.5 point cushion on the line. I certainly expect this game to tight up until the end, as has been the case in every game thus far.

Betting on sports for the playoffs has been a great ride this spring season, and I for one have certainly learned a lot by just perusing the online sportsbooks and checking out the myriad of sports betting advice offered up around the internet. There is a tremendous amount of information available for those looking for some sportsbook action, and it’s never bad advice to hunt down as much information as possible before placing your bets. Check around our featured online sportsbooks here at, and don’t forget to catch the Pistons and the Cavaliers tonight, as it should be another great contest.

Aaron G.

Philadelphia 76ers 2006-2007 – ATS History

Game Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
11/01/2006 vs. Atlanta 88-75 W -5.5 W U 200.5
11/03/2006 at Orlando 105-103 W +5 W O 191
11/05/2006 vs. Miami 107-98 W +2 W O 186.5
11/07/2006 at Indiana 86-97 L +5 L U 198.5
11/08/2006 at Toronto 104-106 L +3.5 W O 204
11/10/2006 vs. Denver 101-108 L -2.5 L O 206
11/15/2006 at Oklahoma City 96-90 W +3.5 W U 209
11/17/2006 at Phoenix 94-106 L +7.5 L U 214.5
11/18/2006 at LA Clippers 97-103 L +9.5 W O 196.5
11/21/2006 vs. Detroit 87-97 L +4 L U 188
11/22/2006 at Milwaukee 94-98 L +6.5 W U 194
11/24/2006 vs. Chicago 123-108 W +1.5 W O 191
11/25/2006 at Cleveland 95-108 L +6.5 L O 190.5
11/27/2006 at Miami 91-103 L +3 L U 196
12/02/2006 at New Jersey 107-112 L +5.5 W O 196.5
12/03/2006 vs. Minnesota 84-95 L -2.5 L U 192
12/06/2006 at Chicago 94-121 L +9 L O 197
12/08/2006 vs. Washington 98-113 L +3.5 L O 201.5
12/09/2006 at Orlando 84-86 L +11.5 W U 188
12/11/2006 vs. Portland 79-81 L -3.5 L U 187.5
12/13/2006 vs. Boston 81-101 L +3.5 L U 192.5
12/15/2006 at Dallas 79-93 L +15 W U 186
12/16/2006 at San Antonio 98-103 L +16.5 W O 183
12/20/2006 vs. Indiana 93-101 L +5.5 L O 189
12/22/2006 at Boston 98-83 W +2.5 W U 187.5
12/23/2006 vs. New York 98-77 W -3 W U 193
12/26/2006 at Golden State 97-116 L +6 L O 205.5
12/27/2006 at Sacramento 76-101 L +7.5 L U 196
12/29/2006 at Portland 98-95 W +4.5 W O 185.5
12/31/2006 at LA Lakers 94-104 L +9 L U 200.5
01/02/2007 at Denver 108-97 W +7 W O 204
01/03/2007 at Utah 87-98 L +11.5 W U 192
01/05/2007 at Minnesota 102-104 L +6.5 W O 188
01/09/2007 vs. Detroit 89-98 L +1 L O 184
01/10/2007 at New York 99-106 L +4 L O 194.5
01/12/2007 vs. Milwaukee 110-97 W -6.5 W O 188.5
01/13/2007 at Charlotte 83-89 L +3.5 L U 198
01/15/2007 vs. Toronto 86-104 L +1 L U 192
01/17/2007 at Memphis 102-118 L +4.5 L P 220
01/19/2007 vs. Miami 98-95 W +2.5 W U 198.5
01/21/2007 vs. San Antonio 85-99 L +9 L U 186.5
01/23/2007 vs. New Orleans 102-96 W -2.5 W O 185
01/24/2007 at Cleveland 118-115 W +11 W O 186.5
01/26/2007 vs. Cleveland 97-105 L -1 L O 182.5
01/27/2007 at Atlanta 104-89 W +4.5 W O 187.5
01/29/2007 at Houston 84-105 L +9 L O 185
01/31/2007 at New Orleans 89-78 W +6 W U 188.5
02/02/2007 vs. Golden State 101-102 L -2 L U 212.5
02/05/2007 vs. New Jersey 100-98 W -2 P O 193
02/07/2007 vs. Charlotte 92-83 W -4 W U 191.5
02/09/2007 vs. LA Clippers 89-90 L +1 P U 190.5
02/11/2007 vs. Dallas 89-106 L +7.5 L O 188
02/14/2007 vs. Washington 85-92 L +1.5 L U 205.5
02/21/2007 vs. New York 104-84 W -2.5 W U 196.5
02/23/2007 at Charlotte 87-102 L +4.5 L U 189.5
02/24/2007 at Milwaukee 90-109 L +6 L O 197
02/26/2007 vs. Sacramento 89-82 W -2.5 W U 196
02/28/2007 vs. Phoenix 99-94 W +8.5 W U 208
03/02/2007 vs. Memphis 117-112 W -5 P O 202.5
03/04/2007 vs. New Jersey 99-86 W -2 W U 190
03/07/2007 vs. Oklahoma City 92-89 W -3 P U 193.5
03/09/2007 vs. LA Lakers 108-92 W +1.5 W O 193
03/10/2007 at Indiana 100-96 W +3.5 W O 184.5
03/13/2007 at Atlanta 92-104 L -1 L O 184
03/14/2007 vs. Chicago 87-88 L +3 W U 186
03/16/2007 vs. Utah 89-88 W +4 W U 191.5
03/18/2007 vs. Houston 74-124 L +5.5 L O 185.5
03/20/2007 at Detroit 75-96 L +7.5 L U 179.5
03/23/2007 vs. Charlotte 106-97 W -4.5 W O 189
03/24/2007 at Miami 93-85 W +9 W U 181.5
03/28/2007 at Washington 108-111 L +7 W O 206
03/30/2007 vs. Boston 88-82 W -7.5 L U 186
03/31/2007 at New Jersey 82-86 L +6.5 W U 189.5
04/04/2007 at New York 92-90 W +2.5 W U 185
04/06/2007 vs. Toronto 85-94 L +2 L U 191.5
04/08/2007 vs. Atlanta 109-104 W -9.5 L O 186.5
04/10/2007 vs. Indiana 90-86 W +2 W U 185.5
04/11/2007 at Boston 102-94 W +1.5 W O 182.5
04/14/2007 vs. Orlando 87-104 L +5 L O 184
04/15/2007 at Detroit 102-91 W +9 W O 183.5
04/17/2007 vs. Cleveland 92-98 L +9 W O 185.5
04/18/2007 at Toronto 122-119 W +6.5 W O 194
Records Points
Straight Up: 35-47
Against the Spread: 43-35-4
Home PF – 3877 (94.6)
Home PA – 3923 (95.7)
Away PF – 3908 (95.3)
Away PA – 4110 (100.2)

New York Knicks 2006-2007 – ATS History

Game Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
11/01/2006 at Memphis 118-117 W +5 W O 196
11/03/2006 at Atlanta 92-102 L +2.5 L U 204
11/04/2006 vs. Indiana 95-109 L +3.5 L O 201.5
11/06/2006 vs. San Antonio 93-105 L +6.5 L O 194.5
11/08/2006 at Denver 109-107 W +10.5 W O 213.5
11/10/2006 at Houston 94-103 L +9.5 W O 194
11/11/2006 at San Antonio 92-100 L +13.5 W U 199
11/13/2006 vs. Cleveland 96-102 L +5.5 L U 199
11/15/2006 vs. Washington 102-82 W +3 W U 211.5
11/17/2006 at Miami 100-76 W +8 W U 203
11/18/2006 vs. Boston 118-122 L -1.5 L O 208
11/20/2006 vs. Houston 90-97 L +4.5 L U 194
11/22/2006 at Minnesota 89-107 L +5 L O 195.5
11/24/2006 at Boston 101-77 W +4.5 W U 210
11/25/2006 vs. Chicago 95-106 L +2 L O 199.5
11/28/2006 at Chicago 85-102 L +6.5 L U 198.5
11/29/2006 at Cleveland 101-98 W +9 W O 195.5
12/01/2006 at Detroit 100-108 L +7 L O 200
12/02/2006 vs. Toronto 100-103 L -3 L U 204
12/04/2006 vs. Memphis 98-90 W -2 W U 192
12/06/2006 vs. Washington 102-113 L -1 L O 207
12/09/2006 vs. Milwaukee 115-107 W -2 W O 208
12/11/2006 vs. Boston 90-97 L -2.5 L U 206
12/13/2006 vs. Atlanta 94-82 W -7 W U 195.5
12/15/2006 at Indiana 96-112 L +6 L O 195
12/16/2006 vs. Denver 100-123 L +4.5 L O 214.5
12/18/2006 vs. Utah 97-96 W +7.5 W U 197
12/20/2006 vs. Charlotte 111-109 W -4.5 L O 192
12/22/2006 vs. Chicago 103-92 W +6 W U 196.5
12/23/2006 at Philadelphia 77-98 L +3 L U 193
12/27/2006 vs. Detroit 151-145 W +5 W O 188
12/29/2006 at Phoenix 86-108 L +13 L U 219.5
12/31/2006 at LA Clippers 80-90 L +6.5 L U 194.5
01/02/2007 at Sacramento 100-112 L +9.5 L O 198
01/03/2007 at Portland 99-81 W +6 W U 190.5
01/05/2007 at Oklahoma City 111-93 W +5 W O 201
01/10/2007 vs. Philadelphia 106-99 W -4 W O 194.5
01/12/2007 vs. Charlotte 110-126 L -6 L O 198.5
01/15/2007 vs. Sacramento 102-97 W -1 W U 206
01/17/2007 at Washington 98-99 L +8 W U 219.5
01/19/2007 vs. New Jersey 100-101 L +3 W O 194
01/20/2007 at Indiana 108-106 W +7 W O 196
01/22/2007 at Miami 83-101 L +1.5 L U 195.5
01/24/2007 vs. Phoenix 107-112 L +8.5 W O 216.5
01/26/2007 vs. Miami 116-96 W +4.5 W O 199
01/28/2007 at Milwaukee 105-107 L +1.5 L O 205
01/30/2007 vs. LA Lakers 99-94 W -2.5 W U 204
01/31/2007 at Charlotte 87-104 L +3.5 L U 199.5
02/03/2007 at Orlando 94-86 W +5.5 W U 191
02/06/2007 vs. LA Clippers 102-90 W +1 W U 201
02/10/2007 at Utah 102-104 L +7 W O 202
02/13/2007 at LA Lakers 107-106 W +7.5 W O 203
02/14/2007 at Golden State 101-120 L +3 L O 216.5
02/20/2007 vs. Orlando 100-94 W -2 W U 194.5
02/21/2007 at Philadelphia 84-104 L +2.5 L U 196.5
02/23/2007 vs. Milwaukee 95-93 W -3 L U 208
02/25/2007 at New Jersey 92-101 L +4.5 L U 196.5
02/26/2007 vs. Miami 99-93 W -4 W O 191
02/28/2007 at Boston 94-102 L +4.5 L O 195.5
03/02/2007 vs. Golden State 106-97 W -5 W U 208.5
03/03/2007 at Atlanta 104-100 W +6 W O 192
03/06/2007 vs. Oklahoma City 99-100 L -2 L O 197.5
03/10/2007 at Washington 90-89 W +6.5 W U 207.5
03/14/2007 at Toronto 94-104 L +6.5 L U 199
03/16/2007 vs. New Orleans 90-92 L -1.5 L U 193
03/18/2007 vs. Toronto 92-74 W +1 W U 198
03/20/2007 vs. Dallas 77-92 L +8.5 L U 192
03/22/2007 vs. Portland 86-92 L -5.5 L U 183
03/23/2007 at Cleveland 68-90 L +10.5 L U 186
03/26/2007 vs. Orlando 89-94 L +2.5 L O 181
03/28/2007 vs. Cleveland 97-93 W +3 W O 182.5
03/30/2007 at Dallas 103-105 L +10.5 W O 187.5
03/31/2007 at New Orleans 94-103 L +8 L O 190
04/04/2007 vs. Philadelphia 90-92 L -2.5 L U 185
04/06/2007 vs. Minnesota 94-99 L -3 L O 188.5
04/07/2007 at Milwaukee 118-113 W -1 W O 194.5
04/09/2007 vs. Detroit 83-91 L +7.5 L U 183
04/10/2007 at Chicago 69-98 L +13.5 L U 189
04/13/2007 at New Jersey 86-100 L +9 L U 190
04/15/2007 at Toronto 105-107 L +13.5 W O 194.5
04/16/2007 vs. New Jersey 95-104 L +5.5 L O 192
04/18/2007 at Charlotte 94-93 W +10 W U 203.5
Records Points
Straight Up: 33-49
Against the Spread: 39-43
Home PF – 4084 (99.6)
Home PA – 4095 (99.9)
Away PF – 3910 (95.4)
Away PA – 4133 (100.8)

NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball wagering for Wednesday night

It seems as though it’s been a while since multiple playoff games have fallen on the same night (even if it’s only be two days), however I’m one of those sports nuts who is ecstatic over the fact that a Stanley Cup Playoff game, and an NBA Conference Finals game will fall on the same night. As the playoffs continue to wind towards an end, the wagers seem to increase as the game stakes get higher, leading sportsbook bettors to be more anxious, and hopefully more careful with how sportsbook wagers are picked. For tonight’s games, I have dropped in on one of our best online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), and am in the process of making my wagers for tonight’s games. The toughest game of the night to decide on has to be the hockey contest between the Anaheim Ducks and the Ottawa Senators. Having home ice and a one game lead is certainly a plus for the Ducks, however to not expect the Sens to come back with a fury would perhaps be a mistake. Hence, for tonight’s wager at I’m taking the Ottawa Senators to win with a set of fingers crossed. The Senators are going to have to put a lot more shots on goal tonight if they expect to pull this one out, but I’m hoping that head coach Bryan Murray has made some adjustments to keeps the Sens in the hunt tonight.

In the NBA tonight, it’s back to San Antonio for game 5 of the Conference Finals between the Spurs and the Jazz. If you have been keeping track of this series, you know that it’s do or die tonight for the Jazz, who have been outplayed in just about every game thus far. The Utah Jazz have some great threats, including Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur, and Andrei Kirilenko, however the Spurs are a playoff proven team, an work very well together especially when they can taste victory. With that being said, my online sportsbook wager for this evening will have to take San Antonio to finish out the series at home, sending them to yet another NBA Championship. You really have to give credit to Greg Popovich, the San Antonio coach, who has stuck to a winning game plan throughout the playoffs, and for the last several years. It’s almost impossible to bet against him and the Spurs tonight, however, if you do, make sure that your sportsbook betting takes Utah with the line tonight.

Make sure to check out all the sports action tonight, and get your wagers placed soon, as there is precious little time before the games start this evening. Thanks again for checking out the best online sportsbooks featured here at, and if you’re still looking for a great online sportsbook or casino, look no further than here. With plenty of information to pick out a winning site, you’ll be betting on great action on a quality site in no time.

Aaron G.

Boston Celtics 2006-2007 – ATS History

Game Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
11/01/2006 vs. New Orleans 87-91 L -3 L U 199.5
11/03/2006 vs. Detroit 88-101 L +1.5 L U 195.5
11/04/2006 at Washington 117-124 L +7.5 W O 200
11/08/2006 vs. Charlotte 110-108 W -5.5 L O 201
11/10/2006 vs. Utah 100-107 L +4 L O 197
11/11/2006 at Cleveland 93-94 L +11 W U 196.5
11/13/2006 vs. Orlando 89-92 L +1 L U 199
11/15/2006 vs. Indiana 114-88 W +1.5 W O 194
11/17/2006 vs. Portland 118-90 W -7 W O 196
11/18/2006 at New York 122-118 W +1.5 W O 208
11/22/2006 at Charlotte 83-92 L +1 L U 199
11/24/2006 vs. New York 77-101 L -4.5 L U 210
11/25/2006 at Milwaukee 111-98 W +4 W O 207.5
11/29/2006 vs. New Jersey 103-106 L -2.5 L O 194.5
12/01/2006 at Toronto 102-106 L +2.5 L O 205.5
12/04/2006 at Chicago 82-100 L +7.5 L U 201.5
12/06/2006 vs. Memphis 96-98 L -3.5 L O 190
12/08/2006 vs. Phoenix 111-116 L +4.5 L O 220.5
12/09/2006 at New Jersey 92-90 W +8 W U 202
12/11/2006 at New York 97-90 W +2.5 W U 206
12/13/2006 at Philadelphia 101-81 W -3.5 W U 192.5
12/15/2006 vs. Denver 119-114 W +3 W O 213
12/16/2006 at Charlotte 106-100 W +2.5 W O 195
12/20/2006 vs. Golden State 95-96 L -1.5 L U 217
12/22/2006 vs. Philadelphia 83-98 L -2.5 L U 187.5
12/26/2006 at Denver 105-116 L +6 L O 210
12/27/2006 at LA Clippers 77-100 L +7.5 L U 193
12/29/2006 at Golden State 100-110 L +9.5 L U 213
12/31/2006 at Oklahoma City 95-101 L +6.5 W U 201
01/01/2007 at Portland 89-81 W +7.5 W U 191
01/03/2007 vs. Cleveland 104-107 L +3.5 W O 187
01/05/2007 at Memphis 128-119 W +6.5 W O 214.5
01/07/2007 at Orlando 79-87 L +7.5 L U 191.5
01/10/2007 vs. Indiana 84-97 L +2.5 L U 191.5
01/12/2007 vs. Toronto 86-95 L +6.5 L U 188.5
01/13/2007 at Detroit 73-81 L +12.5 W U 184.5
01/15/2007 at Atlanta 96-100 L +5.5 W O 180.5
01/19/2007 vs. Sacramento 91-96 L +4 L U 194
01/20/2007 at Washington 110-115 L +11.5 W O 209
01/22/2007 vs. San Antonio 89-93 L +8.5 W U 184
01/24/2007 vs. Atlanta 76-82 L -4.5 L U 185.5
01/26/2007 at Toronto 90-96 L +8.5 W U 188
01/28/2007 vs. Washington 91-105 L +5 L U 204
01/30/2007 at Indiana 96-103 L +8.5 W O 188.5
01/31/2007 vs. LA Lakers 98-111 L +6.5 L O 198.5
02/02/2007 vs. LA Clippers 89-100 L +6.5 L U 192.5
02/06/2007 at Detroit 102-109 L +11 W O 186
02/07/2007 vs. Miami 79-91 L +8.5 L U 196.5
02/09/2007 vs. New Jersey 78-92 L +4.5 L U 189
02/11/2007 at Minnesota 107-109 L +8 W O 188.5
02/14/2007 vs. Milwaukee 117-97 W -6.5 W O 198
02/20/2007 at Sacramento 101-104 L +6 W O 202
02/21/2007 at Phoenix 108-118 L +12.5 W O 215.5
02/23/2007 at LA Lakers 96-122 L +8 L O 209
02/24/2007 at Utah 87-105 L +8 L U 207
02/26/2007 at Houston 77-72 W +8.5 W U 191.5
02/28/2007 vs. New York 102-94 W -4.5 W O 195.5
03/03/2007 at New Jersey 96-88 W +6 W U 199
03/04/2007 vs. Minnesota 124-117 W +1 W O 192
03/07/2007 vs. Houston 80-111 L +5.5 L O 183.5
03/09/2007 vs. Oklahoma City 118-103 W +2.5 W O 195
03/11/2007 vs. Chicago 78-94 L +5 L U 191
03/13/2007 at Chicago 87-95 L +10 W U 189.5
03/14/2007 vs. Atlanta 109-88 W -5.5 W O 189.5
03/16/2007 at Dallas 101-106 L +13.5 W O 194.5
03/17/2007 at San Antonio 91-85 W +13.5 W U 185.5
03/19/2007 at New Orleans 88-106 L +5 L O 193.5
03/21/2007 vs. Charlotte 84-92 L -8.5 L U 199
03/23/2007 vs. Dallas 95-109 L +9 L O 193
03/26/2007 vs. Toronto 95-87 W +3.5 W U 196
03/28/2007 vs. Orlando 105-96 W +2.5 W O 186
03/30/2007 at Philadelphia 82-88 L +7.5 W U 186
04/01/2007 vs. Cleveland 98-96 W +5.5 W O 182.5
04/04/2007 at Milwaukee 89-98 L +6 L U 196.5
04/06/2007 vs. Miami 85-88 L +7 W U 181
04/07/2007 at Indiana 98-105 L +9.5 W O 184
04/10/2007 at Atlanta 96-104 L +2 L O 188
04/11/2007 vs. Philadelphia 94-102 L -1.5 L O 182.5
04/13/2007 vs. Milwaukee 102-104 L -4.5 L O 199.5
04/15/2007 at Orlando 86-88 L +12.5 W U 191.5
04/16/2007 at Miami 91-89 W +8 W U 189
04/18/2007 vs. Detroit 89-91 L -3.5 L U 188.5
Records Points
Straight Up: 24-58
Against the Spread: 43-39
Home PF – 3930 (95.9)
Home PA – 4044 (98.6)
Away PF – 3927 (95.8)
Away PA – 4093 (99.8)

Betting on sports for Tuesday

Tuesday night was a great night for sportsbook wagering, as a key NBA Conference Finals game took place, as well as the usual slew of Major League Baseball games to keep all the online bettors entertained. For the Cleveland vs. Detroit match-up, this game would be a key in deciding where the series would go, as the Cavs could go for a 2-2 series tie, or head back to Detroit down 3-1. As it appeared that LeBron James finally caught his stride in game 4, Cleveland fans were hoping for more of the same on Tuesday evening in front of the hometown crowd. As is turns out, the Cavaliers and their fans certainly got what they were looking for, as Mr. James put up 25 points and 11 assists to help his team to a 91-87 victory. This is a huge win for them, as the series goes back to Detroit with the momentum in their favor, and is a huge win for me, as I took the Cavaliers with the points on my wager at

In Major League Baseball action, there were plenty of great games for online sportsbook betting last night, especially on the west coast as the San Francisco Giants took on the New York Mets. This game was heavily contested all the way until the end of the 12th inning, when Armando Benitez gave up a very rare game ending balk to give the New York Mets a 5-4 win at home. I have never in my life had the opportunity to see a balk end a game, and this was certainly a bizarre twist to Tuesday night’s baseball action. This game was only one of many that was worth placing a wager on, as Milwaukee and Atlanta had a great showdown with the Brewers winning 5-4, Josh Beckett moved to 8-0 with a 4-2 win over the Cleveland Indians, and Toronto stunned the New York Yankees 3-2 to hand them their 5th straight loss. It is true that there is big trouble up in the Yankee front offices right now, as the Yankees have dropped to a tie for last place in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. It’s definitely bad when the highest payroll team and the lowest payroll team in the majors share the same record�.

Sportsbook action is really turning on Major League baseball action lately, as teams are starting to break out of the mold, and show which teams should be bet on, and which should be avoided. I’ve seen some great games in the last few weeks, and if you haven’t already done some betting on sports for the MLB, now would be a great time to get started. Make sure to check out all the action on our best online sportsbooks featured at, and as always, good luck wagering and have a great day!

Aaron G.

2006-07 NBA Against the Spread History

Eastern Conference Standings
 Atlantic Spread History
 Boston 43-39-0
 New York 39-43-0
 Philadelphia 43-35-4
 x-New Jersey 43-37-2
 y-Toronto 48-32-2
 Central Spread History
 x-Chicago 40-41-1
 Indiana 38-43-1
 Milwaukee 38-43-1
 y-Detroit 42-38-2
 x-Cleveland 42-39-1
 Southeast Spread History
 y-Miami 43-37-2
 x-Orlando 37-43-2
 Atlanta 37-44-1
 Charlotte 41-41-0
 x-Washington 37-44-1
 Western Conference Standings
 Southwest Spread History
 x-San Antonio 44-38-0
 z-Dallas 43-36-3
 New Orleans 47-33-2
 Memphis 37-43-2
 x-Houston 38-42-2
 Northwest Spread History
 Oklahoma City 39-40-3
 x-Denver 45-36-1
 Portland 41-41-0
 y-Utah 37-43-2
 Minnesota 33-49-0
 Pacific Spread History
 x-LA Lakers 36-44-2
 y-Phoenix 43-36-3
 x-Golden State 44-37-1
 LA Clippers 36-44-2
 Sacramento 34-47-1
x-Clinched Playoff Spot; y-Division Champ; z-Clinched Home Court

Stanley Cup Playoffs, NBA Conference Finals, and Major League Baseball!

It’s a great day to be a sports fan on this Monday, especially if you were lucky enough to take off on the Memorial Day holiday and enjoy a little extra time a way from the daily grind of work. Today is chock full of great online sports betting opportunities, and I for one am ready to place some sportsbook bets, fire up the barbeque, and join some friends for a sports-filled afternoon without any thought of being crammed into a tiny cubicle at work. If you’ve kept up with the recent postings on, you would certainly understand how excited I am specifically for the start of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Anaheim Ducks and the Ottawa Senators, which will get underway in just a few short hours. My bets are placed for this contest, and I certainly hope that you have gone to one of our best online sportsbooks here on our site and placed your wager, because this will be an exciting game that you won’t want to miss out on. This is only part of the great action in store for Monday, so if hockey doesn’t happen to be your game of choice or your area of betting expertise, there’s always plenty of Major League Baseball action today, as well as another NBA Conference Finals game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz.

Yesterday turned out to be a good day for my online sportsbook betting, as the Cleveland Cavaliers clutched up at home in an 88-82 win. Lebron James finally got his mojo going, scoring 32 points, and adding 9 Rebounds and Assists to the Cavaliers’ cause. After having only averaged 14 points over the first two games, this performance was certainly what Cleveland and their fans needed to overcome the Detroit Pistons and to avoid falling behind 3-0 in the series. With the two Conference Finals at two games to one, it is still anybody’s guess at who will come out on top in the end. With even more great action tonight between the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz, the sportsbooks will be full once again with more people getting in on the action, and I’m certainly getting in on it with a wager on San Antonio to win tonight in Utah. Utah played well in game three of the series, however I just don’t think they have what it takes to hold off the solid all-around play of the Spurs for much longer. The Spurs will no doubt comeback with something to prove in this game, and regardless of the outcome, I’m guessing that it will be a great game to watch and wager on tonight.

With a few online sports bets placed today, I’m all set for a great day’s worth of sporting action, and I certainly don’t miss not being at work today. It’s been a great afternoon thus far, as there has been plenty of Major League Baseball action to choose from. I’m certainly going to be glued to the L.A. Angels vs. Seattle Mariners game getting underway in just an hour or so, as a precursor to tonight’s playoff action. There’s a stack of other great baseball games to wager on this afternoon as well, so make sure that you check some of these contests out if you’re looking to place some wagers today. Also check out our featured sportsbook reviews here at, and look for more great online sports betting sites to choose from. Above all, relax and enjoy this great Monday off, and we’ll see you again soon at

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Sportsbook betting for Sunday’s sports action

Looking for great online sportsbook betting for Sunday? Well then look no further than the Detroit Pistons vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals to provide you with some exciting sports betting action. Tonight will be a very highly contested match-up, as the series heads to Cleveland and the Cavaliers hope to gain a victory to get the series into a more manageable 2-1 deficit. The Pistons thus far have done a great job shutting down LeBron James, and it will take all that he can give in order to keep the Cavs alive in this series. For tonight’s wagering on our featured online sportsbooks, I have made it over to one of our best online sports betting sites at, and place a wager taking the Cavaliers to win tonight, and cover the line. Now I’m counting on Cleveland to make this a close match-up, so hopefully I will at least score a victory on the points spread, however a win for the Cavaliers would definitely be a nice added bonus over this Memorial Day Weekend. Hopefully you’ve had your chance to head to one of our top sportsbooks for a wager on this game, as you certainly won’t want to miss out on the action for this contest.

Now I have to mention today that the Stanley Cup Finals between the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks get underway tomorrow. I have been so excited for this series to start, and now that it’s finally this close, it’s time to break out an opening game wager. With home-ice advantage for Monday Night, the Ducks seem to be the hands-down favor for the game, even though stranger things have certainly happened before. Nonetheless, I’ll have to go with the ol’ gut on this one, taking Anaheim to beat Ottawa at home in the first game of the series. The Honda Center in Anaheim should be rockin’, and with J.S. Giguere doing the duties in front of the goal, I have a lot of confidence that the first game of the Stanley Cup Finals will go to the Ducks. At least for my bet’s sake I certainly hope that will be the case!

Elsewhere in sports, there is always some great baseball action for sportsbook betting online, and a great game to check out today would be the Angels vs. the Yankees, with Los Angeles looking for the series sweep at Yankee Stadium. Boston looks to complete a sweep of the Texas Rangers today, and Cleveland and Detroit will slug it out for leverage in the already exciting American League Central Division. With all this action ahead of us, you will no doubt find some great opportunities for betting on sports throughout the remainder of the holiday. Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for stopping by for the best online sportsbooks and sportsbook reviews.

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NBA Conference Finals wagering, more MLB bets for Saturday

With the playoffs winding down in the NBA and NHL, whenever there is a game being played I get especially excited to hop online and place a few wagers on my favorite online sportsbooks listed on For Saturday, it’s back to NBA wagering, where the Utah Jazz look to gain back some lost ground to the San Antonio Spurs tonight in Salt Lake City. This is going to be a difficult wager to place tonight, as the Spurs are definitely the dominant team in the series; however Utah knows how to fight at home, and should be desperate to get a win to avoid the series falling to 3-0 in favor of the Spurs. There is a pretty tight set of betting types available for this game, with the Jazz favored to win, but only with a 2 point margin on the line. I’ll have to go with the total points in this game, posted at 190 on’s website (<a href=””>read the review of BetonUSA</a>), and hope that there won’t be any anemic scoring tonight between the two teams. With a 5:30 p.m. tip-off this evening, I’ll have a few hours to kill before the game, and the excitement begins.

As is always the case, Major League Baseball is in full swing this afternoon and evening, with another L.A. Angels vs. New York Yankees match-up for the earliest day game. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when my online sportsbook betting for the MLB came through on both parlay wagers placed at My luck for baseball has certainly been better than it has for the NBA and NHL playoff games, and I’m starting to think that the rest of the baseball season could turn out to be quite profitable the way things are going. In fact, as this update is being written, the Angels have just sealed another win against the Yankees, grabbing 3-1 victory as Kelvin Escobar shut down the Yanks with a 7 inning, 6 hit, 1 run performance. All runs for the Angels came in the first inning, which was apparently enough to seal the Yankees’ fate today. With this kind of luck and solid all-around play, it would be no surprise to see the Angels sitting on top of the AL West at the end of the year, as they are looking like the same team that won the World Series just a few years back.

Games just getting underway this afternoon are the Cubs vs. Dodgers in Los Angeles, Atlanta vs. Philadelphia, and Cleveland vs. Detroit.  I’ve taken out a wager on pitching match-ups today at, taking the Cubs to win with Carlos Zambrano on the mound, and Matt Morris pitching for the San Francisco Giants later today against Colorado. There’s really nothing like betting on sports and then getting to have a relaxing day off on a long weekend. For all of your placing online sports bets, I wish you the best of luck today and through the weekend, and make sure to catch that NBA playoff game tonight, which should be a great one. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and thanks for checking out for great online sportsbook reviews, and the best online sports betting sites to choose from.

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