Trade deadlines and record breaking highlight Tuesday’s MLB action

With a less than impressive trade deadline nearing on Tuesday, a few key maneuvers finalized themselves, with little to no real difference being made. Perhaps the largest shock of the day was the trade of Matt Morris, a veteran pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, being thrown to the wolves with a trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Now normally when a good pitcher gets traded midseason, a playoff contending team usually ends up trying to solidify an already good rotation in order to go deep into the playoffs. With this trade unfortunately nothing really changes for Matt Morris, going from a struggling Giants team to an abmismal Pirates system. At least the Giants looked to be building a team around a solid rotation. Elsewhere, the Boston Red Sox shored up Eric Gagne in what had to have been a very heavily negotiated trade to link up the solid starting rotation to their closer Jonathan Papelbon. Gagne may not be the same pitcher that most remember him to be, but the impact that this has on the Red Sox race to the Pennant this year by having the threat of a healthy Gagne being a set up guy in the pen could have a pretty solid psychological effect for both Boston, as well as the opposition.

I would have to say that the Texas Rangers fueled their tanks with the most gas long term during this trading time, even if the outcome won’t immediately have sports fans rushing to the online sportsbooks to wager on them. Along with them receiving great prospects for the future, the Atlanta Braves looked for what they needed right now, giving up good prospects for Mark Teixeira and Octavio Dotel. This will probably end up being a good move for the Braves, who already have a very solid team, and are definitely in a playoff race this year. With the Rangers getting rid of both Teixeira and Gagne, this should further help Texas rebuild down the road with some added room to move money wise, which they have been in desperate need of doing. In San Diego, some good moves were made, including signing Shea Hillenbrand, Rob Mackowiak, Morgan Ensberg and Scott Hairston. They definitely needed some more offense, and we’ll just have to see if this does anything for them.

As Barry Bonds goes for tying the home run record with a series in Los Angeles, the Yankees established a home run record of their own hitting eight home runs against the Chicago White Sox. Seven different Yankees took their turn knocking one into the bleachers as the 16-3 rout was on from the 4 run first inning forward. John Lackey shut-out the Seattle Mariners, keeping them away from the four game lead held by the Angels out west. I will say one thing: Jeff Weaver is possibly the worst starting pitcher in the league. He is making over 8 million dollars a year with a 2-10 record and an ERA north of six. If you see the Mariners coming up on the betting ticket and Weaver is on it, do yourself a favor and place your online sportsbook bet on the other team. There is plenty of talk, plenty of action in Major League Baseball, so head on down to one of our best online sportsbooks here at and see what (if any) effects this year’s trade deadline has for betting on sports.

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Big Happenings Monday afternoon with more sports betting planned

As Major League baseball chugs along, there are always murmurs from around the other sports leagues that offer noteworthy additions to the everyday online sportsbook update here at First off, we at would like to pay homage to Bill Walsh, who passed today at age 75 after an amazing life, and an amazing career as one of the best NFL football coaches that ever participated in the game. Winning three super bowls and establishing the West Coast offense in San Francisco, Bill Walsh created a dynasty for the 49ers that no one from the Bay Area let alone any football fan that was around during that time will forget. With Football around the corner, it is a fine time to look back at one of the shining memories in sports history, and one of the NFL’s most brilliant authors of a unique style of football offense.

In other interesting news revolving around NBA basketball, rumors have turned to reality as Kevin Garnett has been dealt by the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Boston Celtics. Those in Bean Town rejoice�you finally have a superstar to put in your puzzle. No doubt Kevin McCale has done a great thing for his city, and should definitely mix up the Eastern side of the NBA with this 1-2 punch of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. I’m excited for the Celtics, who have been just dismal in the last few years, and this up and coming NBA season may have a great bunch of surprises for all fans betting on sports during that time. Meanwhile in football news, another blow to Michael Vick comes as one of his co-defendants has pleaded guilty and indicated cooperation with government authorities in the case against Vick. I wouldn’t have to be a betting man to know that Michael Vick’s football career is just a few months from being completely over. While not proven guilty, when a federal judge advised you to plead guilty in the face of even stiffer indictments, you know that things are not going to go well for you.

Back to baseball action tonight, Mark Teixeira becomes an Atlanta Brave as a trade agreement has been reached on one of the most sought after commodity before the trade deadline comes tomorrow. Look out for the Braves down the stretch, as they also look to shore up another pitcher for their pen with Kansas City closer Octavio Dotel. My Seattle Mariners clutched up this evening on the strong pitching of Miguel Batista, who went up against Kelvim Escobar to get the win 2-0 on seven strong shutout innings. The Mariners creep back to within three games of the AL West Division-leading Angels, which make this week’s series very exciting indeed. Make sure to put in your bets for more of tomorrow’s great MLB action, and stop by one of our best online sports betting sites offered here at Thanks for stopping by, and as always good luck betting on sports when using our featured online sportsbooks.

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Sunday Night Baseball, online sports betting

It’s one of those rare times when I get to leave the office, or the living room, and venture out for a sports experience at an actual ballpark, to see the fruits of my online sportsbook wagers in action. For Sunday night, I was fortunate enough to take part in a journey south to Anaheim, California to see the L.A. Angels play the Detroit Tigers in the final game of a three game series. Anaheim had dominated the Tigers up until Sunday’s game, lighting up Tiger pitching with an onslaught of hitting, and unfortunately for Tiger starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, the third game of the series would see no change in the blistering pace that the Angels would rack up runs. Jumping out to an early 4-0 lead after the first inning, I was immediately pleased that I had taken out a wager at to have the Angels win with the line. Placing a modest 20 bucks on the game (as my buddy and I were fortunate enough to pull favor from Tigers center-fielder Curtis Granderson for free tickets�thank you very much) I was certainly thrilled to see the game get out of hand early. After the third inning, and a 12-1 score, I could kick back, enjoy a couple cold ones, and even leave the game with a souvenir as my fortunate friend next to me snagged a fan-made Web Gem of a catch off of Angels’ shortshop Orlando Cabrera.
While it was fun for a while watching an onslaught such as this take place, one itching feeling kept coming up; I would be profiting off the Angels win, while the team I’m trying to see win a division (the Mariners, of course) suffer for it. Shaking off my team spirit in exchange for a nice little payoff in my online sports betting account at, I’ll get a chance to root for the M’s as they will play host starting Monday night to the Anaheim Angels at Safeco Field. Though I might be a little reluctant to wager on the Mariners in that series, you can bet I won’t be putting my money on the Angels, as that would be going way too far for any true baseball fan. Well, maybe unless your team happens to be the San Francisco Giants, the KC Royals or the Cincinnati Reds. I’m sorry to those fans, but to be honest it’s been a rough year for those teams that doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. All in all though, Sunday night turned out to be a great day of sports betting, a good time out at the ballpark, and a perfect day to not be at work.

With a bunch of great baseball action around the league for Sunday, there is no doubt that betting on sports had to be a good time for anyone checking in to our best online sportsbooks featured here on The pennant races are on as teams like the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Colorado Rockies are starting to come out of the woodwork and make for good sports betting possibilities. Watch out for the NL west match-ups this week, as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks have tied up for a lead with the Padres a half-game out and Colorado turning it on to get within 3 and a half games of the lead. With roughly 60 games left per team on the year, make your sportsbook wagers count by collecting all the best sports betting advice from our top sportsbooks, and hopefully adding a bit of change to your online sports book accounts. Until tomorrow, good luck as always, and thanks for checking in with us here at

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Sportsbook betting for Major League Baseball on Saturday

There is always a time for betting on baseball, and Saturdays are great days to capitalize on an afternoon of sports, and lounging around while enjoying nothing but good baseball all day long. For Saturday’s online sportsbook betting, there are a number of good money-making games to choose from, and I for one am in on the action with a trip to for some sportsbook wagers and maybe a little afternoon casino action. Before the games start today, taking a look at some of the hot teams in the league brings you instantly to the Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Cubs. Throw in the L.A. Angels, who are just tearing up the league with their bats, and the Arizona Diamondbacks who are nipping right on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ shoe strings, and you’ve got yourself plenty of great sports betting opportunities to potentially cash in on.

There is one great pitching duel this evening as the Houston Astros play host to the San Diego Padres. Roy Oswalt, who no doubt would at the top of the majors in wins if it weren’t for a sub-par hitting year for the ‘Stros, goes up against the crafty veteran Greg Maddux. If you happen to have MLB Extra Innings or MLB.TV, make sure that you tune for at least a little of this match-up as it should be a great game for watchinga couple great pitchers duke it out. Oswalt has been looking good lately, and seeing as the San Diego Padres are favored to win, I’ll look to capitalize on an upset with Oswalt on the mound. Plus, the combination of Oswalt and Brad Lidge in the closer role has been something I’ve missed while Lidge has gone through some difficulties this year, and I’d love to see a return to the lethal 1-2 punch these two pitchers have when they get a lead.

Going around the Major League Baseball horn, the Dodgers look to fend off the charging Rockies tonight, which could find them in a virtual tie for the NL west lead if they lose and the Diamondbacks win this evening. Seattle takes on Oakland, and will need a win to keep their record within striking distance before they start a new series with the L.A. Angels this coming week. Minnesota against Cleveland should be a good contest, with Johan Santana on the hill, and Roger Clemens goes for the Yankees in Baltimore trying to get back to .500 on his less-than-great return to baseball. Anyway you slice it, online sports betting on baseball have plenty of choices, and great ways to cash in on today’s MLB games. Place your bets early, and good luck on today’s action!

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Weekend finally arrives, reflecting on this week’s sports events

As this week draws to a close, there is a bit of a stink in the air in the world of sports. The smell is disseminating from just about every corner of the sports world, from baseball to basketball, and football to cycling. From steroids and doping to dog fights and illegal betting, it’s been a shame that a few characters in otherwise great sporting institutions have unknowingly tarnished the reputations of their respective leagues, and likewise given fans reason to be skeptical about the types of role models they, or their children look up to these days. While it’s certainly a shame that sports betting comes under scrutiny as NBA referee Tim Donaghy’s case exposes a darker side to sports wagering, it is even more of a shame that a highly paid, outstanding athlete and roll model to thousands, if not millions of children decides to indulge in one of the most ruthless and disgusting ‘sports’ to exist. I’ll keep my point short, as no one really likes to dwell on shameful stories before a nice weekend, but as dog lover and a voice (if so very small) on the internet, I’d like to publicly denounce dog fighting as a sport of criminals, and no way for a decent human being to treat another member of this earth. That’s all I have to say about that�for now.

However, it is time to bring up the current home-run record that is in jeopardy to fall as Barry Bonds has hit his 754th home run, and is now within one homer of tying, and two of breaking one of the most sought after and sacred records in all of American sports. The real shame here comes from the fact that everybody knows Bonds is a cheat. Like him or not (personally, even without the alleged anabolic steroid use I believe him to be one of the top 5 hitters in baseball history)  one of America’s pastimes will be tarnished, at least until Alex Rodriguez, who is only a couple home runs away from 500, gets to the hallowed record in about six or seven years. As one writer so eloquently spoke about Commissioner Bud Selig, it would be Selig’s dream to see Alex Rodriguez hit 258 home runs in the time it takes Bonds to hit two. Major League Baseball, again, needs a better doping policy; so that real records such as the one put forth by Hammerin’ Hank Aaron don’t go spoiled by the greedy nature of an already great ball-player to get somewhere he shouldn’t be.

In lighter fare we can be happy that the world goes on turning and fortunately so does the Major League Baseball season. With the large majority of baseball not associated with scandal, as well as online sportsbook betting being a perfectly legal and fun way to supplement professional sports, you can count on these dark spots to pass and the exciting and awe-inspiring moments to shine through. We all hate to see bad eggs smelling up the world of sports, but at this time it is also wise to look at the great things happening around that world with all the new talent and exciting action day in and day out that keep us coming back for more wagering, and more trips to the ballparks, stadiums, and arenas. Either way, it’s very likely that this week will be a record setting one, and for good or bad we can all say that we were apart of that moment. Enjoy it while it lasts�

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Having fun winning sports bets is certainly better than losing a few

For Wednesday’s online sportsbook betting, I decided to make a few ridiculous gambles and unfortunately for me and my sportsbook account balance, things didn’t turn out so well. With one shot-in-the-dark bet to take the Kansas City Royals to stop the New York Yankees win streak, and another bet to take Josh Beckett and the Boston Red Sox to overcome the Cleveland Indians, I knew that Wednesday’s sports betting had a pretty good chance of flopping. Kansas City got blown up 7-1 (as I could have expected, but just wanted to see if I could call the game that ended the Yanks’ win streak), and Josh Beckett was just out pitched by his younger counterpart as the Red Sox lost 1-0. Both pitchers went eight innings with only four hits given up, however one solo shot by Franklin Gutierrez was all it took to snap that sports bet in half as well. Oh well; it is very true that you win some and you lose some, and if you’ve got a bit of money saved up from previous online winnings sometimes it’s fun to break up the monotony of relatively safe bets in favor of some more ridiculous wagers. I certainly don’t mind losing a few five spots in my online sports betting account, just so long as there are plenty of opportunities to recoup the money on down the road!

For Thursday, it’s as always a great chance to get down to your favorite online sports book and find some Major League Baseball action to wager on. I guess my only really good advice of the day is to stay away from betting on the Seattle Mariners, who are currently going through one of the worst skids in baseball right now. They couldn’t get a win at the moment if the other team wasn’t even playing. It might be a good idea to bet on the Oakland A’S tonight, a normally risky idea however they are cashing in on the Mariners during their collapse, especially after the downtrodden M’s were just crushed in a series with the Texas Rangers. The Cubs meanwhile are on the opposite end of the spectrum, as are the Yankees. Both teams are cruising right now, as the Cubs look to sweep the St. Louis Cardinal at home, as well as the Yankees finishing up in Kansas City. San Francisco won a game last night, and has rookie sensation Tim Linecum on the hill against the Braves which makes one wonder if the possibility of the Giants winning two straight games is actually worth betting on this evening.

There are certainly some tough calls tonight, especially with team riding winning and losing streaks. Betting with the flow is always a good way to go about things, of course until the team you are riding on decides that the winning streak or losing skid is ready to come crashing to a halt. For Thursday, place your bets wisely, and make sure to not follow too closely to my online sports betting advice. Sometimes I like to get a little crazy; sometimes it pays off, other times not so much. Either way, it’s always a fun time betting on sports provided you don’t shoot to break the bank on every wager placed. Enjoy Thursday’s games, and as always thank you for stopping by our website and betting on the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

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Online sports betting for Wednesday

So it’s yet another day, and another great opportunity for online sportsbook betting at our best sportsbooks here at In store for Wednesday are the usual bevy of baseball games, complete with the current AL West match-ups between the Oakland A’s and L.A. Angels, and the Seattle Mariners vs. the Texas Rangers. It’s been a back and forth week for this division, and no doubt today will continue with more of the same even though Seattle went down in flames in a double header last night, losing both games by one run. They will try to salvage a little bit of face tonight in Arlington, however, the damage has been done as the Angels won last night, pushing the M’s to 2.5 games back. However as of just a few moments ago, the Oakland A’s just tied the game scoring 3 runs in the top of the ninth inning to tie the game up at six apiece. This division race is worth checking into just about every day, as betting on sports is always fun when there is something on the line behind those bets.

For action around the league today, placing a couple of sports bets seems like a good plan, so it’s off to for a few bets. I’m feeling risky today, so the first bet will be taking Gil Meche and the Kansas City Royals to beat the Yankees and Mike Mussina tonight. Meche has actually had a good season thus far, despite the fact that he’s playing on a team in the cellar of the American League Central Division. The Yankees are definitely surging right now, looking for their sixth win in a row, but I’m counting on a spoiler tonight to pay off at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). With this game comes to focus the AL East race, in which both the Yankees and Red Sox are riding 5-game winning streaks and showing no signs of slowing down. Get this though: the Yankees have scored 63 runs in 5 games in their current run. This is the most by any Yankee team since 1936. But for some reason, I have a feeling it’s going to end tonight. I can get the ‘I told you so’ tomorrow if this blows up in my face, but sometimes betting on the underdog (way underdog at that�) is a fun way to break up the monotony.

The Boston Red Sox on the other hand have the ace up their sleeve tonight as Josh Beckett takes the mound against the Cleveland Indians. I wouldn’t bet against this guy. Ever. Even as this will be a great pitching match-up with the 13-3 Beckett going against the 23 year old Fausto Carmona with a 12-4 record, my bet goes on the BoSox to take this one tonight. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to check this game out, and even squeeze in a wager at one of our featured online sports betting sites. Wishing you the best of luck as always, thanks once again for stopping in and checking out our online sportsbook reviews and placing your bets at the best online sportsbooks on the internet.

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Sports betting update for Tuesday

It’s been a pretty busy day in the sports world already, as sports scandals, recent tragedies and other bits of newsworthy material scatter across the sports landscape this week. Of course as most of you are aware, Michael Vick has been asked not to report to training camp at the request of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which leaves the starting position for the Atlanta Falcons wide open for Joey Harrington. The move may actually improve the Falcon’s season, as concentrating on an offense based around one quarterback could enhance the Falcon’s ability to get to the post season this year. Personally, I have always felt the Vick has been vastly overrated at the QB position, and has not only hurt Atlanta, but has kept them from going farther forward into the playoffs. I personally can’t wait for the NFL season to unfold, as pre-season games have crept up to within three weeks of today’s date. As sports betting fans should know, NFL football is certainly one of the most anticipated seasons, and offers the most exciting online sports betting out of any sports league available.

Elsewhere in sports, there has been a tragic accident in the Colorado Rockies’ minor league system, as first base coach Mike Coolbaugh was hit with a line drive ball, killing him. This instantly brings a note of caution to these field coaches, who stand helplessly in the line of fire every at bat. Leagues are already discussing the use of some hard head protection, which in my opinion is a much needed addition to improve the safety of  base coaches. From tragedy though stems hope, as Monday also saw the return of Boston Red Sox starter Jon Lester, who pitched a solid outing since returning from a bout with lymphoma. Pitching six innings and giving up only two runs, Boston defeated the Cleveland Indians at the Jake 6-2, subsequently giving myself a much needed wagering win in one of our best online sport betting sites at It’s been an up and down week already, as along with the big headlines more athletes come into question over their sports ethics, with a Florida Marlins pitcher getting into a drunken brawl with local police, and a Danish cyclist being excluded from the Beijing Olympics for refusing to report to doping officials. No matter what day of the week, there is certainly always exciting sports happening.

For today’s wagering, it’s back to the consistent play of Major League Baseball, with a few good match-up for online sportsbook betting taking place. The AL West division is locked up with itself as Oakland and L.A. Angels square off again, after the A’s handily defeated the Angels last night 12-6. The Mariners face the Texas Rangers once again after blowing a lead to lose their 3rd straight game. The Angels keep giving the M’s an opportunity to pull closer to the lead, however struggling against sub .500 teams does not help your own cause. Nonetheless, tonight’s baseball action will undoubtedly make for great online sports betting action, so place your bets, and as always we wish you the best of luck playing on our top sportsbooks here at

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A return to the work week with more great sports betting on Major League Baseball

As is the case every weekend, it must come to an end at some point in time. With Mondays usually being the longest day of the week, it’s always nice to have plenty of sports betting action available, and a couple of Major League Baseball games to watch when work is finally over. For this Monday, it happened to not be such a lucky day for this writer, as a few placed wagers at our featured online sportsbook at didn’t turn out so hot. On the tail end of one four team parlay wager sat my Seattle Mariners, who are in a series this week with the Texas Rangers. Thinking that Seattle would have no problem scoring a win against the dismal Rangers team apparently was a bad idea, as Seattle blew a lead to lose 8-7 in Arlington Monday evening. The Dodgers crushed the Astros, while the Reds and Rockies clutched up, however my home team let me down in what would have been a nice little Monday evening payoff on our of our best online sports betting sites. Instead, out 10 bucks on the first bet, I just barely broke even on the day with the Yankees and the Braves both winning to secure a small wager parlay bet.

There are a number of great potential divisional races going on right now, and there is really no better time to get into Major League Baseball action than at the present. Breaking down the action around the league, Boston and New York have synched up together, and presently have seven and a half games between them for the lead in the AL East. The Yankees will look to gain ground as they continue their series with the Royals, however, with Boston winning against Cleveland and not dropping games as before, it may yet be too early to think that the Yanks will catch the BoSox in the race for the AL East. Meanwhile, the races in the AL Central and West divisions now have two teams within two games of the lead, and with both the Indians and the Mariners failing this evening to gain ground, it is up Detroit and the L.A. Angels at the moment to distance themselves in first place. One thing is for sure is that the race for the AL wild card will get awfully crazy come closer to October, as there is no telling who will be on top of their respective divisions by then.

It is just about the same in the National League at this point, as teams like the Cubs and the Braves are now starting to challenge division leads that have been in place since the start of the year. Out in the NL West, only 5.5 games span from first to third place, as the Dodgers, Padres and Rockies will be in a fight to the finish for top honors in their division. Check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks here at

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Sunday Sports action continues with British Open Final, MLB Action

It’s always nice to get a day to yourself. Instead of the usual chores, errands, or whatever you might have to do, Sundays should always be reserved for kicking back, watching some sports, and placing a few wagers on our best online sports betting sites here at For Sunday, the British Open being played at the gorgeous Carnoustie Course played out the final round in exciting fashion, as Sergio Garcia looked to end his long drought, and finally win a major tournament. Unfortunately for him, Padraig Harrington had other things in mind, coming out shooting a final round 67 to tie up Garcia and force a four hole playoff. Without much trouble, Harrington shored up the victory with a solid performance to win -1, and deter Sergio Garcia from yet another major tournament victory. Becoming only the second Irishman in history to win the tournament, Sunday was certainly a great day for him and golfing fans, even if some of the bigger names in golf didn’t show up this weekend with good rounds. My wager for the weekend tournament placed at took Ernie Els to win, however, Ernie ended up finishing with a pretty solid outing tied for fourth place, keeping an elusive golfing wager win away for at least another tournament. One of these days I’ll call the right golfer�

Another shot this Sunday came in the form of Roy Halladay who completely dominated the Seattle Mariners and paved the way for an 8-0 rout of the previous hot M’s. Halladay finished with a complete game shutout, giving up only three hits while starting to look like the Roy Halladay prior to this season. Now normally I would always be on this guy’s side, as Halladay is an excellent pitcher that is exciting to watch, but when another pitcher just destroys your home team, and gets your online sports bet beat, it’s a little hard to root for him. Nonetheless, it was a very well pitched game, and it’s good to see that he is starting to turn his season around. On the other side of the pitching spectrum in this game, Felix Hernandez looked just as good up until the 5th inning, when Alex Rios singled in two runs, followed by Troy Glaus, who opened everything up from there with a 3-run blast to left center. For these young pitchers, composure is key to winning ball games, and when a landslide starts, it is the veteran pitchers who know how to cut their losses and get some outs. Being as though Hernandez is still young and fairly easily shaken, the veteran players stepping up to the plate can smell an aggravated pitcher from a mile away. It’s a learning experience for him, and everyone else, that youthful talent doesn’t always come out on top when faced with veteran skill.

Regardless of the outcomes in online sports betting, Sunday had some great games in store for betting on sports, and you can bet that not too many days have games where a team scores 21 runs (as the Yankees put up against the Devil Rays), or a pitcher throws a complete game shutout. For all the great action, and great sports betting advice, look no futher than our best online sports betting sites here at There will always be great wagers to cash in on, so grab as much information as possible and place your bets at your favorite online sportsbook.

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