Sunday Sports action continues with British Open Final, MLB Action

It’s always nice to get a day to yourself. Instead of the usual chores, errands, or whatever you might have to do, Sundays should always be reserved for kicking back, watching some sports, and placing a few wagers on our best online sports betting sites here at For Sunday, the British Open being played at the gorgeous Carnoustie Course played out the final round in exciting fashion, as Sergio Garcia looked to end his long drought, and finally win a major tournament. Unfortunately for him, Padraig Harrington had other things in mind, coming out shooting a final round 67 to tie up Garcia and force a four hole playoff. Without much trouble, Harrington shored up the victory with a solid performance to win -1, and deter Sergio Garcia from yet another major tournament victory. Becoming only the second Irishman in history to win the tournament, Sunday was certainly a great day for him and golfing fans, even if some of the bigger names in golf didn’t show up this weekend with good rounds. My wager for the weekend tournament placed at took Ernie Els to win, however, Ernie ended up finishing with a pretty solid outing tied for fourth place, keeping an elusive golfing wager win away for at least another tournament. One of these days I’ll call the right golfer´┐Ż

Another shot this Sunday came in the form of Roy Halladay who completely dominated the Seattle Mariners and paved the way for an 8-0 rout of the previous hot M’s. Halladay finished with a complete game shutout, giving up only three hits while starting to look like the Roy Halladay prior to this season. Now normally I would always be on this guy’s side, as Halladay is an excellent pitcher that is exciting to watch, but when another pitcher just destroys your home team, and gets your online sports bet beat, it’s a little hard to root for him. Nonetheless, it was a very well pitched game, and it’s good to see that he is starting to turn his season around. On the other side of the pitching spectrum in this game, Felix Hernandez looked just as good up until the 5th inning, when Alex Rios singled in two runs, followed by Troy Glaus, who opened everything up from there with a 3-run blast to left center. For these young pitchers, composure is key to winning ball games, and when a landslide starts, it is the veteran pitchers who know how to cut their losses and get some outs. Being as though Hernandez is still young and fairly easily shaken, the veteran players stepping up to the plate can smell an aggravated pitcher from a mile away. It’s a learning experience for him, and everyone else, that youthful talent doesn’t always come out on top when faced with veteran skill.

Regardless of the outcomes in online sports betting, Sunday had some great games in store for betting on sports, and you can bet that not too many days have games where a team scores 21 runs (as the Yankees put up against the Devil Rays), or a pitcher throws a complete game shutout. For all the great action, and great sports betting advice, look no futher than our best online sports betting sites here at There will always be great wagers to cash in on, so grab as much information as possible and place your bets at your favorite online sportsbook.

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