Sports betting update for Tuesday

It’s been a pretty busy day in the sports world already, as sports scandals, recent tragedies and other bits of newsworthy material scatter across the sports landscape this week. Of course as most of you are aware, Michael Vick has been asked not to report to training camp at the request of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, which leaves the starting position for the Atlanta Falcons wide open for Joey Harrington. The move may actually improve the Falcon’s season, as concentrating on an offense based around one quarterback could enhance the Falcon’s ability to get to the post season this year. Personally, I have always felt the Vick has been vastly overrated at the QB position, and has not only hurt Atlanta, but has kept them from going farther forward into the playoffs. I personally can’t wait for the NFL season to unfold, as pre-season games have crept up to within three weeks of today’s date. As sports betting fans should know, NFL football is certainly one of the most anticipated seasons, and offers the most exciting online sports betting out of any sports league available.

Elsewhere in sports, there has been a tragic accident in the Colorado Rockies’ minor league system, as first base coach Mike Coolbaugh was hit with a line drive ball, killing him. This instantly brings a note of caution to these field coaches, who stand helplessly in the line of fire every at bat. Leagues are already discussing the use of some hard head protection, which in my opinion is a much needed addition to improve the safety of  base coaches. From tragedy though stems hope, as Monday also saw the return of Boston Red Sox starter Jon Lester, who pitched a solid outing since returning from a bout with lymphoma. Pitching six innings and giving up only two runs, Boston defeated the Cleveland Indians at the Jake 6-2, subsequently giving myself a much needed wagering win in one of our best online sport betting sites at It’s been an up and down week already, as along with the big headlines more athletes come into question over their sports ethics, with a Florida Marlins pitcher getting into a drunken brawl with local police, and a Danish cyclist being excluded from the Beijing Olympics for refusing to report to doping officials. No matter what day of the week, there is certainly always exciting sports happening.

For today’s wagering, it’s back to the consistent play of Major League Baseball, with a few good match-up for online sportsbook betting taking place. The AL West division is locked up with itself as Oakland and L.A. Angels square off again, after the A’s handily defeated the Angels last night 12-6. The Mariners face the Texas Rangers once again after blowing a lead to lose their 3rd straight game. The Angels keep giving the M’s an opportunity to pull closer to the lead, however struggling against sub .500 teams does not help your own cause. Nonetheless, tonight’s baseball action will undoubtedly make for great online sports betting action, so place your bets, and as always we wish you the best of luck playing on our top sportsbooks here at

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