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So it’s yet another day, and another great opportunity for online sportsbook betting at our best sportsbooks here at In store for Wednesday are the usual bevy of baseball games, complete with the current AL West match-ups between the Oakland A’s and L.A. Angels, and the Seattle Mariners vs. the Texas Rangers. It’s been a back and forth week for this division, and no doubt today will continue with more of the same even though Seattle went down in flames in a double header last night, losing both games by one run. They will try to salvage a little bit of face tonight in Arlington, however, the damage has been done as the Angels won last night, pushing the M’s to 2.5 games back. However as of just a few moments ago, the Oakland A’s just tied the game scoring 3 runs in the top of the ninth inning to tie the game up at six apiece. This division race is worth checking into just about every day, as betting on sports is always fun when there is something on the line behind those bets.

For action around the league today, placing a couple of sports bets seems like a good plan, so it’s off to for a few bets. I’m feeling risky today, so the first bet will be taking Gil Meche and the Kansas City Royals to beat the Yankees and Mike Mussina tonight. Meche has actually had a good season thus far, despite the fact that he’s playing on a team in the cellar of the American League Central Division. The Yankees are definitely surging right now, looking for their sixth win in a row, but I’m counting on a spoiler tonight to pay off at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). With this game comes to focus the AL East race, in which both the Yankees and Red Sox are riding 5-game winning streaks and showing no signs of slowing down. Get this though: the Yankees have scored 63 runs in 5 games in their current run. This is the most by any Yankee team since 1936. But for some reason, I have a feeling it’s going to end tonight. I can get the ‘I told you so’ tomorrow if this blows up in my face, but sometimes betting on the underdog (way underdog at that´┐Ż) is a fun way to break up the monotony.

The Boston Red Sox on the other hand have the ace up their sleeve tonight as Josh Beckett takes the mound against the Cleveland Indians. I wouldn’t bet against this guy. Ever. Even as this will be a great pitching match-up with the 13-3 Beckett going against the 23 year old Fausto Carmona with a 12-4 record, my bet goes on the BoSox to take this one tonight. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to check this game out, and even squeeze in a wager at one of our featured online sports betting sites. Wishing you the best of luck as always, thanks once again for stopping in and checking out our online sportsbook reviews and placing your bets at the best online sportsbooks on the internet.

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