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It’s one of those rare times when I get to leave the office, or the living room, and venture out for a sports experience at an actual ballpark, to see the fruits of my online sportsbook wagers in action. For Sunday night, I was fortunate enough to take part in a journey south to Anaheim, California to see the L.A. Angels play the Detroit Tigers in the final game of a three game series. Anaheim had dominated the Tigers up until Sunday’s game, lighting up Tiger pitching with an onslaught of hitting, and unfortunately for Tiger starting pitcher Jeremy Bonderman, the third game of the series would see no change in the blistering pace that the Angels would rack up runs. Jumping out to an early 4-0 lead after the first inning, I was immediately pleased that I had taken out a wager at to have the Angels win with the line. Placing a modest 20 bucks on the game (as my buddy and I were fortunate enough to pull favor from Tigers center-fielder Curtis Granderson for free tickets´┐Żthank you very much) I was certainly thrilled to see the game get out of hand early. After the third inning, and a 12-1 score, I could kick back, enjoy a couple cold ones, and even leave the game with a souvenir as my fortunate friend next to me snagged a fan-made Web Gem of a catch off of Angels’ shortshop Orlando Cabrera.
While it was fun for a while watching an onslaught such as this take place, one itching feeling kept coming up; I would be profiting off the Angels win, while the team I’m trying to see win a division (the Mariners, of course) suffer for it. Shaking off my team spirit in exchange for a nice little payoff in my online sports betting account at, I’ll get a chance to root for the M’s as they will play host starting Monday night to the Anaheim Angels at Safeco Field. Though I might be a little reluctant to wager on the Mariners in that series, you can bet I won’t be putting my money on the Angels, as that would be going way too far for any true baseball fan. Well, maybe unless your team happens to be the San Francisco Giants, the KC Royals or the Cincinnati Reds. I’m sorry to those fans, but to be honest it’s been a rough year for those teams that doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. All in all though, Sunday night turned out to be a great day of sports betting, a good time out at the ballpark, and a perfect day to not be at work.

With a bunch of great baseball action around the league for Sunday, there is no doubt that betting on sports had to be a good time for anyone checking in to our best online sportsbooks featured here on The pennant races are on as teams like the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, and Colorado Rockies are starting to come out of the woodwork and make for good sports betting possibilities. Watch out for the NL west match-ups this week, as the Dodgers and Diamondbacks have tied up for a lead with the Padres a half-game out and Colorado turning it on to get within 3 and a half games of the lead. With roughly 60 games left per team on the year, make your sportsbook wagers count by collecting all the best sports betting advice from our top sportsbooks, and hopefully adding a bit of change to your online sports book accounts. Until tomorrow, good luck as always, and thanks for checking in with us here at

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