Big Happenings Monday afternoon with more sports betting planned

As Major League baseball chugs along, there are always murmurs from around the other sports leagues that offer noteworthy additions to the everyday online sportsbook update here at First off, we at would like to pay homage to Bill Walsh, who passed today at age 75 after an amazing life, and an amazing career as one of the best NFL football coaches that ever participated in the game. Winning three super bowls and establishing the West Coast offense in San Francisco, Bill Walsh created a dynasty for the 49ers that no one from the Bay Area let alone any football fan that was around during that time will forget. With Football around the corner, it is a fine time to look back at one of the shining memories in sports history, and one of the NFL’s most brilliant authors of a unique style of football offense.

In other interesting news revolving around NBA basketball, rumors have turned to reality as Kevin Garnett has been dealt by the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Boston Celtics. Those in Bean Town rejoice´┐Żyou finally have a superstar to put in your puzzle. No doubt Kevin McCale has done a great thing for his city, and should definitely mix up the Eastern side of the NBA with this 1-2 punch of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. I’m excited for the Celtics, who have been just dismal in the last few years, and this up and coming NBA season may have a great bunch of surprises for all fans betting on sports during that time. Meanwhile in football news, another blow to Michael Vick comes as one of his co-defendants has pleaded guilty and indicated cooperation with government authorities in the case against Vick. I wouldn’t have to be a betting man to know that Michael Vick’s football career is just a few months from being completely over. While not proven guilty, when a federal judge advised you to plead guilty in the face of even stiffer indictments, you know that things are not going to go well for you.

Back to baseball action tonight, Mark Teixeira becomes an Atlanta Brave as a trade agreement has been reached on one of the most sought after commodity before the trade deadline comes tomorrow. Look out for the Braves down the stretch, as they also look to shore up another pitcher for their pen with Kansas City closer Octavio Dotel. My Seattle Mariners clutched up this evening on the strong pitching of Miguel Batista, who went up against Kelvim Escobar to get the win 2-0 on seven strong shutout innings. The Mariners creep back to within three games of the AL West Division-leading Angels, which make this week’s series very exciting indeed. Make sure to put in your bets for more of tomorrow’s great MLB action, and stop by one of our best online sports betting sites offered here at Thanks for stopping by, and as always good luck betting on sports when using our featured online sportsbooks.

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