Pitchers highlight Major League Baseball on Saturday

Being a fomer pitcher myself, there is really nothing that I like better than placing online sports bets on a good pitchers duel, or at the least getting to see a great up and coming star take to the mound. With a quiet day ahead, Saturday afternoon features some great talent on the hill today, especially as one of the best in the league, Brad Penny, is in action today against the New York Mets at home. With a win at home, Mr. Penny would move to 12-1 on the year, which would be the best start since the franchise moved across the country from Brooklyn in 1958. The Dodgers would also hope to get a win today, as the Mets victory last night, combined with a  win today would mean a lost series for Los Angeles, as well as a San Diego team that is keeping right on their heels in the National League West. For today’s game, it’s off to Betonusa.com, one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos offered here at CasinoReview.org, and as always, the bet has to go on Brad Penny to win. I was fortunate enough to avoid wagering on his one and only loss of the year, but to this point I’m 9-0 when betting on Penny and the Dodgers. Now I can only hope that I didn’t just curse myself!

Also in store for baseball fans is another start from the San Francisco Giant’s young hurler, Tim Linecum. As mentioned before, this kid has got loads of talent, which happens to be one of the few bright spots on an otherwise dreary season for the Giants. Going up against the Brewers tonight, Linecum is going to need to throw a pretty good game in order to hold his team within striking distance of a win. The run production has really hurt the San Francisco staff this year, and it already appears that Matt Cain has taken most of the brunt of the terrible run support. With a tough decision, I’ll take the Giants with the line tonight, hoping for another quality outing out of the up and coming rookie sensation. Dave Bush, throwing for the Brewers does have a high ERA, and if ever the Giants could use some runs it’s�well, anytime they can possibly get it.

With a few more online sports bets to make tonight, I’m counting out the Mariners, who have Jeff Weaver on the mound against the Toronto Blue Jays. This could be one of the worst trades the Mariners have made in recent years, as Weaver’s ERA is in the six range, with a 2-7 record. Ouch. Dan Haren on the other hand, gets the start for the Oakland A’s tonight against Baltimore, and he is certainly a good bet to go with for anyone betting on sports. There should also be a good match-up between the Twins and Angels tonight, as well as the D-backs and Cubs who are both trying to gain ground in their respective divisions. With plenty to choose from and good pitching to be seen across the league, tonight is another great night for online sports betting on Major League Baseball.

Aaron G.

Big series in Major League Baseball make for great online sports betting

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league. For major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, this weekend has the New York Mets coming into Los Angeles to face the Dodgers in what should be a great series with great pitching match-ups. Brett Tomko, who has been struggling as of late, gets the start tonight against Oliver Perez, an impressive left-handed hurler with very strong stuff. Although Tomko has really not pitched well so far this year, this series is very important for the two teams, and you can bet that both teams will give it their all tonight. It’s always fortunate when a good contest is televised in your area, which always makes online sports betting a little more worth while. I’ve got to go with the Mets in this one though, as Oliver Perez has been my guy since I started using him in fantasy baseball back with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Fortunately for him, his current team is able to give him plenty more support than the sub-par Pirates could ever muster up�.

Another quality match-up for Friday night finds the Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field to square off against the rallying Chicago Cubs. Two solid pitchers will be starting in this game as well, as Jason Marquis gets the call for the Cubs, and Brandon Webb will be starting for the D-backs. The Cubs really have been playing excellent ball as of late, which was hardly the case earlier in the year. Seeing as though their pitching staff has settled in a bit, and their power has returned to the batting order, I’d be reluctant to bet against the Cubbies tonight, especially as Arizona has quietly been trailing away from the upper ranks of the National League West Division. Aramis Ramirez is also starting to get really hot for the Cubs, which can be awfully exciting to watch when he does. Going over to one of our featured online sportsbooks at Betus.com, I’ll take Chicago to win tonight at home, with a bet on the line.

One more can’t miss game is in store for this evening, as a match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox is always a classic, even if the White Sox are having an off year. It’s been surprising to watch the White Sox struggle as they have this year, considering they still have good pitching, good hitting, but apparently just a poor overall performing team. Jose Contreras is really no match for Josh Beckett in this contest, and only a fool would bet against Beckett at home tonight. Beckett will be looking for a major league leading 13th victory tonight, which will tie him with Cleveland’s C.C. Sabathia for most wins in the MLB. As you can see, great baseball awaits those betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at CasinoReview.org. For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week.

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Major League Baseball, Online Casino Action for Thursday

After quite a long drought, this afternoon Barry Bonds has quickly moved within 3 home runs of overtaking Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record. Playing against the the Chicago Cubs this afternoon at Wrigley field, Bonds managed to go deep twice and drive in 6 RBIs in a losing effort as the dismal San Francisco Giants fall to one of the worst records in the majors at 39-54. The Cubs however, are absolutely rolling right now, after getting off to yet another poor season start, and now stand at 50-44 and only 3.5 games behind the division leading Milwaukee Brewers. With a few online sportsbook bets placed earlier today, the Cubs have secured part of a three team parlay wager for this evening placed at Betus.com, one of our best online sportsbooks offered here at CasinoReview.org. Divisional rivals the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays faced off this afternoon, and as luck would have it, the Jays finally beat the Yanks with a 3 run 7th inning to win 3-2 and cool off the Yankees hot streak. With only one game remaining tonight in my three team parlay wager, things are looking pretty good for a online sports betting win, provided that C.C. Sabathia and the Cleveland Indians can come out victorious tonight in Texas against the Rangers.

The AL west race is really starting to heat up between the Los Angeles Angels and the Seattle Mariners, two teams that are prime candidates for wagering on in our top sportsbooks here on our site. The Angels, who are trying to get out of their pre-All-Star break slump just finished off the Tampa Bay Devils Rays this afternoon as Kelvim Escobar went 7 2/3 innings of shutout baseball to secure the win. After an embarrassing loss last night at Tropicana Field, the Angels needed this bounce back win as they head next to Minnesota to take on the Twins who have just been swept by the Tigers and will no doubt be looking for retribution against the visiting Halos. Seattle will head for a weekend series starting tomorrow against the Toronto Blue Jays, now only two games behind the L.A. Angels for the division lead out West. Oakland has all but shot itself in the foot, as they have dropped all games so far this month up until Wednesday’s win against Texas. With the two teams above them, it will be tough to call whether or not the A’s will be able to rally back in August as they have become so notorious for doing in the year’s past. It’s certainly not the same team this year though, especially not without head coach Billy Beane calling the shots in the dugout.

With all my baseball wagering complete for the day, and work just having been finished, it’s off to Betonusa.com tonight for some online casino action, and hopefully a few more dollars placed in my online sports betting account. It’s been a long week thus far, but with tomorrow being Friday, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief before kicking back with a great weekend of sports and online sports betting. There are a few good games still left for wagering on this evening, including the Dodgers and the Mets tonight from Chavez Ravine, so if you haven’t done so already, head on down to one of our best online sportsbooks, and place a wager or tow. It’s a great night for baseball, and as always and great night for betting on sports!

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Midweek online sportsbook betting at Sportsbook.com

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Wednesday is no different as there are a number of great match-ups available for wagering across our best online sports betting sites featured here at CasinoReview.org. Two contests scheduled for this evening have caught my wagering eye; both the Detroit Tigers vs. the Minnesota Twins, and the San Diego Padres vs. the New York Mets should make for great games to watch, and hopefully profitable to wager on. The 22 year old Andrew Miller, who has shown thus far to be an outstanding prospect with an ERA just over three, will go up against the almighty Johan Santana tonight from the Metrodome in what should be a great contest. With my Sportsbook.com account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on this game, taking the Tigers to overcome the Twins. It may be a slightly risky wager, but Detroit has done well at putting up the numbers, even on quality pitchers such as Santana. As for the NY Mets v. San Diego Padres, that is another story altogether. With Greg Maddux up against John Maine tonight, it’s almost a coin flip who will come out on top this evening in San Diego. I’ll have to go with the home team in this one, as this should be a close contest between two great teams.

There are plenty of other games to choose from tonight, and since the past few days have been pretty good to me, it’s time to bust out a few more parlay wagers at Sportsbook.com, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. I can’t bring myself to bet against the Yanks tonight, who face Toronto at home, so as a start to another parlay wager, this will be a first game taken. I’ve got to take the Yankees with the points in this game, as they have been pretty good at lighting up teams at home, especially since starting to turn their season around. Also for this sportsbook wager, I’ve got to throw in the Colorado Rockies, who have been streaking lately and are facing the dreadful Pittsburgh Pirates, who couldn’t seem to get a winning season even if they paid for one. It would make 6 straight losses for the Bucs. Again, I’ll take the Rockies with the point spread, as they should have no problem getting by Pittsburgh this evening. With the last wager of the parlay bet, there is a classic match-up between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs, both of whom will be featuring great pitching tonight. Unfortunately for the Giants, their great pitching has no run support, as is shown by Matt Cain’s mid-3 ERA and 3-10 win-loss record. Carlos Zambrano should have no problem closing the deal tonight, as the Cubbies are really starting to play some good baseball. Lou Pinella is slowly but surely turning this team around, and I really hope to see them in the post-season this year.

Get you online sports bets placed in our top sportsbooks here tonight, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out Sportsbook.com if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook and casino.

Aaron G.

MLB betting is a great way to cash in on online sportsbook wagering

After a fairly successful Monday night of online sports betting, Tuesday would be more of the same, as there is continual baseball action to be had betting on Major League Baseball. First and foremost, I would like to point out what a great website Intertops.com happens to be, as it is not only my chosen website for the evening, but has consistently been one of my favorite online sports betting sites over the past five years (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/intertops.html”>read the review of Intertops</a>). I have had nothing but great service, great online casino opportunities, and quick payouts since beginning a relationship with this company. That being said, for Tuesday I’m going back to their site, where my first wager has to fall on Jake Peavy and the San Diego Padres, who face a tough match-up at home against the Mets today. Where the Padres have slumped a little in run production, their pitching staff has more than made up for it, and a big thanks comes to the work-horse performances offered by Jake Peavy throughout the year.

For tonight’s game against the Mets, I’ll be taking the Padres with the line, and hoping for another solid outing. Elsewhere, the always exciting Detroit Tigers turn their attention to the Minnesota Twins, and I’m hoping that the Tigers will be up to the task tonight as I’ve bet on them to win outright in the Twin Cities. Hoping for a bit more of the same winning ways I’ve experienced so far this week, one more wager taking the Marlins, Pirates and Astros with a five dollar parlay wager seems like a random and fun way to blow a little bit of the hard-earned cash from this weekend. Well, maybe it’s not so hard earned, but it’s also not often that wagering money can stretch through a weekend and three days into the week without me finding a way to blow it on a ridiculous wager. Take my advice: if you’ve won a bit of money, remember to put some of it aside before betting any further. It’s always nice to have a bit of change to fall back on instead of blowing all your winnings right away.

Perhaps the actual team match-ups might not be all that exciting this evening, but that can sometimes be grounds for the best online sports betting opportunities. There are quite a few lower order pitchers throwing for good teams, so take a look at some underdogs this evening to potentially cash in on some unlikely wagers. Being a real fan of the game’s intricacies, I really don’t care who’s playing, as long as there is good hitting, good pitching, or both on a given night.  I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by CasinoReview.org.

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Getting a new week off to a great start with sportsbook betting wins

I have certainly been fortunate to cash in on some well-placed online sportsbook betting so far. Knocking on wood will now be necessary. Nonetheless,  the action in the MLB has been outstanding coming off of the All-Star Break, and even a few of my co-workers, who normally aren’t that big of baseball fans, admit to having a great time placing at a recommended site, Sportsbook.com. With the extra dough made in last night’s games, I will be able to put down some more money on Major League Baseball, which is quickly coming up to the 100 game mark of the season. Check out some of our best online betting sites, if you haven’t already done so, and place a couple of bets on baseball. It’s a great game to get behind the numbers on, and as a fairly poor statistician, I could use a little bit MLB baseball to improve how I place bets overall. When you play the odds and the match-ups correctly, you win more plain and simple.

Betting on the odds, my first wager will have to be on rookie Kason Gabbard and his new team, the Boston Red Sox, to prevail at home over the Kansas City Royals. I’ve been impressed with this kid so far this year, as he has a nasty set of pitches to work with, as well as a smart head on his shoulders. Going over to www.Sportsbetting.com, another one of our best online sportsbooks, I’ll drop a few bucks on the BoSox, as well as the LA Dodgers vs. the Philadelphia Phillies, which should be another good match-up. Hopefully, the Dodgers starting pitcher Brad Penny will continue his great form shown already, and give me one more win tonight. When he’s not hurt, this guy is a workhorse that can’t be stopped. For my sake and for the Dodgers, I’m hoping that he will be able to pull out his eleventh victory of the year when they face the Phillies tonight. If you haven’t bet on Brad Penny yet this year, hop on over to one of our featured online sportsbooks and get in on the action, because this guy is as close to a sure bet as I’ve ever seen.

Mondays are generally not great days for us working folk, however with so much to choose from in our top sportsbooks, no day is really too bad when you have plenty of sports betting action to choose from.  Drop into one of our online sports gambling sites, get some good sports betting advice where you can, and place your wagers for today’s action. There is plenty to choose from at www.CasinoReview.org, and we hope for you the best of luck in your online sports gambling endeavors. We hope to see you again soon, and thank you for dropping by and checking us out.

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Getting Lucky on our best online sports betting websites

It’s not everyday that every sportsbook bet placed turns out to be a winner, so capitalizing on that type of day is crucial, and online sportsbook betting on Major League Baseball is perfect for stretching out a couple wins into even more winning sports bet. Being ever the optimist, I’m back at it again for more wagers at Sportsbook.com after winning a couple of good parlay bets yesterday. For betting on Sunday night, certainly the West Coast game of the evening for me will be the ball game between the Detroit Tigers and the Seattle Mariners, with both teams looking to tally up some much needed division wins. There should be a great battle in store for sports fans tonight with the two teams squaring off at the magnificent Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington, so if you haven’t done any sports betting for this evening, definitely check this game out. I’ve got to wager on Detroit with the line this evening, as Jeff Weaver has been disastrous for the M’s this year.

Other great Major League Baseball games in store for Thursday night include the Boston Red Sox playing host in a series against the Toronto Blue Jays. With Josh Beckett on the mound at home, I would be reluctant to bet against the BoSox, and with that in mind have taken another wager for Boston to win with the line given at Sportsbook.com. This is the last game of the series in which Boston and Toronto have split the previous two games, and I’m hoping that Boston will come out on top in the rubber game of the series. I’m still counting on Boston’s strong pitching, and big bats at home to pull out a victory for me this evening, and move even further away from the New York Yankees, who managed to lose today agains the Devil Ray 6-4 in Tampa Bay. It’s been a very uncharacteristic year for the Yankees, and it is still a huge shock to see a team with a near 200 million dollar payroll sitting at just below .500 on the year.

Our best online sports betting sites have all the Major League Baseball games at your fingertips, so if you aren’t able to have your choice of what games to watch, you can still get in on the action online. With everyday being a great day for wagering on baseball, make sure to check out all the sports betting advice online, and utilize any online sports websites to get all the pertinent facts for betting on gameday. I’ve been pretty successful so far this year with baseball betting. I certainly owe a lot of that to the wealth of information available to sports fans online, and have definitely seen the benefits of utilizing online stats pages and sports write-ups. So hop on to one of our great online sportsbooks here at CasinoReview.org, and enjoy a great Tuesday full of Major League Baseball.

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Weekend betting at PlayersOnly.com

It’s nice to have plenty of options for your online sports betting, however sometimes it can be a difficult task deciding what websites offer quality service, and which ones may leave you arguing over payouts, or at worse not being able to contact any support for managing your hard earned money. Fortunately, that is why our website and CasinoReview.org exists. Through a long tour of duty judging and participation at online sportsbooks around the internet, we here are able to offer quality online sportsbook reviews in order for you to choose from a much smaller pool of the best online sports betting sites on the internet. Making my rounds each week, I try to navigate through a handful of sportsbooks available on our site for betting on sports, and today’s website address lands on PlayersOnly.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html”>read the review of Players Only</a>). A sportsbook first type of website, I have had a great experience thus far with the easily navigable website, quick payouts, and simple account management. For Saturday, MLB baseball bets will be placed at this site, in hoping that I can make a buck or two without having to be at the daily grind to do so.

Major League Baseball in the second half of the season is already focused on the playoffs, and I will be the first to say how quickly this season has gotten to this point. As always, the selection of games is always abundant at any of our best online sportsbooks and today I’ve decided to go all American League for my sports betting. As usual, the Seattle Mariners are on top of the list, as the again take on the Detroit Tigers at home today. Miggy Batista goes up against the veteran Kenny Rogers, and I’ve got 10 bucks riding on a Mariners victory to bounce back from the Grand Slam by Gary Sheffield that did the M’s in yesterday. Taking the Twins as well in another bet seems like a good decision today, as Minnesota looks to be pulling it together for another run at a division title. Johan Santana had it working yesterday in a 5-3 win over the Oakland A’s, and I’ll keep the ball rolling with the Twins to see if they can’t grab their sixth straight win today. With a little room for one more wager, another parlay wager taking the Yankees and the Red Sox will hopefully score a nice little addition for today’s online sports betting.

I must say that I, like many of you are in pure heaven with all the Major League Baseball being played everyday. Like an addict that fiends for more, the All-Star break certainly had me missing the daily excitement, top plays, and division rivalries that is making this season great. Keep up to date with baseball action here and with all the great online sports betting advice offered at great sites like PlayersOnly.com. Wishing you the best of betting luck this weekend at our featured online sportsbooks we at CasinoReview.org thank you for checking out our online sportsbook reviews, and hope that you have as much fun using our featured websites as we do. Check in tomorrow for continued updates in the sports world, as we’ll continue to write as long as you continue to love sports and online sports betting.

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The Weekend is finally here!

It always seems as though the longest week of work in a given year comes after returning from vacation. Thankfully, Friday is finally upon us all, and online sportsbook betting is back in full gear with the return of a complete line up of baseball games to choose from, as well as a featured NASCAR Nextel Cup event, the UGS 400 being run this Sunday in Chicago. You can be sure that the action in our top sportsbooks will be great this weekend, as there are plenty of MLB games to choose from, and a couple days’ worth of free time for all of us hard working folk to enjoy. Friday night headed back to normal with a returning heap of 15 games to choose from in our best online sports betting sites, and I for one was quick to jump on a few games, and throwdown some money before heading into on of our featured online casinos at Betonusa.com. It’s been a while since I’ve been back at this casino, and with a free night to do as I please, what better way to spend it than kicking back with some Texas Hold ‘Em, and watching a little baseball!

For online betting on Friday night, a few games caught my immediate attention, especially the West Coast Series between the L.A. Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. Now I know that the Giants are having a rough year, but it’s still fun to watch this match-up, as the storied history between these two teams dates back to early in the 20th century when both teams were still playing in New York. Now I couldn’t bring myself to expect that this game would be close, as I threw some money down on Los Angeles with the line, but I must say that for a Friday night game it should be an interesting one. Matt Cain, the starter for the Giants is having a great year save for the fact that his team doesn’t give him any support. With a 3-9 record going into tonight’s game, and a sub 3.50 earned run average, it is plain to see just how bad the Giants are offensively. I would except tonight’s outcome to be no different than has been the case when these two teams have met recently, so taking the Dodgers with the line is the right bet for this one tonight.

Another great match-up tonight takes place with Greg Maddux on the hill for the Padres, who have a divisional showdown with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Maddux has had a rough go with the Dbacks in his career, so my wager at Betonusa.com will have to take the Snakes to come through once again. This NL West division is definitely something to keep an eye on, as the Padres, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks are all in it for the long haul. Also of note tonight, the Mariners and Tigers square up once again in Seattle, with both teams vying for the top spot in their respective divisions. It should be a great night for baseball, and hopefully for online casino play, so head on down to one of our featured sports betting websites here at CasinoReview.org, and have yourself a great Friday night!

Aaron G.

Major League Baseball sportsbook betting back on track

After the MLB All-Star break is over and the season commences again, it’s almost like witnessing the start of a new season, save for the fact that most teams won’t be on the same win-loss playing field. With most teams already having played about 90 games thus far, the post season is firmly planted in every team’s minds, and the excitement for online sports betting is sure to get even more intense. For Thursday’s baseball action in our top sportsbooks featured here at CasinoReview.org, five American League games and one sole National League game was on tap for sports betting fans if not to just give a taste of the second half of the season’s beginning. With only a small chunk of games, why not drop into one of our best online sportsbooks and plant a wager on all the games today? I’d managed to convince myself of that idea, so going over to Sportsbook.com, two parlay wagers would be placed, in the hopes that the second half of the MLB season would get off to a roaring start.

With the only NL game being played in New York with the Mets up against the Reds tonight, it would be hard to place a wager on the Cincinnati Reds, and the dismal Bronson Arroyo, who came into the game with a 3-9 record. With ‘El Duque’ Orlando Hernandez quietly having a decent season this year, the Mets won 3-2 at home with back-to-back home runs to start off the game, securing the first piece of a three team parlay wager. Unfortunately for this bet, regardless of the White Sox also winning against the Orioles this evening, a controversial wager to take the Toronto Blue Jays over the Boston Red Sox did not come to fruition. Roy Halladay got shelled early, giving up a four spot in the first inning which sealed the fate of his team in a 7-4 loss in Boston. The 4.66 ERA sported by Roy Halladay this year has been really surprising, as his performance is nowhere near that of the past few seasons. On the other hand though, with this bet going down in flames, there would still be one more chance at online sports betting retribution, as the second three team parlay bet of the day featured the charging Yankees, my hometown Mariners, and the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees are definitely making their move, and they will have to right now. Although playing the awful Tampa Bay Devil Rays, every win will count for New York, and the 7-3 victory this evening secured the Yanks even at .500 ball for the year. In Minnesota, two quick strikes against a hot pitcher in Chad Gaudin secured a 6-2 win for the Twins, and making the AL West all the more difficult for the Oakland A’s to get back in. Last but certainly not least, the Seattle Mariners came through in the clutch to secure a 3-2 over the Detroit Tigers and in the process scoring a much need betting win at Sportsbook.com for this writer. Quietly, the Mariners have crept to within two games of the division leading L.A. Angels, who prior to the break had dropped 8 of their last 12 games, while Seattle’s next 13 out of 16 games will be against under .500 teams. With so many division leading teams struggling, it is anybody’s call who will be leaders at the end of the year. Get in to the rivalries with some online sportsbook betting on our great websites featured here at CasinoReview.org. You won’t want to miss out on all this MLB action, which is guaranteed to have plenty of great sportsbook wagering opportunities.

Aaron G.