Friday night Sports betting to close out the month

I, like anyone else, love Fridays. Not only is it a chance to get away from work for a few days (hopefully), but it’s a great opportunity to get down to business on one of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos for a night of online action. With the NFL season now within about a week and with Major League Baseball streaking toward the post-season, what better way to spend a little bit of time and money than by trying to cash in on some Friday night sportsbook betting? For this evening, it’s back to one of the staples of online sports betting here at at the featured site, With two NFL preseason games taking place today as part of the final flurry of games before the regular season starts, I for one can’t resist throwing a little money on these games and sitting back with the delighted notion that I don’t have to be at work tomorrow!

For sports betting today, the two NFL football games give a good look into four potentially very good teams, as the Baltimore Ravens match-up against the Atlanta Falcons, and the Indianapolis Colts take on the Cincinnati Bengals. These two contests will be a tough choice for any sports bettor to choose a winner on, so I’ve decided to throw together a small parlay wager taking the two home teams, Atlanta and Cincinnati, to win today. It’s been a pretty successful venture betting on the home team this preseason, so for today and through this weekend I would recommend doing a bit more of the same. Since the preseason only really matters for testing out strengths and weaknesses with little more at stake than saving a bit of face, it has seemed that home teams want to give their fans a little something extra and generally have come out on top. Hopefully that theory will continue for Friday night, as I know that anybody could use a bit more change in their online sportsbook accounts, just like I could.

For baseball action to finish out the month tonight, there are some tough picks to be made, so I’ll stick to a few easier calls. St. Louis has been a steady horse this month, and betting on them against the Reds should be a good choice. Cleveland gets the struggling Chicago White Sox, which should be a quick way to pick up a few bucks with a wager on the Indians. John Maine gets the call for the NY Mets against the Braves and Tim Hudson, which will be the best pitching match-up of the night, and will be a good game to check out. The Mets are looking to end a skid tonight, but it will be a coin toss to see if they get it, considering the caliber of pitching in store for the game. With a weekend full of sports betting action, it’s a good time to get down to one of your favorite online sports betting sites, and get your wagers placed. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for using the featured online sportsbooks and casinos for your online betting excitement!

Aaron G.

College Football Starts Tonight!

There are times when you should be excited about betting on sports and being a sports fan in general. Then there are those times when a new season starts (maybe it’s one of your favorites) and a whole new world of online sportsbook betting opens up for you. Well look no further folks, because I’m certainly one happy camper to announce that NCAA College Football has arrived and I for one am all over taking out a few wagers and watching some great opening game action tonight. While their may just be a few (four in fact) games being played tonight, it’s a perfect opportunity for any sports betting fan, whether seasoned or an amateur, to hop online at one of our best online sports betting sites, and start out the season with a few bets. Definitely one of the best games of the night will be the opening game of the LSU Tigers, who take on the home team Mississippi State. The game is just about to get underway, and I will be sure to squeeze in a bet to take LSU with the points in this one.

Other College Football games tonight include Boise State playing host to Weber State, Rutgers against Buffalo, and Louisville against Murray State. While these may not be the great match-ups that we all have hoped for, it will certainly give a good look at a handful of ranked teams that should all be looking for a BCS bid of some sort. Without question, both Louisville and Rutgers should slam their opening game opponents, and likewise I’ve taken the liberty of going to my favorite online sportsbook and casino at (<a href=””>read the review of BetonUSA</a>) and taken a parlay bet with both teams covering the spread. It might not be a bad idea to take the points in these games, as both Rutgers and Louisville have been predicted to have very good seasons. I certainly am more willing to go with experienced word than my own, so make sure that you utilize all the helpful sports betting advice found on our featured online sportsbooks, or peruse through the helpful pages of for more information on College Football.

With all this excitement of College Football today, I must remind everyone that there are still more NFL preseason games today, as well as the usual bevy of Major League Baseball contests. It is a great day to be a sports fan, and as always a great day to learn about the best online sportsbooks and casinos here at Until tomorrow, good luck in your betting, and have fun with all the great sportsbook action in store for you!

Aaron G.

Wednesday night online sports betting

For this Wednesday, it’s a full night of betting at (<a href=””>read the review of PlayersOnly</a>), with a few online sportsbook wagers, combined with a trip to their fine online casino for a bit of gambling action. has been a staple of online sportsbook betting for years, and for me has always been one of the few sites that I have returned to on a frequent basis due to it’s solid sportsbook layout, quick payments, and a lucky draw over the past year. With Wednesday night being packed with Major League Baseball games, and more NFL preseason and College Football games up and coming, there will no doubt be at least a couple of online sports bets that I’ll stumble upon this evening.

Being a baseball purist, and sticking to my guns, my online sportsbook betting tonight will center around a parlay wager and a few loose bets on the MLB. For the parlay wager, I certainly can’t help throwing the Boston Red Sox to get a big win against the New York Yankees tonight, and thus I’ll bet on the BoSox with Josh Beckett on the mound and take the points in this bet. The Seattle Mariners finish their disappointing series with the L.A. Angels today, and no matter what the Mariners can’t seem to buy a break against the Halos. Adding in the L.A. Angels with Jerrod Weaver looking for his tenth win of the season, I’ll call that good for the parlay bet, and hope that choosing favorites again won’t come back to bite me as it has done a few times recently. I’m also looking forward to Oliver Perez pitching for the Mets tonight, who looks to hold down the Philadelphia Phillies tonight. Going for his twelfth win of the season with a mid-three ERA, this could be one of the most underrated and under-mentioned pitchers of the year. Going against former Mariner veteran Jamie Moyer, this game has playoff implications as the Phillies are still trying to rally into the postseason.

With great baseball action all around, there is plenty of great action at our best online sportsbooks featured here at This weekend will definitely have more of the same great wagering opportunities, so check out our online sportsbook reviews, peruse some of our great sites offered here, and place your bets on Major League Baseball. Those playing in the big games this week should be providing a few fireworks as teams are counting on their big guns to get to the post season, so count on some exciting MLB baseball betting throughout the next few weeks. Thanks for checking us out here at, and good luck betting on sports throughout the weekend.

Aaron G.

MLB betting is a great way to cash in on online sportsbook wagering

After a fairly successful Monday night of online sports betting, Tuesday would be more of the same, as there is continual baseball action to be had betting on Major League Baseball. First and foremost, I would like to point out what a great website happens to be, as it is not only my chosen website for the evening, but has consistently been one of my favorite online sports betting sites over the past five years (<a href=””>read the review of Intertops</a>). I have had nothing but great service, great online casino opportunities, and quick payouts since beginning a relationship with this company. That being said, for Tuesday I’m going back to their site, where my first wager has to fall on Andy Pettitte and the New York Yankees, who face a tough match-up at home against the Boston Red Sox and Disuke Matsuzaka today. New York is coming on strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the pinstripes grab two out of three in this home stand as they look to catch-up to the division leading BoSox.

For tonight’s game against the Red Sox, I’ll be taking the Yankees straight up, and hoping for another solid outing from veteran Andy Pettitte. Elsewhere, the always exciting Detroit Tigers turn their attention to the Kansas City Royals, and I’m hoping that the Tigers will be up to the task tonight as I’ve bet on them to beat the points in KC. Hoping for a bit more of the same winning ways I’ve experienced so far this week, one more wager taking the Rangers, Pirates and Cardinals with a ten dollar parlay wager seems like a random and fun way to blow a little bit of the hard-earned cash from this weekend. Well, maybe it’s not so hard earned, but it’s also not often that wagering money can stretch through a weekend and three days into the week without me finding a way to blow it on a ridiculous wager. Take my advice: if you’ve won a bit of money, remember to put some of it aside before betting any further. It’s always nice to have a bit of change to fall back on instead of blowing all your winnings right away.

There are quite a few good games in store for online sportsbook betting tonight, so take a look at some underdogs this evening to potentially cash in on some unlikely wagers. Being a real fan of the game’s intricacies, I really don’t care who’s playing, as long as there is good hitting, good pitching, or both on a given night.  I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by

Aaron G.

Monday Sports betting at

It’s high time for a new introduction at, and what better way to introduce a new online sportsbook and casino than by signing up and dropping a few online sportsbook wagers today! Although this ‘new’ website has been in action for years, I’ve certainly been an online sportsbook bettor that likes to stick to what he knows best it also could be said that the fact that I’m registered at no less than 10 different online sports betting sites has deterred my interest in expanding further. Nonetheless, when an online sportsbook and casino with a great history and reputation for being user friendly and reliable pops up, I owe it to myself and to sports bettors everywhere to check it out. So far, has offered a quick and easy sign up, and as easy of an account set up as any one can ask for residing in the U.S.A. With a great reputation and years of outstanding service, has grown to be one of the best all-around sports betting websites, and I’m excited to get to play my hand on the site today.

Monday Night Football in any form is a great opportunity for any sports betting enthusiast, and the night’s match-up between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Michael Vick-less Atlanta Falcons will be a great chance to enjoy the evening after a hard days’ work. I’ve got my scratch down for the Bengals tonight, and I’m hoping to see what will become the makings of a playoff run for the boys in tiger stripes. Cincinnati was a great disappointment last year, and with the same team helmed by Carson Palmer with another year of experience, my expectations for this team are high. On the other side of the ball, Joey Harrington gets his first real shot this season to prove what he’s really worth, as Atlanta has a very solid team themselves, and should also be bound for the post season. With my wager placed at, it’s time to kick back, enjoy the football game, and hope for the right outcome.

Of quick note, in Major League Baseball this week, there are a couple of very important series taking place, most notably the L.A. Angels traveling to Seattle to take on the Mariners in a three game series. Meanwhile, the Yankees finish up their series with Detroit, and will move on to a very important home stand against the Boston Red Sox. These two series and more will undoubtedly keep baseball fans happy, and the online sportsbooks full of people looking to get in on the great action. Get in for yourself this week, and prepare yourself for the upcoming start of NCAA College Football season. It’s exciting times here at and it’s more than worth your while to head to one of our best online sportsbooks and get in on the action today!

Aaron G.

Sunday Night Football, more great sports betting on Baseball

Although the stakes are different for the regular season, and perhaps not all the stars are out in full force during the preseason, nonetheless this time of year is an exciting precursor to the thrills of the regular NFL season, and every game is just as good a chance to make some money betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at For a quiet Sunday night, there is a classic match-up between two Pennsylvania teams; the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles square off in Pittsburgh tonight and no matter what anyone says about preseason games, there is always something at stake when two teams of this caliber get together. I’ve got to go with Pittsburgh in this game, as it seems as though Ben Rothlisberger needs to help convince his home team crowd that he is indeed the same Quarterback that led his team to a Superbowl Championship. Pittsburgh is looking good in the preseason, even with their star linebacker Joey Porter out of the picture, and will definitely be a good team to take all the way into the playoffs.

For Major League Baseball today, there are plenty more great online sports betting opportunities to be had, and great match-ups to watch. Sunday afternoon is a fantastic time to head down to one of our best online sportsbooks and drop a few wagers before sitting back and enjoying the last evening of freedom before the work week starts back up. I’m certainly interested in the New York Yankees vs. the Detroit Tigers game, which has heavy consequences for my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners. All three teams are battling for a prize fourth playoff seed with the Wild Card birth, and at this point there is no telling who will come out on top. Good games to do a little betting on include the St. Louis Cardinals against the Atlanta Braves, and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the New York Mets. St. Louis have been storming back in the second half of the year, and with their current hot streak, they’ve got to be favorites in today’s game. Also, for the Los Angeles Dodgers, David Wells is back in action, and I for one can’t resist betting on the big guy in his match-up against the Mets and John Maine. This should be a great pitching duel, and I will be tuning into this game today as well.

It’s been a great weekend of sports and the possibility of the upcoming week filled with more NFL action, the NCAA College Football season starting, and the stride towards the MLB postseason will undoubtedly make online sports betting all the more exciting. Check out our online sportsbook reviews here at, and choose the right sports betting website for your online sportsbook wagering. Enjoy the rest of the evening, and as always good luck in all your bets. Thank you for choosing our website for your choice of the best online sports betting sites anywhere.

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Weekend online sports betting update with plenty of NFL Football

Its days like today that make a sports fan really glad to be just that: who else can really appreciate seeing a full lineup of games across Major League Baseball and the National Football League, and fully appreciate how long of a wait it has been for the start of a new sports season? We sports fans have it lucky this week, and online sportsbook betting has never been better in my opinion. You can claim on and on that we’re still only in the preseason rounds of the NFL, or that Major League Baseball is starting to become more difficult with choosing the right sportsbook bets, but I say that the more game the merrier and the tougher the betting gets, the better bettor you will become. Like that? Yeah, I may be a goof, but at least I have fun doing it! Anyways, Saturdays online sports betting platter is completely stuffed with NFL games, and if it weren’t for the fact that it is still preseason, this amount of games makes it feel like a regular season Sunday, and I’m going to go ahead and pretend that it is. There are nine games for sports betting on this afternoon, and although at the beginning of the preseason I will freely admit my apprehension towards betting on football before the season starts, it’s been a successful turn of the page that has seen my betting record go to 10-5 before the regular season this year. Needless to say me, as well as my various online sportsbook accounts are very happy so far

I’m actually going to go out on a limb today and take some risk betting on sports in one of our best online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). I’ve never felt comfortable betting on my home team (the Seattle Seahawks) in the preseason, but today will be different. They are at home against Minnesota today, and the ‘Hawks will be up to show their home crowd that they are firing on most, if not all cylinders heading into the regular season. Likewise, the same goes for Indianapolis, who is looking for their first win, even if all of this doesn’t matter in the long run. There is something to be said about saving face at home right now, especially after you’ve lost a few games. Indianapolis still looks to be a contender again this year and today’s game against the Detroit Lions should have them coming out ahead, even if not by much. I still don’t think that Detroit has it this year, no matter what the talk is, or what the team itself is talking about their chances. I’m always going to be skeptical of a team with Jon Kitna at the helm.

Make sure to check out all the sports betting opportunities at our best online sportsbooks today, as we all deserve to take a little break from work, and maybe even make some money just sitting around. Even if preseason football isn’t your thing, there is always the presence of Major League Baseball, which is now within 40 games of the playoffs. It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan, and as good a time as any to get online to your favorite sportsbook and place a few wagers. As always, thank you for stopping by our website, and getting all the best online sportsbook reviews for some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet. Get your bets placed and get into the action today and tonight, as you won’t want to miss out on all the great sports betting to be had on Saturday.

Aaron G.

Friday night is for Football!

Well, apparently as people a little less lame than myself might freely disclose, Friday nights should be for other things like going out, partying, etc. Not for me my friends! This Friday night, after a long and tedious work week, will be for throwing the ol’ feet up on the table, heading to one of my favorite online sports betting sites, and dropping a few wagers before the games begin. And yes, if you were wondering, I am leaving work early to do this. The Tennessee vs. Buffalo game gets underway earliest at 7:00 PM ET, and after that both the New England vs. Carolina and the St. Louis vs. Oakland games will be soon to follow. I don’t care that it’s preseason; today I only care that it is football, and that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I’ve got money riding on the Carolina Panthers tonight, as I’m sticking to my best-teams-have-the-worst-preseason record scenario. It’s certainly paid off thus far between betting against New England and Indianapolis, however I nervously await to see whether or not my luck holds out for another night of online sportsbook betting on the NFL preseason.

In the one day game for Major League Baseball this afternoon, the Boston Red Sox have opened up a can on the Chicago White Sox, beating them handily 11-3 while Josh Beckett becomes the first in the majors to amass 16 wins. With him getting most likely six or seven more starts before the end of the year, Beckett may very well make his first twenty game winning year, and help the Red Sox cause to put down the New York Yankees who have been nipping at their heels in the last few months. The second game of the BoSox v. White Sox double header is coming around in about an hour’s time, and I’m actually going to have to take Chicago in this one, as Curt Schilling is a little off to me at present. Going to for the online sports wager, I hope that my insight is staying up for the Major Leagues, especially as I become more and more distracted at the quickly coming NFL regular season.

Toronto and the L.A. Angels have a game worth betting on tonight, especially as Roy Halladay looks to try and break one of the most powerful home team ball clubs in the league. I’ve got money riding on pitching tonight, as I’m hoping my online sportsbook bet on the Blue Jays won’t go down as so many have when betting against the Angels at home.  The Seattle Mariners could very well tie for first place in the A.L West tonight with a win against the Texas Rangers, and a loss for the Angels. In the Wild Card race, Seattle maintains a slight lead on the New York Yankees, who hook up with Detroit tonight in what will be a very highly contested series as far as the Wild Card is concerned. All around there is more and more great online sportsbook betting opportunities, and this will be a great weekend for that. Enjoy your time off, and thanks again for choosing the best online sportsbooks and casinos through our site at

Aaron G.

A great day for NFL football and Major League baseball action

Happy Thursday to everyone and I must say what a great Thursday it is for online sports betting. This evening’s preseason games in the NFL having just been completed, I’m happy to report that betting on football in indeed possibly a profitable venture! Having just seen the New Orleans vs. Kansas City game, and watching the Saints mow threw the Chiefs with ease, my online sportsbook wager placed at turned into a small little plus to my account right before the weekend starts. As stated before, I don’t necessarily condone preseason sportsbook wagering of any kind, but I must be honest and say that is has been a little bit fun wagering this year. I’ve never personally done it before, and it’s most certainly enjoyable trying to pick the correct team at this point in the year. Taking a gamble tonight, Drew Brees and his potent offense let lose in the second quarter to score enough points to win without the other 17 in the fourth. I’m not sure if it’s too early too call, but I’m guessing that Kansas City may have a bit of a rough year in the AFC West

Moving on to baseball this evening, the online sports betting for the night was to take Seattle to win and the L.A. Angels to lose, hoping desperately that Seattle’s current winning spree continues when the Angels’ does not. It seems that every time the Mariners pull within a few games of the AL West division leading Angels, they kick on a hot streak and pull away again. However, this evening as the Twins have won as well as the Dodgers and M’s, I’m sitting anxiously typing while watching the Angels with their backs to the wall at home for what seems to be a very rare occasion. Low and behold, the Angels score another run on a Vlad Guererro solo shot to center. It’s now a 5-4 score in the bottom of the 8th, and its crunch time for me tonight! I certainly hope that you’re enoying some of the action in store for this evening, because with under 40 games left, betting on sports is getting more and more exciting everyday towards the playoffs!

It’s going to be a great month of online sportsbook betting here at, and I can happily say that I’m relieved to see just a few new sports betting opportunities available. Major League Baseball provides the sports betting enthusiast a chance to place you wagers on proven teams, match-ups, pitchers and hitters, and it has been a great source of knowledge to play on a consistent basis, and try to improve my own online sports betting skills. I may not have too much of them, but I’m breaking just even, and having a great time being an engaged sports fan. Enjoy your Friday, get a few bets placed for the NFL preseason games tomorrow, if you’re feeling saucy; and thank you as always for coming to to check out the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered on the internet.

Aaron G.

Midweek online sports betting update

While I sit and wait for the NFL regular season to get underway, I’ve become more and more prone to finding myself betting on the NFL preseason match-ups, if only to take a break from the constant flow of Major League Baseball betting I’ve taken part in over the last 4 month straight. While there is still one more night left this evening before a few more NFL games get underway, I’m starting to feel better knowing that each day brings a new football season closer, and an opportunity to make some good money betting online in our featured online sportsbooks here at  Even though it’s still Wednesday, and I’m going against my basic tenets of sports betting on preseason games, I can’t help heading over to’s sportsbook and placing a few wagers for tomorrow’s games between the Jags and Packers, and the Saints and Chiefs. I guess that success begets the idea that more of the same will come, and as I’ve been shockingly successful in the NFL preseason with sports betting, I just can’t get away from any opportunity to make a bit of extra cash online.

That being said, even with football another day away, Wednesday night online sports betting will be as good as ever with continuing series between some of the best in the business right now. Though New York took a huge pounding last night from the Angels (who as I’ve kept reiterating seem to pummel good teams when on home turf), I’m taking the Yanks again in a take-a-hit-and-come-back-swinging approach to betting on New York. With such a good overall team, and no doubt a lot of pride at stake, I would (and am) betting on a comeback from the Yankees tonight, in what will be another good match-up on the mound between John Lackey of the Angels and Andy Petitte of the New York Yankees. With two veterans on the mound, I’m hoping that Petitte can keep the runs down long enough for New York to get on the board in force. Either way, it will be another great game to watch, and a great opportunity for interactive betting on sports.

With the last games in most present series finishing up today, It is definitely worth taking a look at our best online sports betting sites, and choosing some wagers on Major League Baseball. If you haven’t gotten your wagers placed yet, head on over to one of our featured online sportsbooks and get on it! There’s a few more hours left before the East Coast night games start, and as always, playoff implications makes watching the MLB very exciting at this time. Wishing you the best of luck this evening and always, thanks again for checking out the best onlines sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here at

Aaron G.