Wednesday Sports betting update, with more online wagering

Well folks, the dreaded Tuesday curse has struck me yet again! With my online sportsbook betting looking pretty solid yesterday midway through each of the games chosen in a parlay bet at, it looked as though I might be able to slip past Tuesday unscathed for the first time in a month. However to my profound disappointment, My wagers for Tuesday collapsed as New York failed to do their part, with Boston putting the hammer down on the Oakland A’s to secure one third of the parlay wager, and the New York Yankee’s bullpen falling to pieces against Tampa Bay to beat the points margin. Even the Toronto Blue Jays crushing the Baltimore Orioles 11-4 could not help my wager after Tampa Bay’s mighty comeback. While it is certainly true that anyone betting on sports at our best online sports betting sites will inevitably face some ups and downs, it is almost comical know how Tuesday keeps biting back at me on every wager.

Enough of the not-so-sunny details of my personal betting in our top sportsbooks. It’s on to Wednesday, with the week half over and more great baseball games ahead, right? Right. With the Yankees losing on Tuesday, it will be at least one more day before they can clinch the Wild Card spot over the Detroit Tigers, as now it is official that the Seattle Mariners are out of playoff contention. With only the AL East really up for grabs, it’s certainly time to focus the betting where the action is, and that’s the National League. Big games today include the ongoing series between the Atlanta Braves, and the Philadelphia Phillies, which has big consequences of the NL Wild Card chase. Philly is only 2 games behind the New York Mets in the NL East, and I’m still rooting for the Phillies to get into the playoff somehow, some way, and thus taking them to win tonight. Betting on the teams in the NL Wild Card seems like a very good way to make for an interesting day of betting on sports. I’m going with Colorado over the L.A. Dodgers, as Derek Lowe has been horrible down the stretch and the Dodgers are out of contention. Jake Peavy gets the start for San Diego tonight against San Francisco, and I just can’t bet against the Padres ace.

It’s going to be a very hectic night of baseball, with many possible outcomes to the postseason. Check out the madness that is the National League for Major League Baseball betting, and I can almost guarantee that whatever your wagers, there will be some great baseball action to back it up. Check out our best online sportsbooks here at, and have a great night watching baseball!

Aaron G.

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