A Wild and Crazy Sunday to end the Month, MLB Baseball Season

All I can say is: WOW. When I woke up this morning, anxious to see how the end of the MLB season would turn out as well as the day’s NFL football games, I as well as all sports fans ended up with a pretty big treat for Sunday afternoon. Not only was there great online sports betting action to be had betting on football, but the National League Playoff race in the National League turned out just like I had hoped, with a one game playoff to decide the final spot in the NL Wild Card race. With the San Diego Padres losing two games in a row to the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Rockies winning to secure the one game tie-breaker, there now will be one game left before the post season starts later this week, and I for one couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the October playoff season.

For Sunday’s sports betting at one of our top sportsbooks, I chose Playersonly.com for betting on sports, squeezing in a few baseball games and a few football games to immerse myself in as much sports action as possible. With the NL Race on the line, I just couldn’t resist betting on all the teams involved, and ended up wagering on the Philadelphia Phillies to win their game today against Washington, the Mets to lose their game against the Marlins (which would mean betting for Philly to squeeze into the NL East Title), and also for the Padres to lose against the Brewers to give the Rockies a shot to get to a tie-breaker. To my surprise and excitemtent, everything I wanted to happen did, even if I feel a little bad for the Mets fans at the end of the day. It’s sad the Tom Glavine had to choose the last game of the season to get completely blown up, as the Marlins knocked him out before getting out of the first inning, with 7 runs and only one out into the game. Congratulations to Philadelphia, and their fans, who have waited 14 long years for this day!

For the Football side of things, my online sports betting wasn’t quite so lucky today. Choosing to wager one big parlay bet to focus more on MLB Baseball today, my bet fell apart after the Pittsburgh Steelers choked this afternoon against the Arizona Cardinals. I chose the right teams in the Detroit vs. Chicago, Green Bay vs. Minnesota, and Seattle vs. San Fran games, however if one goes they all go in parlay betting. Nonetheless, I still managed to break a little better than even with the sportsbook betting on baseball and it was certainly a great day for online sports betting, and for being a sports fan in general. With a great end to a great month, look forward to the MLB playoffs and more great action on our best online sportsbooks here at CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.

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