Basketball and Hockey online sports wagering on Halloween!

I certainly do love a good night with plenty of sports betting opportunities, and this Halloween night certainly has many options for those looking to venture into a little betting on sports at one of our best online sportsbooks featured at Having already enjoyed Halloween festivities this last weekend, tonight we’ve got a large handful of NBA games to pick and choose from, and also four pretty good NHL games for all the fans of the fastest game played. I’m staying in tonight, as I’ve got a couple parlay wagers set up for evening, and am just waiting to get home so I can relax and enjoy the great sports action. For tonight’s wagering, I’ve ventured back to the tried and true online sports betting site at, which has brought me plenty of luck over the course of the last year. is certainly one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and is quick and easy to use, offering outstanding support throughout the process if needed. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing my hometown Seattle Supersonics show off their new draft pick Kevin Durant, and you can bet that I’ll throw some money on that game, just to make watching it a little more interesting.

For the basketball wagering this evening, I can’t bring myself to bet on the Sonics against the Nuggets, as even though Seattle made good moves in the off-season, they are still in rebuild mode. Expect Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the Mile High guys to school Seattle at home from Denver. The Dallas Mavericks also take on Cleveland tonight in their home opener, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dallas get the better of the Cavs on their home court. I’ve got Dallas to win with the point spread in this game, adding it to a nice little three team parlay at For the last wager in the NBA tonight, I’ve got to bet on Rashard Lewis, an ex-Seattle Sonic, who starts for the Magic in his debut in Orlando. I’m hoping that it’s a good one as I’ve chosen the Magic to win straight up, finishing off my NBA betting for the evening. I managed to have some good luck yesterday with online sports betting on basketball, so I’m anxious to see if I can get a little hot streak going before the weekend starts and football needs all my money´┐Ż.

Last but certainly not least are the four scheduled NHL games, perfect for rounding up into another parlay wager this evening. These are going to be some tricky games to call, as all teams are hovering by the .500 mark so far this year, and no one team stands out against the other. I’ll take Dallas, New Jersey, and Florida to win, and the over/under for the Kings/Blue Jackets game. I expect to see some scoring in that affair, and hopefully I’ll get lucky and take home some extra cash for this wager. Nonetheless, it’s a great night of sports betting action to be had, so get down to one of our best online sportsbooks and get some wagers down before the day is over and the books have closed.

Aaron G.

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