Goodbye 2007, Hello online sportsbook betting!

As I bid a quick farewell to the year ’07, I must say how I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to participate in all the great sports action that has been provided by our featured online sportsbooks here at There have been ups, and there have been almost as many downs, but the experience and excitement of learning about betting on sports, sharpening the skills to be a true statistician in many different sporting types, and coming out a bit better than even has been amazing. Playing on all the different online sports betting sites here, every day of the year has something new to offer, and every one of these sites has provided excellent service in my quest to become a better bettor�yeah I’ll just leave it like that.

I’m certainly on a NCAA Football kick, as I’m just grasping on the fact that in one more week�there will be no more College Football to watch and wager on. (Sniff). Strong men do cry, Mr. Lebowski�strong Anyways, I’ve been waiting to take Oregon against South Florida today in the Sun Bowl, as I know that Oregon has got to prove to only themselves alone that they are better than the #21 ranked South Florida. This USF team is much like undefeated Hawaii�who have they played? No-one, that’s who. South Florida played a few good teams�and got beat by them. They’ll get beat by Oregon today, and in retrospect, it’s a shame that Oregon couldn’t pull it together and get in a better Bowl game. They are a definitely a much better team than their 9-4 record alludes to, even if they got canned by a few lesser PAC-10 teams at the end of the year.

I love the #23Auburn vs. #15 Clemson match-up, as a great ACC vs. SEC rivalry is never a bad time between two ranked teams. I’m going with Auburn in this one, if not only for the fact that they clutched up for me in last season’s bowl appearance. I’d love to score an underdog win in at least one bowl game this year, and two would be even better! Get your online sports betting in at one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at, and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!

Aaron G.

One last go for online sportsbook wagering on NFL Football

Before any wagers were placed on the multitude of sporting events offered on Sunday, it is easy to say that this is one of the best days in all of sports, and with so many options for betting on sports today, anyone traveling to one of our best online sportsbooks featured here will be delighted with all the choices, and great details for placing just the right wagers at the right time. While I wasn’t as lucky yesterday in NCAA Football wagering, with all this great action in store for today, I can just brush it off, and enjoy the last weekend of NFL football before the playoffs begin. I like two match-ups today between the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers, and the Green Bay Packers against the Detroit Lions. Cleveland has to win, and the 49ers don’t stand much of a chance today. Green Bay, at home, rolling into the playoffs = no chance for the down-trodden Detroit Lions, whose second half performance deflated a city much in need of some good fortune.

Wagering in our featured online sportsbooks has served me well thus far this week, if only for yesterday’s exception, because many of the contests had pretty discernable outcomes from the get go. However, with the NFL games today, I would have to predict that the outcomes are very much up in the air, if only because so many teams are playing with the playoffs already secured. With the great information available for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks, it would be wise to do a bit more research, as the many football games could go either way, and getting to know the second team players for teams like Indy, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh might come in handy. That being said, some online sports bets that I’m rooting for include Seattle and Atlanta with a bunch of points (Seattle’s D deserves the day off�), and Arizona over St. Louis to close out at 8-8.  To get my wagering fill, I took a bit of this week’s money I accrued from prior wagering and put it down on the featured online casino at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>).  I’ve got my wagers lined up for today, as I’m hoping you do as well, and can’t wait for the first game of the day to start.

I hope that you were able to take in a bit of relaxation this weekend, and that any wagers placed on our featured sportsbooks and online casinos turned out in your favor. Enjoy the last day of freedom before returning, and get into more exciting sports action this week by placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks at You can bet on the high quality of all the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site to provide you with exciting action, great casino play, and prompt service and payouts. Thanks once again for checking out our featured sportsbook and casino reviews!

Aaron G.

Sportsbook and casino wagering on a great Saturday night hopes that you’ve had a pleasant Friday, and the start of a great weekend heading to Saturday! I breathe a sigh of relief heading home today, as this week, to be honest, was just far too long.  Hopefully you were able to come settle back home after a long holiday, relax, and enjoy a few of the great basketball and hockey games being played, or get a chance to knuckle up for some casino action on one of our featured sports betting and casino sites. Luckily enough for this writer, placing a few bets on the NBA turned out to be a good investment, as the games have just ended with a notch in the win column for my parlay bet placed at The last game of the evening for my wagering has just ended, with the Cleveland Cavaliers getting clipped by contstantly impressive New Orleans team in a defensive 86-76 contest. LeBron James was held to only 21 points in the contest as the Hornets rolled to their fifth straight win, and set me up for a great night of online casino action at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). I am off to the Casinos to play some hands on the tables, and see if I can’t make this money go even farther!

Saturday may be for partying for most, but there is money to be earned on our featured online sportsbooks and casinos, and paying for 10 dollar drinks doesn’t sound so good when you could be winning that money at home instead! So before you put on your super awesome party shirt, and head out to get smashed at the local dive, check out what you could be earning by playing at’s best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed on our site. Sometimes it’s just a good idea to kick back on the casino tables, and play a few hours of games�I don’t care if I sound old, because there is money to be made right in the comfort of my own home!

There are some great NCAA basketball match-ups scheduled for tomorrow, which are more than worthy of a bet, especially if you enjoy a good college rivalry. Plenty of games are available for wagers, including great games across the country. With all this action, there is an assurance that no matter where you live or who your root for, at least one NCAA game will suit your fancy. With that in mind, I’m off to the casinos! We’ll see you tomorrow on for more sportsbook and online casino action. Enjoy your evening and good luck placing those wagers!

Aaron G.

A great Friday for NCAA football bowl games

At, there is always something new every single day to get you into the fun and exciting world of sports wagering and casino gaming. Whether it be checking out a new featured sportsbook you haven’t tried yet, placing a wager on whatever sports suits your fancy, or just hunkering down at the tables for some good old poker, we have it all for you. What that means for this writer however, is a constant supply of new sportsbook betting to wager on, and a seemingly endless amount of casino game types to try out and hopefully master some day. With action in most of the leagues once again, I am ready to place a few bets, and hopefully get in some cards at our best online casinos before the evening is over.

Without question, the best source for online sports betting today will be on the three NCAA bowl games, and there is a multitude of options to choose from, for wagering on each contest. However my day at our top sportsbooks will be mostly spent with some quick wagering, as I’ve got my picks already lined up before heading online. With a trip back to the couch for playing on our featured online casinos and watching a day’s worth of football, this sports fan is set for a day of complete bliss, and exciting competition. Today, I’ll be rooting for Boston College, Houston, and Oregon State in a three team parlay wager, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed on those bets, and hope for a good showing tonight.

I’m just squeezing one last round of betting on sports for the NHL later this evening�so as I am already dropping in on for my favorite Texas Hold ‘Em action, later, I might as well give them a little love on my NHL sports betting as well. No matter what sports you are watching today, you can be sure that leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Enjoy your evening, good luck in all your wagering and I hope you come back and see us soon!

Aaron G.

Sportsbook wagers for Thursday night at, and a few others!

This could be one of the most exciting times of the year for wagering on sporting contests. Every single night of the week, fans are bombarded with multiple games to watch, attend and wager on in the vast amount of sportsbooks across the internet. Luckily for you and me, has the best of what the internet has to offer, and wagering on our featured sportsbooks is always safe, secure, and exciting.  Being a member at every single one of the sportsbooks and casinos offered on our site, I can explain with confidence that every website is guaranteed to give you a great sportsbook and casino experience for your wagering dollar. For today, I’ve decided to spread my wagering across a number of different types of bets ranging from parlays, to line wagers, to straight up money. For starters, I head to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), which happened to be one of the most recent additions to our reviewed sports betting sites (not to mention one of the finest) I have used on  Taking Vancouver, Nashville and Anaheim to win, I’ve place just a simple 5 bucks on the table, and hopefully I will actually get to watch one of these games on television this evening.

For my next online wagering stop, I turn to the NBA where only three games are being played this evening, and I’ll throw down another five dollar parlay taking Dallas, Phoenix and the mighty Boston Celtics to win against Cleveland, the L.A. Clippers and Seattle respectively. I have to mention once again just how impressed I have been with the comeback of the Celtics this year, after the year that they had previously, the restructuring and key additions made to the team, and the current 24-3 record they have, no one could help be impressed. Although the Celtics are heavy favorites in most games, they have yet to let me down in an online wager placed, which adds to my overall positive impression of their team. I’ve chosen my online sports betting wager to go with over bet on total points tonight, as it should be a blowout in Seattle. I hope! Man, cursing my own hometown team�awful.

I’ve got a couple wagers placed across a couple of our best online sportsbooks at and this evening, just to round out the betting on sports love across a few of our great online sports betting site. The only ranked team in action for NCAA basketball is #1 North Carolina against helpless Nevada, so I’ll throw ten bones on a wager taking UNC with the spread (it’s gonna be a blow out, just how much I’m not quite sure). That’s twenty bucks altogether well spent in my opinion, and now I get to kick back and enjoy some great sports action tonight. We’ll see you again on, and thanks again for stopping by.

Aaron G.

A few more days off, a few more online sports bets to make

Ahhhhhhh�what a relief to have the holiday rush be over! Today marks a great day for sports fans and online sports betting enthusiasts, as the bowl season continues, and many sports leagues around the U.S kick up the competition once again. To my delight, and I’m sure to all the other sports fans out there as well, we have yet�.another NCAA bowl game! Let’s see here, Purdue vs. Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl. Yeah. Well, whether this game is necessary or not, it’s going on, and online sports betting can be resumed! This game looks like a points brawl, since it’s indoors at Ford Field in Detroit. Even though my initial excitement is lacking for this game, the way I’ve seen many bowl games pan out is with two relative nobodies playing their hearts out on a national stage. That generally also means a lot of points on the board. With something to tide us over until tomorrow’s #19 Texas vs. #11 Arizona State match-up in the Holiday Bowl, this will have to do for football today.

What I am most particularly excited for today is of course, hockey. I head to Canada tomorrow for the Vancouver vs. Calgary showdown, and with 9 games of NHL bliss to occupy my time today I’m catching up on some sorely missed ice-time on the TV. The San Jose Sharks travel to my surrogate hometown of Los Angeles today, and after I saw what San Jose has been doing to the Kings this year and last, I’ve got to take them at today with a win on the road. It’s very bizarre how much better of a road team the Sharks have historically been, and this year is no different. If they could break .500 at home, they’d be on top of their division, and they currently have the least amount of away losses in the NHL. Adding to this match-up, I like the Rangers of the Hurricanes, and the Sens over the Sabres. Buffalo has always been a favorite team of mine, but let’s face it, Ottawa is scary/unstoppable. With Daniel Alfredsson and Danny Heatley running the scoring mill, Senators hockey is fun to watch with points going on the board left and right.

Shifting to the NBA for a few wagers today, there are a ton of great online sports betting opportunities to be had, and lots of games to choose from to either watch on TV, or make money off of online! I’m over to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) to do my online sports betting, and hopefully Dallas, Boston, and Denver stay rolling for me. After a slow Christmas, it’s most certainly back to business in our best online sportsbooks featured here at Enjoy all the great betting on sports to be had at the top sportsbooks on our site, and as always good luck with wherever your online sports betting adventure takes you.

Aaron G.

Merry Christmas, Happy Online Sportsbook and Casino Action!

It’s going to be a quick on today folks, since there is too much good food and presents to wasting our collective time going on about online sportsbook betting, and who is going to win which games in the coming week. We’ve got a couple of basketball games in store for the NBA, so I’ll make my wagers at one of our top sportsbooks featured here, and leave everyone alone to go about holiday madness. What makes the holidays so great is the excuse to sit back, place a few online sports bets, and enjoy almost non-stop sports action at anytime of the day. As the bowl season heats up with the first of what seems like one hundred different games, it certainly makes me happy as a sports fan, and eager as an online sports betting enthusiast, to see each day with a new opportunity to cash in on some sportsbook wins. Whatever your taste in sports betting, it can be found with just a few simple clicks to our online sportsbook reviews, and a trip to the best sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.

For my online sports betting action today, I just love the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Phoenix Suns contest, and the way both teams have been scoring, I’ve got to take the over wager on the points. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) and placing my first wager, I certainly expect scores in the 105-110 range for both teams, which should be enough to cover the points wager. Seattle vs. Portland? Eh. Portland should have no troubles winning, and I at least have one Northwest team to root for. The Trailblazers look for number 11 in their exciting win streak, and the Sonics don’t really have any ability to stop them at home. In the other game featured today, Miami (8-19? really?) take on Cleveland at home. It’s seems like it’s going to be hard for anyone to bet against the home team on Christmas�especially if the team they’re playing is in the .200-.300 win percentage range.

Wishing you the best for the holidays, we at thank you for visiting our site for online sportsbook and casino reviews, and hope that you can find enjoyment betting on sports at our featured sports betting sites, and cashing in on all the great sports action available this holiday season. Relax, kick back, and enjoy!

Aaron G.

Monday Night Football on Christmas Eve

I honestly can’t think of any other way to spend a holiday at home, than by celebrating with some Monday Night Football and online sports betting! You’ve put in time with the family, the food has put you into a near-coma state of existence, and there is nothing better to occupy your time, than with a solid Monday Night Football match-up between the LaDanian Tomlinson and the San Diego Chargers, who play host to the not-so-sure-of-ourselves Denver Broncos. Besides, with basically the rest of the sporting world shut down today, the focus of attention is still on NFL Football, especially after a very exciting Sunday of sports action. A few blurts on Sunday�Jacksonville is scary, even if it was Oakland. Washington over Minnesota? C’mon. That game wasn’t even close. Neil Rackers is his own team. Philly would be frightening in the playoffs, if they weren’t already out of it, and yes, the Pats are going 16-0, even though they still have to go to the Giants on the 29th.

While my run of luck at our featured online sportsbooks came to a close yesterday with the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns shutting each other down for too few points to make my online sports betting wager, NFL action was as good as it gets, and the playoff picture is starting to look very interesting indeed. Heading to one of our best online sportsbooks at for today’s wager, I’ve got to take the San Diego Chargers in this one, as they are just rolling towards the playoffs. Starting 1-3, then going 8-2 over the next 10 means that the Bolts mean business, and you know it will be a good game to catch the magic of LT, one of the best running backs to ever play the game.

In a moment of reflection, I’m caught up with the idea of a year spent betting on sports, reviewing and rating our featured online sportsbooks and casinos, and staying up to date with the sports world everyday since. What I can decipher, is that although I’m still an amateur sports bettor, there isn’t a day that goes by that can provide fun and excitement when hopping online and joining one of our top sportsbooks featured at The wins are great, the losses�are to be expected from time to time, but the additional amount of excitement generated by having something riding on a sports event means everyday is a new and opportunistic challenge for any type of sports fan. I happen to have enjoyed hockey more than anything in the last year, but I wouldn’t ever be caught on a Sunday without NFL football in front of me either�betting on sports is for all sports fans, and the experience gained betting at our featured online sports betting sites has been invaluable. I certainly hope that you have been able to travel to such sites as,, and, to see just how easy and enjoyable online sports betting can be.

Aaron G.

A break from the Holiday bustle with NFL Sunday!

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I consider the Holiday season to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Granted, I’m no longer glued to my cubicle and slaving away at the grind, however returning home to visit with family and friends is apparently just as intense, if not more so, than a 50 hour work week. This Sunday happens to be a great opportunity to break the grueling pace of the holidays, place some wagers at our featured online sports betting sites, and kick back for some well-deserved NFL football. It’s week 16, the playoffs are on the line, and there is really no place I’d rather be than cozy on a couch, while the 30 degree weather outside just passes on by unnoticed. This morning getting up, I’m already hearing reports of Soldier Field having some nasty conditions for game time, so the Green Bay vs. Chicago game might already be a pass for my sports betting today�

Cleveland has got to win today. They stroll in to Cinci to meet the Bengals this afternoon and can clinch a playoff spot with a victory. Flip a coin in this one folks. I’m taking over on points, hoping for a defensive meltdown, and big production from Carson Palmer. On the West Coast, my Seahawks look good against Baltimore even with the big point favorite for Seattle, so I’m taking them to win with the spread today in front of what will be a raucous crowd in Northwest Washington. I feel almost bad for Brian Billick and his de-feathered Ravens, and for Ray Lewis who will be sitting this one out�yet another reason to go with the Seahawks today. Watch me get shocked like last weekend against the Panthers. However, Seattle v. Baltimore is beside the point. The ‘Hawks all but have the weak NFC West wrapped up, and today’s big match-up happens to be Washington vs. Minnesota. I’ve placed my online sportsbook bets for today’s games at, and with only half and hour to go before the first kickoffs, I can’t wait for an afternoon of relaxation.

No matter what your sport of choice is on any given day, Sunday is for football, and there are no better places to do some betting on sports than at our featured online sports betting sites reviewed here at There are some classic match-ups in NFL football this afternoon and evening, so I highly recommend heading to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get in to the action before its too late today!

Aaron G.

Saturday sports action at our online sportsbooks

As most people make their ways home for the holidays, there are plenty of great chances at our featured online sportbooks and casinos for passing a little spare time, and taking advantage of all the great sports lined up from NFL Football, NCAA and NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, as well as a few others here and there. For Saturday’s action, sports fans are lucky to have one NFL game up for grabs, as the Dallas Cowboys continue on their outstanding season, and face a somewhat mild-mannered Carolina Panthers team today. While Carolina is playing at home, their home record is nothing to brag about at a dismal 2-5, however this game might be a little more difficult than that to pick just on numbers alone. Teams are certainly gunning for the Cowboys, especially with the wildly popular Tony Romo grabbing headlines of all kinds these days, and it would be a little ironic if the ageing Vinny Testaverde (once filling in at Dallas) could weasel a veteran’s win from the Cowboy juggernaut.

For this NFL game today, I like the total points at 43.5 and I’m taking under for my first bet of the day at is certainly one of my favorite online sports betting sites, and is generally the source for my first look into the posted odds for any given day of sports. Getting in on a bit more football action today, the NCAA continues it’s early bowl games with two lined up for sports betting fans on Saturday. I’ve always been a big Cinci fan in most respects, so I’m taking them with the spread at 11.5 over S. Mississippi, and Nevada as the underdog against New Mexico. Maybe these might be the games I’m the least knowledgeable about today, but I like to live a little out of my comfort zone, and try a few bets that I normally might pass on. After all, with these being the last games of the NCAA Football season, it’s time to get down to one of our best online sportsbooks, and cash in on the bets while they are still around!

Last but certainly not least on today’s schedule are a slough of NBA and NCAA basketball games in store, making this an ideal day for sports fans that like to spread the wealth around a few different leagues or sports. As on online sports gambler, today is certainly a day to get down to one of the featured online sports books here at, and place a few quick bets before heading out for the inevitable drive to find the right presents, or join with the rest of the family in holiday festivities. I certainly hope that today is your lucky day, and once again, thank you for checking out our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews at our site. Cheers!

Aaron G.