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As most people make their ways home for the holidays, there are plenty of great chances at our featured online sportbooks and casinos for passing a little spare time, and taking advantage of all the great sports lined up from NFL Football, NCAA and NBA basketball, NHL Hockey, as well as a few others here and there. For Saturday’s action, sports fans are lucky to have one NFL game up for grabs, as the Dallas Cowboys continue on their outstanding season, and face a somewhat mild-mannered Carolina Panthers team today. While Carolina is playing at home, their home record is nothing to brag about at a dismal 2-5, however this game might be a little more difficult than that to pick just on numbers alone. Teams are certainly gunning for the Cowboys, especially with the wildly popular Tony Romo grabbing headlines of all kinds these days, and it would be a little ironic if the ageing Vinny Testaverde (once filling in at Dallas) could weasel a veteran’s win from the Cowboy juggernaut.

For this NFL game today, I like the total points at 43.5 and I’m taking under for my first bet of the day at is certainly one of my favorite online sports betting sites, and is generally the source for my first look into the posted odds for any given day of sports. Getting in on a bit more football action today, the NCAA continues it’s early bowl games with two lined up for sports betting fans on Saturday. I’ve always been a big Cinci fan in most respects, so I’m taking them with the spread at 11.5 over S. Mississippi, and Nevada as the underdog against New Mexico. Maybe these might be the games I’m the least knowledgeable about today, but I like to live a little out of my comfort zone, and try a few bets that I normally might pass on. After all, with these being the last games of the NCAA Football season, it’s time to get down to one of our best online sportsbooks, and cash in on the bets while they are still around!

Last but certainly not least on today’s schedule are a slough of NBA and NCAA basketball games in store, making this an ideal day for sports fans that like to spread the wealth around a few different leagues or sports. As on online sports gambler, today is certainly a day to get down to one of the featured online sports books here at, and place a few quick bets before heading out for the inevitable drive to find the right presents, or join with the rest of the family in holiday festivities. I certainly hope that today is your lucky day, and once again, thank you for checking out our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews at our site. Cheers!

Aaron G.

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