A break from the Holiday bustle with NFL Sunday!

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I consider the Holiday season to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Granted, I’m no longer glued to my cubicle and slaving away at the grind, however returning home to visit with family and friends is apparently just as intense, if not more so, than a 50 hour work week. This Sunday happens to be a great opportunity to break the grueling pace of the holidays, place some wagers at our featured online sports betting sites, and kick back for some well-deserved NFL football. It’s week 16, the playoffs are on the line, and there is really no place I’d rather be than cozy on a couch, while the 30 degree weather outside just passes on by unnoticed. This morning getting up, I’m already hearing reports of Soldier Field having some nasty conditions for game time, so the Green Bay vs. Chicago game might already be a pass for my sports betting today�

Cleveland has got to win today. They stroll in to Cinci to meet the Bengals this afternoon and can clinch a playoff spot with a victory. Flip a coin in this one folks. I’m taking over on points, hoping for a defensive meltdown, and big production from Carson Palmer. On the West Coast, my Seahawks look good against Baltimore even with the big point favorite for Seattle, so I’m taking them to win with the spread today in front of what will be a raucous crowd in Northwest Washington. I feel almost bad for Brian Billick and his de-feathered Ravens, and for Ray Lewis who will be sitting this one out�yet another reason to go with the Seahawks today. Watch me get shocked like last weekend against the Panthers. However, Seattle v. Baltimore is beside the point. The ‘Hawks all but have the weak NFC West wrapped up, and today’s big match-up happens to be Washington vs. Minnesota. I’ve placed my online sportsbook bets for today’s games at Bodog.com, and with only half and hour to go before the first kickoffs, I can’t wait for an afternoon of relaxation.

No matter what your sport of choice is on any given day, Sunday is for football, and there are no better places to do some betting on sports than at our featured online sports betting sites reviewed here at CasinoReview.org. There are some classic match-ups in NFL football this afternoon and evening, so I highly recommend heading to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get in to the action before its too late today!

Aaron G.

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