Merry Christmas, Happy Online Sportsbook and Casino Action!

It’s going to be a quick on today folks, since there is too much good food and presents to wasting our collective time going on about online sportsbook betting, and who is going to win which games in the coming week. We’ve got a couple of basketball games in store for the NBA, so I’ll make my wagers at one of our top sportsbooks featured here, and leave everyone alone to go about holiday madness. What makes the holidays so great is the excuse to sit back, place a few online sports bets, and enjoy almost non-stop sports action at anytime of the day. As the bowl season heats up with the first of what seems like one hundred different games, it certainly makes me happy as a sports fan, and eager as an online sports betting enthusiast, to see each day with a new opportunity to cash in on some sportsbook wins. Whatever your taste in sports betting, it can be found with just a few simple clicks to our online sportsbook reviews, and a trip to the best sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.

For my online sports betting action today, I just love the Los Angeles Lakers vs. the Phoenix Suns contest, and the way both teams have been scoring, I’ve got to take the over wager on the points. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) and placing my first wager, I certainly expect scores in the 105-110 range for both teams, which should be enough to cover the points wager. Seattle vs. Portland? Eh. Portland should have no troubles winning, and I at least have one Northwest team to root for. The Trailblazers look for number 11 in their exciting win streak, and the Sonics don’t really have any ability to stop them at home. In the other game featured today, Miami (8-19? really?) take on Cleveland at home. It’s seems like it’s going to be hard for anyone to bet against the home team on Christmas´┐Żespecially if the team they’re playing is in the .200-.300 win percentage range.

Wishing you the best for the holidays, we at thank you for visiting our site for online sportsbook and casino reviews, and hope that you can find enjoyment betting on sports at our featured sports betting sites, and cashing in on all the great sports action available this holiday season. Relax, kick back, and enjoy!

Aaron G.

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