A few more days off, a few more online sports bets to make

Ahhhhhhh�what a relief to have the holiday rush be over! Today marks a great day for sports fans and online sports betting enthusiasts, as the bowl season continues, and many sports leagues around the U.S kick up the competition once again. To my delight, and I’m sure to all the other sports fans out there as well, we have yet�.another NCAA bowl game! Let’s see here, Purdue vs. Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl. Yeah. Well, whether this game is necessary or not, it’s going on, and online sports betting can be resumed! This game looks like a points brawl, since it’s indoors at Ford Field in Detroit. Even though my initial excitement is lacking for this game, the way I’ve seen many bowl games pan out is with two relative nobodies playing their hearts out on a national stage. That generally also means a lot of points on the board. With something to tide us over until tomorrow’s #19 Texas vs. #11 Arizona State match-up in the Holiday Bowl, this will have to do for football today.

What I am most particularly excited for today is of course, hockey. I head to Canada tomorrow for the Vancouver vs. Calgary showdown, and with 9 games of NHL bliss to occupy my time today I’m catching up on some sorely missed ice-time on the TV. The San Jose Sharks travel to my surrogate hometown of Los Angeles today, and after I saw what San Jose has been doing to the Kings this year and last, I’ve got to take them at Sportsbook.com today with a win on the road. It’s very bizarre how much better of a road team the Sharks have historically been, and this year is no different. If they could break .500 at home, they’d be on top of their division, and they currently have the least amount of away losses in the NHL. Adding to this match-up, I like the Rangers of the Hurricanes, and the Sens over the Sabres. Buffalo has always been a favorite team of mine, but let’s face it, Ottawa is scary/unstoppable. With Daniel Alfredsson and Danny Heatley running the scoring mill, Senators hockey is fun to watch with points going on the board left and right.

Shifting to the NBA for a few wagers today, there are a ton of great online sports betting opportunities to be had, and lots of games to choose from to either watch on TV, or make money off of online! I’m over to Bodog.com (<a href=”https://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bodog.html”>read the review of Bodog.com</a>) to do my online sports betting, and hopefully Dallas, Boston, and Denver stay rolling for me. After a slow Christmas, it’s most certainly back to business in our best online sportsbooks featured here at CasinoReview.org. Enjoy all the great betting on sports to be had at the top sportsbooks on our site, and as always good luck with wherever your online sports betting adventure takes you.

Aaron G.

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