Sportsbook wagers for Thursday night at, and a few others!

This could be one of the most exciting times of the year for wagering on sporting contests. Every single night of the week, fans are bombarded with multiple games to watch, attend and wager on in the vast amount of sportsbooks across the internet. Luckily for you and me, has the best of what the internet has to offer, and wagering on our featured sportsbooks is always safe, secure, and exciting.  Being a member at every single one of the sportsbooks and casinos offered on our site, I can explain with confidence that every website is guaranteed to give you a great sportsbook and casino experience for your wagering dollar. For today, I’ve decided to spread my wagering across a number of different types of bets ranging from parlays, to line wagers, to straight up money. For starters, I head to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), which happened to be one of the most recent additions to our reviewed sports betting sites (not to mention one of the finest) I have used on  Taking Vancouver, Nashville and Anaheim to win, I’ve place just a simple 5 bucks on the table, and hopefully I will actually get to watch one of these games on television this evening.

For my next online wagering stop, I turn to the NBA where only three games are being played this evening, and I’ll throw down another five dollar parlay taking Dallas, Phoenix and the mighty Boston Celtics to win against Cleveland, the L.A. Clippers and Seattle respectively. I have to mention once again just how impressed I have been with the comeback of the Celtics this year, after the year that they had previously, the restructuring and key additions made to the team, and the current 24-3 record they have, no one could help be impressed. Although the Celtics are heavy favorites in most games, they have yet to let me down in an online wager placed, which adds to my overall positive impression of their team. I’ve chosen my online sports betting wager to go with over bet on total points tonight, as it should be a blowout in Seattle. I hope! Man, cursing my own hometown team�awful.

I’ve got a couple wagers placed across a couple of our best online sportsbooks at and this evening, just to round out the betting on sports love across a few of our great online sports betting site. The only ranked team in action for NCAA basketball is #1 North Carolina against helpless Nevada, so I’ll throw ten bones on a wager taking UNC with the spread (it’s gonna be a blow out, just how much I’m not quite sure). That’s twenty bucks altogether well spent in my opinion, and now I get to kick back and enjoy some great sports action tonight. We’ll see you again on, and thanks again for stopping by.

Aaron G.

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