One last go for online sportsbook wagering on NFL Football

Before any wagers were placed on the multitude of sporting events offered on Sunday, it is easy to say that this is one of the best days in all of sports, and with so many options for betting on sports today, anyone traveling to one of our best online sportsbooks featured here will be delighted with all the choices, and great details for placing just the right wagers at the right time. While I wasn’t as lucky yesterday in NCAA Football wagering, with all this great action in store for today, I can just brush it off, and enjoy the last weekend of NFL football before the playoffs begin. I like two match-ups today between the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers, and the Green Bay Packers against the Detroit Lions. Cleveland has to win, and the 49ers don’t stand much of a chance today. Green Bay, at home, rolling into the playoffs = no chance for the down-trodden Detroit Lions, whose second half performance deflated a city much in need of some good fortune.

Wagering in our featured online sportsbooks has served me well thus far this week, if only for yesterday’s exception, because many of the contests had pretty discernable outcomes from the get go. However, with the NFL games today, I would have to predict that the outcomes are very much up in the air, if only because so many teams are playing with the playoffs already secured. With the great information available for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks, it would be wise to do a bit more research, as the many football games could go either way, and getting to know the second team players for teams like Indy, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh might come in handy. That being said, some online sports bets that I’m rooting for include Seattle and Atlanta with a bunch of points (Seattle’s D deserves the day off�), and Arizona over St. Louis to close out at 8-8.  To get my wagering fill, I took a bit of this week’s money I accrued from prior wagering and put it down on the featured online casino at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>).  I’ve got my wagers lined up for today, as I’m hoping you do as well, and can’t wait for the first game of the day to start.

I hope that you were able to take in a bit of relaxation this weekend, and that any wagers placed on our featured sportsbooks and online casinos turned out in your favor. Enjoy the last day of freedom before returning, and get into more exciting sports action this week by placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks at You can bet on the high quality of all the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site to provide you with exciting action, great casino play, and prompt service and payouts. Thanks once again for checking out our featured sportsbook and casino reviews!

Aaron G.

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