Goodbye 2007, Hello online sportsbook betting!

As I bid a quick farewell to the year ’07, I must say how I have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to participate in all the great sports action that has been provided by our featured online sportsbooks here at There have been ups, and there have been almost as many downs, but the experience and excitement of learning about betting on sports, sharpening the skills to be a true statistician in many different sporting types, and coming out a bit better than even has been amazing. Playing on all the different online sports betting sites here, every day of the year has something new to offer, and every one of these sites has provided excellent service in my quest to become a better bettor�yeah I’ll just leave it like that.

I’m certainly on a NCAA Football kick, as I’m just grasping on the fact that in one more week�there will be no more College Football to watch and wager on. (Sniff). Strong men do cry, Mr. Lebowski�strong Anyways, I’ve been waiting to take Oregon against South Florida today in the Sun Bowl, as I know that Oregon has got to prove to only themselves alone that they are better than the #21 ranked South Florida. This USF team is much like undefeated Hawaii�who have they played? No-one, that’s who. South Florida played a few good teams�and got beat by them. They’ll get beat by Oregon today, and in retrospect, it’s a shame that Oregon couldn’t pull it together and get in a better Bowl game. They are a definitely a much better team than their 9-4 record alludes to, even if they got canned by a few lesser PAC-10 teams at the end of the year.

I love the #23Auburn vs. #15 Clemson match-up, as a great ACC vs. SEC rivalry is never a bad time between two ranked teams. I’m going with Auburn in this one, if not only for the fact that they clutched up for me in last season’s bowl appearance. I’d love to score an underdog win in at least one bowl game this year, and two would be even better! Get your online sports betting in at one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at, and have a safe and Happy New Year!!!!!

Aaron G.

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