Monday night Sports betting at

I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m not excited about the New Orleans vs. Atlanta match-up tonight. On the night of the public release of Michael Vick, fans certainly won’t be too excited about seeing the New Orleans Saints come in and push their Falcons around at home. New Orleans has a shot at the playoffs, while Atlanta was out of the picture weeks ago. Nonetheless, in continuation with Monday Night Football tradition I’ve picked (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog</a>), one of our best online sportsbooks featured here at Drew Brees will be having a hay day in the Atlanta dome tonight, and I would imagine the Saints to win in a landslide here. Even though Reggie Bush is sitting this game, I still like watching the Saints’ passing game in full stride. They’ve been a bit of a disappointment this year, but for a quick wager at one of our top sportsbooks, the Saints look like a good choice.

Back the courts tonight, there are a couple of tough calls to choose from in the games featured in the NBA, but you can bet that at least a quick five dollar wager one a parlay bet has to go down, just to get in on the action. I like Dallas over New York, even with the points spread in double digits�and Milwaukee over Sacramento. Phoenix is at home, which should at least get them a win this evening. Placing my wager at, I’ve only just squeezed in my wagers 5 minutes before the first game starts, and hope for a good showing. has really impressed me, for an overall wide assortment of gaming options. Not only are they an international staple for promoting big events, they run a solid website with great online sports betting options, and plenty of online casino games. If you haven’t had a chance to visit or read a little more about it, please see our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews and get on your way to better online sports betting.

I’ve got a few bucks left in my budget for the NHL tonight, so a quick two bets are up tonight for the fastest game in sports. I’ve got to wager on my Vancouver Canucks against Los Angeles tonight, since I can only be there in spirit to root for them. Luckily, I get to catch them on home ice against the Flames later this month�.anyways, I’m taking the Canucks, and the over total points on the Toronto vs. Tampa Bay game. Should be good hockey fun! If you’re stopping in late, check out the new lines on our featured online sportsbooks for more great sports betting action. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and good luck!

Aaron G.

Sunday’s exciting NFL action

Welcome to another great Sunday afternoon, one which yours truly will be parked in front of the ‘tube watching all the great NFL action lined up for this afternoon, and hoping that my wagers placed at our best online sportsbooks here pay off. Today is a special day in the NFL, as there are a number of teams that can clinch playoff births today, or further seal up their divisions. The most interesting game today in my opinion has to be the match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions. The Lions absolutely have to win today, if only to keep Jon Kitna’s 10 win prediction alive. Dallas meanwhile is a force to be reckoned with, and they can seal the NFC East with a win today in Detroit. Tony Romo has turned out to be some kind of magic, and while people constantly comparing this guy to Bret Favre, that has become ever present in each game Romo plays in. I just can’t bet against this guy, and the magical season this has been for Dallas, so likewise my first bet of the day goes down at, taking the Cowboys to win straight up.

The other big game of the day between the New England Patriots and the Pittburgh Steelers is bound to be a great contest to check out. Following the Pats’ ride towards a perfect season has been exciting, but they face a serious threat with the Steelers today. Luckily for New England, they are at home, but I would expect a close game that could go either way. I’m saying Patriots by a field goal, and added that bet at the online sportsbook at Following with that bet and combining for a parlay bet, I’m taking my Seahawks at home over the Arizona Cardinals with the point spread, and Jacksonville Jaguars over the Carolina Panthers. One more interesting scenario might play out today in the race for the AFC West division. If San Diego wins today against the Tennessee Titans, and Denver loses at home facing the KC Chiefs, they will secure the division once again for another shot at the playoffs. San Diego certainly hasn’t hit full out stride this year, but if they get a shot at the playoffs hitting on all cylinders, they could be a real threat this year.

With all the great games in store for sports betting fans, you can always find a trip to one of the featured online sportsbooks to be a rewarding experience. Peruse through some of the online sports betting reviews at, and find the best online sports betting sites to serve your online wagering experience. Hope your Sunday goes great, and that your home town team comes out on top!

Aaron G.

Saturday’s wild NCAA action on our featured online sportsbooks

It’s a pretty thing going to one of our best online sports betting sites featured at, and seeing the lists of sports betting possibilities extend down a long, scrollable list. Ahhh, heaven. With this Saturday just getting going, I’m up a bit early trying to squeeze in today’s online sports betting, and quickly realizing that with all the NFL, NHL, and NBA action, I’m a little out of touch with the teams in NCAA basketball. That being said, luck has been on my side with betting on sports for NCAA b-ball, and visits to our best online sportsbooks have netted me just a bit over breaking even so far this year. That I will take considering the amateur status of NCAA knowledge right now�I’m am so ashamed! Anyways, there are number of big teams going up against small time competitors, so it’s looking like a great time to string together some parlays, and make some good money in just a few wagers.

#3 Kansas goes up against DePaul today, with #5 Texas visiting Rice, and #7 Duke hosting Michigan. If these ranked teams can’t pull together a victory on a parlay wager, I’m not sure who will be able to do so. I’ll also throw in #10 Michigan State over #22 Brigham Young as well as taking Washington to keep it close at home against Pitt. I’m hoping my Washington Huskies can play as well as they normally do at home today, as a win would also certainly do the trick for me. Other good games to look at that I’ve wagered on today are #15 Marquette vs. #23 Wisconsin. Wisconsin maybe ranked, but they are no match for Marquette head to head. I certainly like watching this Marquette team this year, and I will be rooting for them come bracket season, regardless of the outcome of today’s game. #24 Arizona has a tough go against Illinois today as well but I’ll take them to win, and that will round out my sports betting for NCAA action today.

It’s a beautiful day to not be at work in Los Angeles, and it’s an even better day for betting on sports out our featured online sportsbooks and casinos here at You can bet that all the sites reviewed here are tried and true, and the top sportsbooks found anywhere on the internet. Stop in for all the online sports betting excitement any day of the week, and start winning that money today!

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End of work week, start of weekend online sportsbook betting!

At, there is always something new every single day to get you into the fun and exciting world of sports wagering and casino gaming. Whether it be checking out a new featured sportsbook you haven’t tried yet, placing a wager on whatever sports suits your fancy, or just hunkering down at the tables for some good old poker, we have it all for you. What that means for this writer however, is a constant supply of new sportsbook betting to wager on, and a seemingly endless amount of casino game types to try out and hopefully master some day. With nine hockey games set for tonight with little else, I am ready to place a few bets, and hopefully get in some cards at out best online casinos before the evening is over.

For Friday Night betting, there is a perfect amount of games to choose from while betting on sports, however my night will be mostly spent at our online casinos featured on site after placing a few sports bets. While I generally stick to the wagering I am most comfortable with, there is something that keeps pulling at my leg to try wagering out of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s the overwhelming amount of options offered by our featured sportsbooks and casinos, but new sporting events are calling all the time, begging me to play. However, in the mean time, I revert to my favorites and placed one parlay bet for this evening on NHL hockey at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Tonight, this writer will be rooting for the Ottawa Senators (and taking over on the total points) against the Dallas Stars, Colorado at home over the Philly Flyers, as well as the San Jose Sharks over the Phoenix Coyotes. I’ll keep my fingers crossed on those bets, and hope for a good showing tonight.

Friday is always a fun night for online sports betting, especially if you have a chance to squeeze in some wagering before hitting a night on the town. I always like the excitement of having to wait and see the result after a night out, and hopefully come home to some money in my online sports betting account that I likely just blew already! Later evening, I drop in on for my favorite Texas Hold ‘Em action, followed by a casino appearance at for a little bit of Black Jack. leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Enjoy your evening, and thanks again for choosing us for the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.

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Cycling through our best online sportsbooks at

I love Thursdays. Not only is the weekend merely one day away, There is always the expanse of sports to choose from, between no less than four sports in action today. From the field to the court and onto the ice, you can find anything on our featured online sports betting websites worthy of placing a few wagers on. First off today, we’ve just got a small handful of NBA games, and the number three has always been a favorite of mine. I like the Portland Trailblazers at home, as well as the Hawks over the dismal Timberwolves, but the Denver vs. Dallas game is tricky to choose. I’ll take the over wager on total points, and you can call me a chicken all you want�I’ve just never had good luck wagering on Dallas when they play other solid teams!

In tonight’s return to Thursday night betting on NFL football, I’m taking the Washington Redskins to win at home over the Chicago Bears. I think that the Redskins are taking a bit of a boost in honor of their fallen teammate Sean Taylor, and I’d bet money that they’ll be really pulling for a win in front of the home crowd. Plus, Chicago can’t score points. That my friends, is a fact. They are sitting at 31st in the league in rushing, which is something that we all know the Bears have coveted as a key to their offensive attack. Conversely, I like the offense put together by Joe Gibbs, and Jason Campbell will continue to be a good anchor at QB as he gains experience. I’ll hope that my amateur spin on tonight’s games pays off, because a win might certainly help kill the idea that all the Monday and Thursday night games this year have pretty much been duds. That’s just my take though�

We’ve finally got a little top 25 NCAA action for betting on sports on a Thursday, and you can bet I’m taking advantage of that today. #13 Butler may be known as a mid-major team, but they are legit as far as I’ve seen. They’ve got Detroit in a conference game, and should have no problem with them. #21 Villanova has an interesting task up against LSU today, but I’m hoping their home crowd will pull them out today. With all the great sports betting options to choose from across a number of our featured online sportsbooks, you can find great betting opportunities everywhere you look. These are just a few of the many games offered everyday and I hope you can find what your looking for at our featured online sports books and casinos. Thanks for stopping by, and as always good luck!

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Mid Week Sports betting update, playing at

Wednesday night starts out with a trip to one of our best online sportsbooks, and getting in on some NHL action. Going to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), my first wager of the day would be between two hockey rivals, the San Jose Sharks vs. the Dallas Stars. As games between high caliber teams always seem to bring great sports action and more bang for your wagering buck, this match-up should certainly be no different as both San Jose and Dallas will be battling all year for division supremacy. I also like the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight against Edmonton, and although the Oilers have been trying to improve their year, the Pens look like a much better put together team, and I have them to win with points tonight at Rexall Place. Either way, my wager placed on this contest marks up a notch in the win column as a few wins last night means free money today, and getting to watch a great game on the NHL package.

For the basketball wagering this evening, I can’t bring myself not to wager on the San Antonio vs. Dallas match-up tonight, which should be a fun game to watch at the very least.  The Spurs look to be the better team at this point in the season, which is why I’ll take the Spurs for a parlay wager at I also have to take Boston over Philadelphia tonight, which should be a bet well spent. Although Cleveland has struggled a bit of late, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cavs get the better of the Wizards tonight on their home court, and going on gut instinct might be a little risky, but whatever. Its five bucks, and its fun to venture a little outside of my normally conservative betting box once in a while.

For the last wager in the NBA tonight, I’ve got to bet again on Kobe Bryant and the L.A. Lakers who have started off looking very good and able to score a lot of points against opponents. I’m hoping that it’s another good outcome as I’ve chosen the Lakers to win with the points over Denver, finishing off my NBA betting for the evening. I managed to have some good luck yesterday with online sports betting on basketball, so I’m anxious to see if I can get a little hot streak going before the weekend starts and football needs all my money again. Enjoy another great night of online sportsbook betting, and all the sports action for your viewing pleasure.

Aaron G.

Tuesday night online sports betting update

Welcome online sports betting fans to another night of action in our featured online sportsbooks and casinos here at Tonight, only a few hockey games are in store for betting on sports, as well as a handful of NCAA and NBA basketball games, and I for one am heading to, one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos (<a href=””>read the review of PlayersOnly</a>). Quite admittedly, it’s been a long while since I’ve been to both the online sports book and casino at this website, and tonight you can be sure I’ll get into a few games of cards, Texas Hold ‘Em specifically, and hopefully my luck will make up for what rusty skill I currently have. As far as online casinos go, I really enjoy the simplicity and multitude of options available at, and have been a repeat customer for about the last year or more. The site has always treated me well whether betting on sports, or playing cards in the online casino, and if you haven’t checked this website out, it comes highly recommended from yours truly.

For NHL hockey action tonight, there’s a handful of games to choose from, however I’ve got to start my hockey betting somewhere, and tonight’s game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Nashville Predators will be my sports betting guinea pig. I certainly like the Preds in this game, as I’m not counting on the Maple Leafs’ once strong home-ice play to turn around for them tonight. I’m also taking Calgary over the Blues tonight as well as the Detroit Red Wings to beat the Canadiens. The beginning of any season is always a tough spot to place a wager, but as the games draw out, and teams show their true colors, betting on sports becomes a lot more fun, and a lot easier to try and predict.

It’s certainly going to be another big day for hockey fans tomorrow, as there will be many games to choose from to help bolster the weeks online sports betting opportunities. Get your online sports betting set up for this week and weekend on any number of great online sports betting sites here at, because the action for this week will be getting better each and every day. We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and thanks as always for dropping by.

Aaron G., my choice for Monday online sportsbook action

As per usual on a Monday night, I make a venture to another one of’s featured online sportsbook, and tonight that sports betting site happens to be After a year of wagering on this site, I can freely and accurately attest to this website. No problems, quick and easy sportsbook wagering, and prompt payouts and assistance with transactions make this one of the top sportsbooks anywhere on the internet.  Tonight in the NFL’s presentation of Monday Night Football, we have the Baltimore Ravens looking to be another notch on the New England Patriots’ journey towards the perfect season. As countless writers jinx the chances with every mention of this, it seems that the Patriots aren’t paying any attention. Baltimore is a team in disrepair, and although defensively good especially while playing at home, they don’t have too much of a chance against New England. I’m taking Baltimore to keep it close with the points spread, as this should be their last chance to save some face in any otherwise less than hopeful season. I’ve got my wager placed at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and hope that tonight’s game shows some brilliance of what Monday Night football is all about.

In college basketball, a few quick wagers for the ranked teams will suffice, as #15 Indiana should roll over Tennessee State, and #23 Wisconsin hosts an unknown Wofford at home. Who put that game on the schedule? I guess everyone pads their stats�Taking a ten dollar parlay for the two games, I’ve got both teams to cover the point advantage on line at Turning quickly to the NBA, I’ve got to say that there don’t happen to be any great match-ups, but that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t great online sports betting opportunities to be had at our featured online sportsbooks. I’m putting all the big teams in a parlay bet, and crossing fingers for no upsets. I try to do this as infrequently as possible, but today looks good for it. I’ve got Dallas over Chicago, Utah beating Miami, Toronto at home to win against Charlotte, and Orlando over Golden State. We’ll see what happens, and after all, a small bet can get much better looking the more teams you add to parlay bets (are you really listening to me?)

It’s a great day to be a sports fan, and an even better one for fans of online sports betting and casino wagering. offers online sportsbook reviews to give you tested information on the best online sports betting sites on the internet. You can be sure to have a great time at any of the websites featured here, and start betting on sports in no time! Here’s to a speedy week of work, and good luck in your online sportsbook betting ahead.

Aaron G.

Great day for sportsbook betting on a fine Sunday afternoon

There are good day for sportsbook betting, and then there are REALLY good days for online sports betting, and today is that day my friends. From the NFL to the NBA, to the NHL to the NCAA, it’s one excellent time to hit up one of our best online sportsbooks featured here at, and throw out a sportsbook wager or two on some of the games. We have #1 UCLA squaring against #8 Texas in NCAA basketball, and I certainly won’t be missing out on this one. Flip a coin folks. UCLA has home court today, but they’re still untested against a real national power. I’m taking the under on total points for this one, because these are two well rounded teams, and I’m too chicken to call a winner. Please don’t tell anyone. Not only that, but another Southern Cal team has a huge home game, with #24 USC playing host to #4 Kansas. Unfortunately for me, neither game has any of my teams in it, but I’ve got to throw down for Kansas, as they have the best shot to win as a seasoned top team. We’ll just have to see how that goes, and hope that my traitorous betting against my current hometown team doesn’t backfire on me!

Did I mention that there is football today? Sunday couch potatoes (such as myself) rejoice, for there is a full day of NFL football this afternoon! There are a number of key match-ups against teams fighting for playoffs, and it’s a good day for heading to an online sports betting site, and placing a wager on one of the teams heating up for a chance to keep playing after three more weeks. I’ve discovered that I can never watch my home team ever again�if I ever want them to win a wager for me. Historically, in the last year every Seahawks game I’ve watched for more than a quarter, I’ve seen the team lose. All the others, have been both victories for the team, and for my online sports betting wagers! With that in mind, I’m taking Seattle straight up against the Philadelphia Eagles at one of our best online sports betting sites at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). I’m very much hoping for a return visit the likes of the absolute thumping the ‘Hawks gave their brethren Eagles the last time they rolled into Philly. I’m guessing McNabb might just step up with a good game in memory of that, so I expect it will be a close contest.

Along with these two leagues, there are tons more to choose from when choosing wagers on our featured online sportsbooks reviewed here at Check out the NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, and all the other wagering possibilities at the best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our site. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

Aaron G.

Sportsbook betting for a major college football Saturday

Anybody want to guess who is going down in the Top 10 this week? I don’t know for sure who it’s gonna be, but the way this season has been going thus far, you can pretty much count on another week of shake-ups and shockers in NCAA Football. I hope that you are all enjoying today’s NCAA College Football action, and hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to log in to one of our top sportsbooks reviewed here at If you aren’t, you are missing out on some of the greatest football action of the year, with divisional championships up for grabs, and BCS hopes won and lost on this day alone. Any which way you slice it, between all the sports action offered in football, basketball and hockey, it’s a great weekend to be a sports fan, and an even better weekend if you are signed up at one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here. For today’s online sports betting, I’m back at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), as it has been a perennial favorite of mine, and has put me in the positive figures since I became a member about 4 years ago. From football to baseball, hockey to golf, to whatever your fancy, you certainly will be able to find something worth while to bet on at when the season beckons it.

On to football for today, my upset of the week has to be Oregon State, who are playing Oregon today in the 111th Civil War. The Ducks have already dropped two important games, and have coughed up their championship chances. I would expect that the Beavers, who have nothing to lose. I don’t know if this is a smart bet (certainly not one to follow mind you) but for some reason I just feel like OSU should win today. It just feels like one of those days where it’s time to shake up the BCS and turn everyone on their heads. Expect a tough game for the SEC title between Tennessee and LSU, as well as the fight for the ACC crown between Virginia Tech and Boston College. While I’m sort of chickening out on the LSU vs. Tennessee game and only taking the under bet on the points, I’m totally tuned into this game, as any game played at LSU is a rockin’ good time. Speaking of a good time, don’t miss out on what could be the most important game of the day between Oklahoma and Missouri. If #1 Missouri loses, the BCS could be an absolute mess to decide.

I for one am getting offline so I can enjoy a peaceful day of online sports betting, and great sports action. With football all day, baseball all night, and plenty of other great action at our top sportsbooks in between, who could really ask for anything more? Thanks once again for dropping by our site to check on all the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet. Get those bets placed today, and as always we wish you the best of luck. Catch us again tomorrow for more sports betting updates, and enjoy all the great sports action today.

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