Tuesday’s sports betting and casino update

CasinoReview.org makes it easy for anyone to become a knowledgeable gambler. Take a quick look at any of our featured sportsbooks and online casinos, and you will find a wealth of knowledge at your disposal, which in turn can be used to capitalize on wagers placed. While this writer is no professional by any means, it is true that even I have made good money by merely investing a little time in researching bets, while still having fun doing it. Take for example top sportsbooks like Intertops.com, or Betus.com, and Sportsbetting.com, which not only have a vast supply of historical stats for any given sport (and wagering for just about anything imaginable, sport or non-sport) but also up-to-date sports articles and betting stats for every game wagered on. Other featured sportsbooks and casinos on our site offer similar services that can help to maximize your return on wagers placed, in turn making you a better player, with more money in your account.

Speaking of more money, Tuesday night turned out very well for sports bets (at least for this guy). While the Houston Rockets failed to contain the Dallas Mavericks, losing by 13 and busting my 10 dollar bet, the three team parlay won on NHL hockey more than made up for the loss. Another couple of shutouts (From New Jersey’s Martin Brodeur, and Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo) and two 3rd Period goals from Toronto resulted in one happy camper here, not to mention more cannon fodder for evening casino wagering. Also taking place on Tuesday night and worth mentioning was a great NCAA match-up between Oklahoma State and Texas, resulting in a three overtime victory for the underdog Cowboys. If you had a bet riding on this game last night, I hope that your blood pressure has resided by now, and that your hair hasn’t all fallen out, because that was one crazy game!

On another note, last night’s casino action was in full swing. The casino at Playersonly.com had many people crammed onto the Texas Hold ‘Em tables, which made for a fun and enjoyable time. Coming out about dead even after about two hours of play on the no-limit tables did not show how much back and forth action went on, but I did see my first Royal Flush (not in my hand unfortunately), which consequently wiped two people off the table at once. I was lucky to avoid this 5 card apocalypse, folding early even though I had a solid two pair to the river. You know what they say´┐Ż.know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em. Probably one of the best folds I have made this year so far. For Wednesday, this writer is taking the night off from wagering to go check out some NBA action with the Golden State Warriors being hosted by the LA Clippers at the Staples Center. I want to wish you all happy betting on our featured sportsbooks and casinos, and hope that lucky breaks come your way as they have for me recently. Remember also that the weekend is just around the corner, and if you haven’t started getting your wagers in order for Sunday’s NFL games, you will definitely want to do so soon. I’ll see you tomorrow and from us at CasinoReview.org, thank you for checking in with us.

Aaron G.

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