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Well folks, it’s that time of the week! wishes you a happy Friday, and the start of a well deserved weekend. Friday turned out to be an active day for sportsbook wagering, with plenty of action in the NBA and NHL. I was fortunate enough to see my bets placed at come through Friday night, giving me ample funds for a weekend of betting at our featured online casinos.  Each of three NBA basketball games played on Friday went exactly according to my plan, starting with the Phoenix Suns, who extended their streak once again to an outstanding 16 games in a row, and kept the total points down under 200, easily covering my wager.  Elsewhere, the Washington Wizards pulled off a win against the Detroit Pistons, which was obviously enough to cover their 5.5 point leeway given on the sportsbooks. Last, but not least for my daily bets, Utah came through late in the game to snap the Denver Nuggets chance for a road win, as the 37 points Carmelo Anthony put up was just a little shy to overcome the solid play of the Utah Jazz.

Suffice to say, this weekend has started out on a great foot for yours truly, and it is all but guaranteed that I will have ample headroom in my sportsbook accounts for more weekend wagering.  Winning three separate wagers in one day will get anyone excited, especially when you have the option to make even more money wagering at our featured online casinos! That is exactly what is planned for a relaxing Saturday afternoon, with the background of much exciting NCAA basketball on schedule.  Speaking of the NCAA, you will definitely want to hit the sportsbooks and place a few wagers for Saturday’s action on the court.  Of notable games #4 North Carolina travels to #19Arizona in one of the day’s 15 games featuring at least one top 25 team. Also, a big Pac-10 match-up between #7 Oregon and #18 Washington State could be a huge shakeup for their league’s standings, especially after Oregon’s loss to Washington earlier in the week. That aside, there are 93 games played today, so you should have no problem finding a decent game to wager on in one of our featured online sportsbooks.

Around the sports world this weekend the NHL has 11 games to choose from to wager on. Probably the best hockey game of the day will pit ancient rivals the Toronto Maple Leaf against the Montreal Canadiens. This is a wager that this writer won’t be able to get away from. With a few simple clicks, I’m over to as we speak�.and I’ve placed my wager taking the Maple Leafs on the spread with a 1.5 point margin. tt is certainly yet another great day of sportsbook action and great games ahead.’s best online sportsbooks and casinos will add a little flavor to anyone’s weekend sporting activities, so get out there, place those wagers, and enjoy your weekend!

Aaron G.

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