NHL Primetime games ahead, more Sportsbook betting

Finally, some NHL action on primetime Monday television! I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that I’ve reiterated the fact that hockey is becoming more and more exciting, and definitely a worthwhile sport to place wagers on in our featured online sportsbooks. Sunday’s action gave this writer an opportunity to utilize CasinoReview.org’s featured sportsbooks to place a few different wagers across a couple of professional leagues, and to my excitement, my winning streak continues yet again. Winning the All-Star game wager with the Eastern Conference topping the West gives me more cannon fodder for Tuesday’s return to greater hockey action.  Using Sportsbetting.com for Tuesday’s hockey wagering, I placed a three team parlay bet, taking the Vancouver Canucks, The Anaheim Ducks, and the Detroit Red Wings to win their respective games. I have no problem admitting that in all these match-ups the bets where placed more on the goalies than the teams playing. In all three of the games, each opponent was held to only one goal at the hands of All-Star caliber goalies Roberto Luongo, Dominik Hasek, and J.S. Giguere. Betting on goaltenders seems a simple method to determine winners, and my recent luck in NHL hockey wagers has certainly supported that claim.

Elsewhere in sports, once again the Phoenix Suns continue their streak with another win, consequently helping secure another parlay wager win for my oh-so-lucky self. My wager at Superbook.com taking the Suns, the Spurs and the Pistons, although wagering on all favored teams, garnished my account with a little extra coin. This is much needed however, especially with the Superbowl approaching, and an upcoming weekend spent in the gambling Mecca that is Las Vegas Nevada, where this writer will be heading to watch and bet on the game!

All in all, it was a great weekend across the wide world of sports. If you were lucky enough to utilize www.CasinoReview.org to place some wagers in our best sports betting sites, or simply to play some games in our featured online casinos, hopefully you were able to have some good luck, and exciting games to watch.  There are a few games being played on Monday night in the NBA, NHL and NCAA men’s basketball, so hopefully a case of the Mondays will be eased by a case of good sports action to watch.  Have a great week, and thank you again for using CasinoReview.org for all our featured online sportsbooks and online casinos.

Aaron G.

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