Superbowl XLII wagering, more online sportsbook action

The Superbowl weekend has finally come! Get your wagers ready using’s featured online casinos, because you most certainly won’t want to miss out on this once a year sports betting excitement. Our featured sportsbooks are constantly adjusting lines for the Indianapolis vs. Chicago game, offering alternatives to push the money or the spread more favorably, just so they can catch any potential bettor intent on wagering on Superbowl XLI. You probably wouldn’t know it from listening to the broadcasters and writers around the sports world, who have been analyzing and reanalyzing every aspect of the game since the very second the AFC and NFC championship games ended, but the big game is finally just days away.  Amongst the ‘Tom Brady this�’ and ‘Eli Manning that�,’ there is much valuable game information being disseminated from all angles to make your wagering job that much easier. The favored New England Patriots, coming in as about a 7 point favorite on any sportsbook you’ll find, definitely seem to receive the majority of the backing throughout the sports writing world as well.

The big question for every potential wager placed is definitely who will be the deciding factor in the Superbowl. It could be Eli Manning simply not making too many mistakes, or Lawrence Maroney establishing a strong running game early and keeping Mr. Braday able to keep the Giants’ D guessing when he’ll be throwing. It could also come down to Plexico Burress breaking the Pats’ secondary and keeping the Giants’ interception numbers to a minimum. Regardless of eventual outcome, this writer will be very excited to stop hearing all the hype over the Superbowl, which is currently referred to about every five seconds of the day! Nonetheless, to place my first wager, I have gone to the ever trustworthy, which not only offers the typical wagering, but also a number of alternative bets if you prefer to move the lines or spreads one way or another (at a sacrifice of potential profit though).  My personal prediction is for a tight first half, followed by an eventual breakdown of defense in the second half, making for late-in-the-game shootout. If this is correct, it would have to favor the New England Patriots and the hall of fame caliber throwing arm of that guy whose name is mentioned all too much.

So I’ll go with my gut for this first bet (yes, there will be more wagers placed on this game before the week is over), and take the Pats over the Giants by at least 7 points. It is certainly true that the Giants’ defense is not as good as the Pats on paper or in total talent, however they have certainly showed that they can shut down an offense when they need to. Besides, all previously listed regular season stats should go right out the window, in exchange for straight up comparisons of individual positions. Anyway you slice it, the final decision for how to place your bet(s) lies on the shoulders of the person placing the wager, be it with gut instinct, or well thought out investigation of game information. The one constant you will find is that has all the quality sportsbooks found on the internet to place that wager with. If you haven’t already made your wagers for this Sunday, it is certainly time to start looking into it. With that, we wish you good luck wagering on Superbowl XLI and have a great week!

Aaron G.

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