Any Friday is a great Friday for betting on sports!

First of all, wishes you a happy Friday, and hopefully a long weekend filled with plenty of great sports action and lucky sportsbook and online casino wagering. For this writer however, Friday comes as a little bit of a tragedy, at least for my NHL sportsbook wagers placed earlier this week. Not only did my parlay bet get busted by a late goal on Thursday, but my wager for Friday taking the Colorado Avalanche to win was for nothing; one great shootout as the hosting Phoenix Coyotes held out 12 rounds before they finally gave in didn’t mean anything as the Detroit Red Wings got blanked against Calgary, and the 1-0 points total wasn’t anywhere near enough to get over the total points for the evening.. Now I will admit that it stings just a little to lose in such a fashion, however, I was fortunate enough to be wagering in our featured online sportsbooks with money I had previously won off the ‘house’, making the loss not nearly so painful. Besides, now it’s just an excuse to get right back up, and win some money this weekend on all the great college basketball action. As per usual, just getting to choose from almost one hundred Saturday bets can get any sports fan excited for the weekend.

To ease my pain just a little, I’ve taken the rest of Friday night to kick back in our featured online casinos. Going with Texas Hold ‘Em as my game of choice on , I’m hoping that my cold streak on the ice will turn into a hot one on the tables.  Being one of my favorite online casino games, Texas Hold ‘Em is a great time, especially when you have the opportunities to keep antes low and play many hands. Taking advantage of the multitude of wagering, you can get a huge bang for your buck playing in the online casinos. If you want to go big and play large ante poker, it’s offered for you on’s online casinos reviewed on site. Conversely, if you are looking to learn new games, or just trying keep your money around longer, playing for small antes can raise your experience, and will definitely give you more bang for your buck. Sometimes it isn’t all about winning, but how much you can learn from the bets placed.

I’m taking that philosophy to the tables, in the hopes that I can get back some more of the house’s money, and get a little more training in patience. It’s easy to get on the online casinos and bet away, hoping for a win streak that will put you chip count at a sustainable level. It’s another thing altogether to wait out the cold streaks, and take advantage when you get the cards you’re looking for.  Either way, playing cards in our featured online casinos is always exciting. The diversity of the game has players coming online from all over the world, making for exciting action, and interesting exchanges on the tables. Someone once said, ‘It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose�its how you play the game’. When you place wagers on our online sports betting sites and featured casinos found at, you can learn the skills needed to come out on top more often, and for bigger paydays. For this guy, playing online has been an exciting experience, win or lose. Regardless of the ups and occasional downs, playing in our featured online casinos, or placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks is always a good time.

Aaron G.

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