Week of great sports betting goes on with more playoff action

Getting to watch some great playoff action each and every day is always a great experience, especially backed by some winning wagers on solid bets! Last night, the Montreal Canadiens finished of the Boston Bruins at home 5-0, and with that win, my first of two online sportsbook wagers cashed in some extra dough into my sportsbook account, and I get the privilege to see another round of for the Habs! Whew. That was arguably one of the best first round match-ups I have seen in many years, and certainly the best series of the year to date. Back and forth action, great team effort, and high-flying action always make for great sports television, and exciting online sportsbook betting. I’m satisfied for the rest of the week, even if I don’t win another bet. That may not be entirely true�.but admittedly anytime your online sportsbook betting comes out on top, that can be cause enough for a lot of celebration.

Moving on to online sportsbook betting for Tuesday, the NHL has two game sevens in store, and the NBA and MLB leagues are great targets for wagering this evening as well. A great series is underway between the LA Angels and the Boston Red Sox in what is a very good match-up between two already post-season ready teams. Yes, it is early to make a prediction like that, however these two team are already poised to make a strong run for the post season�which is only about 150 games away! Nonetheless, if you have a chance to do a little sportsbook betting today, check out this series or any of the other baseball. However, for yours truly, it’s all about the playoffs, and more great games are in store for betting on sports in the top sportsbooks reviewed here.

As is without a doubt, this week will only get better as it goes on, with plenty of great wagering opportunities at the best online sportsbooks at Casinoreview.org. We wish you all the best when placing your online wagers, and if you haven’t decided yet on a sportsbook suited for your needs, take a little time to go over some of our sports betting reviews we have on site, and choose the best online sportsbook for you. Thank you for checking out our website, and good luck in your future online sports betting!

Aaron G.

Back to work, back to great Online Sportsbook and Casino fun!

It’s a surprisingly solid day for sportsbook betting online especially being that it is a Monday, and as such sports fans looking for a little betting action should look no further than wagering at some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, reviewed right here at Casinoreview.org. There are three great games in store for sports betting fans today in the NHL action and two more playoff match-ups in the NBA playoff race, which is now completely underway after a great weekend of games. No one really likes Mondays, especially if you are like most of us and have to head back to work after a relaxing weekend, however, getting a chance to do a little sports betting online is an exciting way to perk up an otherwise boring and long running day. For this evening’s NBA games, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards square off, as well as the Houston Rockets and the Utah Jazz. After seeing the first game in each of these opening series, I can definitely say that A) Washington is in trouble and, B) the Rockets could find themselves outclassed in their series. I’m taking my bets for the favored teams tonight (ie Utah and Cleveland), going to one of our best online sportsbooks at Sportsbook.com, and taking out a two team parlay wager predicting both series to extend to a 2-0 advantage in favor of the Jazz and the Cavs.

Now, for the two games that I’m really looking forward to tonight; if you have a chance this evening, and aren’t too busy to take down a bet at one of our top sportsbooks, drop a wager on the Boston vs. Montreal game, or the Washington v. Philadelphia game. The first is the only Game 7 of the opening round, and to be honest this game could easily go either way. As I have to root to keep Canada’s teams in the post season, I look for Montreal to take the final game at home tonight, and don’t be surprised if we see some very physical play. Root for whomever you please, but tonight’s hockey game will be sure to provide any sports fan with great action, and exciting wagering possibilities.

With the first round of the NHL Hockey playoffs wrapping up, playoff season has already gotten off to a great start in both the NHL and the NBA. Great games are available everyday for online sports betting, and this week will no doubt be one of the best weeks this year for betting on sports�at least until next week rolls around. No matter what your game is, now is the time to check out some of our best sports gambling sites and take out your wagers on any of the great action around the sports world.

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Sunday sports betting at Sportsbook.com

Sunday’s action was certainly a must see for any type of sports fan. From the NBA to the MLB, to the NHL, sports action was in full swing offering plenty of online sports betting for everyone placing wagers. Four great basketball games, two NHL games, and fifteen baseball games would prove to be the best sports betting for anyone looking to find something to wager on, and have a little bit of excitement left for the weekend before having to head back to the daily grind on Monday. As for my previous wagering, a close defeat handed to Philadelphia on Saturday brought down on of my wagers, and also pushed the series with Washington to a game 6 that should be some interesting action for Monday night. Needless to say, this has been a great series, and placing a sportsbook wager on this series should be a must for any hockey fan. With that said, looking at Sunday’s wagers placed, I am all smiles as two of my bets have amounted to sportsbook wins and a little chunk of change added to this writer’s account.

Betting on the NHL once again (as there are three teams playing), I decided to grab a three team parlay wager at Sportsbook.com (read the review of sportsbook.com), one of our best sports betting sites, and still wondering what happened to the New Jersey Devils as I do so! Out in five, huh? I was fortunate enough to have not taken more than one blow in wagering on the Devils in this series, but it’s a little sad that Martin Brodeur will not be headed to the second round of the playoffs this year. Nonetheless, the playoffs march on, as Calgary looks to get even with San Jose at home tonight, while Detroit looks to finish off the Nashville Predators, who are in trouble in hostile territory. Also, it looks tough for the defending Stanley Cup champs tonight, as they face Dallas who has home ice and can taste a trip to the Semifinals.

Not trying to do any injustice to the NBA for online sports betting today, more great games are lined up for today, with many great chances to make a buck betting on sports at the top sportsbooks on the web. With all this action, there just isn’t enough room to cover it all! I hope that you’ve had a great weekend, and that your trip to a few of the best online sportsbooks has been a success for you. Check back with us again soon and thank you for stopping by casinoreview.org for the best reviews, updates, and news from around the sports betting world.

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NBA Playoffs kick off, sports betting fans find slice of heaven

As the NBA playoffs get underway today, the online sports betting websites featured here at Casinoreview.org will have all the action you could ever ask for, not to mention a ton of helpful information to get your bets placed on the right match-ups. In store for sports fans today are four great contests pitting the New Orleans Hornets vs. the Dallas Mavericks, the Suns and Spurs, Jazz and Rockets and Magic vs. the Wiz. Let me say a super corny ‘Boo’ and ‘Yah.’ Thank you. This week’s online sports betting doesn’t get any better than this especially when sports betting is accompanied by a weekend filled with no work and plenty of play. So for the games this evening, I have taken out of few wagers on one of our best online sportsbooks at Oddsmaker.com (read the review of Oddsmaker.com). A relative new comer to our site, this online establishment is just a solid, prompt, and efficient as any of the other great top sportsbooks and online casinos featured on our website. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Oddmaker, see our review, as this is definitely a website worth looking into, and happens to be one of my most frequented online sportsbooks we have at Casinoreview.org.

Moving along to the action in the NHL tonight, more playoff battles are in store between Boston will look to get even with Montreal, and has a home crowd behind them who are very excited that they get there! Colorado is at home, up 3-2. Consider it done folks. Lastly Washington and Philadelphia look to duke it out again on the Caps’ home turf, with Washington’s back up against the wall down 3-1. If you are looking for some great online sports betting, look no further than these games and take out a wager or two on some NHL Hockey for Saturday.

Of note, there are some more great games in Major League Baseball today, which is enough to round out an overall great day for online sports gambling. There is no shortage of great wagering during the spring sports season, and Saturday is no exception. Check out our sports betting reviews at Casinoreview.org, and find out what sites are most suited to your betting style, then get down to those sportsbooks and place your wagers today. Have a great weekend and come back soon for more updates in the world of sports book wagering.

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A much needed Friday, with solid sports betting and casino choices

With the NBA basketball season all wrapped up and playoff wagering beginning again tomorrow, it’s finally back to wagering on Major League Baseball, with a couple of NHL playoff hockey bets sprinkled in for excitement. Wishing you a happy Friday from us at CasinoReview.org, we hope that your week flew by quickly and that the most important things that you will have to do over the weekend include what online sportsbook wagers you will want to place for the great action in store for all of us. There happens to be a number of good games taking place in this week’s baseball action, including the ever-so-exciting series match-up between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Also taking place are great wagering opportunities to be had on San Diego vs. Arizona series, which is always a good match-up to check out. Also, the Seattle Mariners attempt to stay on their little rally, as they go up against the LA Angels tonight in what should be a great game. I don’t know about you, but with this many good series taking place during the weekend, is not going to be hard to find some online sportsbook bets to place on Major League Baseball. For today’s bets, I’ll be taking a three team parlay wager placed at one of our best online sportsbooks at Bodog (read the review of Bodog) and either way it goes, it’s a winning day for all of us because it’s Friday!

For Hockey today, a few teams find their backs up against the boards after Thursday night’s NHL action, as Philadelphia, Colorado, Dallas and San Jose all advance up three games in their series with victories. However, don’t count out the teams on the short end of the win tally, and now the fight could just be beginning. Boston surprised many with a definitive 5-1 victory over the Canadiens, as just about everyone pitched in for the Bruins answer to being down 3-1 and looking at elimination. Don’t expect that to change the overall outcome of the series, but Boston doesn’t look to be going down without a tough fight at any rate. In continued NHL hockey action today, wagering goes out at Superbook.com (read the review of Superbook), a site I haven’t spent too much time with, and figured today would be as good a day as any to get back to yet another one of the best online sportsbooks featured on our site, and wagering today on the Dallas v Anaheim, Rangers v Devils, and Red Wings v Predators looks like a great way to compliment watching the games tonight.

Without a doubt, weekends are the best time of the week, and the top sportsbooks reviewed at www.CasinoReview.org certainly have some great sportsbook betting opportunities to prove that. There is nothing quite as exciting as postseason action, and with the NBA playoffs getting underway, combined with the already great postseason contests in the NHL, sports fans will have plenty to choose from. With that said, enjoy your weekend activities and thank you so much for stopping by our website for some of the best reviews of the best online sports betting sites offered on the internet.

Aaron G.

Goodbye NBA regular season, Ottawa Senators

It seems as though the spring playoff season has just started, and it has, however Thursday’s NHL games have already seen the demise of , bringing the total to three the number of teams advancing to the playoffs. The Ottawa Senators have been cast aside by a Pittsburgh Penguins team no doubt in retribution for the 4-1 series loss suffered last year at the hands of a much better Sens team. I’m certainly glad to see that the young Sidney Crosby (who grabbed another goal last night) and the Pittsburgh Penguins came through tonight however it’s somewhat sad to see any Canadian team have to head home from the playoffs. The first round of the NHL playoffs has been good to my online sportsbook betting but having to wager against a team that used to be an almost sure bet at the top online sportsbooks brings a little tear to my eye. Well, not really. But I suppose if you were a Sens fan that may be the case�

I don’t know about you, but the excitement is getting a little out of hand for the NBA playoffs coming up this weekend. Maybe that’s just me, but I have already placed a few wagers on the first playoff games starting this Saturday, licking my chops at the (hopefully) quick and easy wins as the best of the best (aka Boston) face up against the likes of the ‘medi’ of the mediocre (i.e. the 37-45 Atlanta Hawks). If you plan to do a little betting on sports this weekend, make sure to get your wagers in for the first games of the NBA playoffs, as I for one suspect some teams to come storming out of the blocks, and I’m betting that some of those teams might happen to be names like Boston, Los Angeles, or even New Orleans. These are certainly exciting times for any fan of online sports betting, so enjoy wagering at any of the great tried-and-tested websites reviewed here on our website.

If you’re betting on sports for the first time be sure to check out a few of our online sportsbook reviews at Casinoreview.org today, tomorrow, or anytime you feel like! Decide what sportsbooks or casinos suit your fancy, and get in on all the great playoff action coming this way each and every day until June. Thanks again for checking us out, and good luck in all your online sports betting adventures!

Aaron G.

A fine Wednesday for online sports betting at Sportsbetting.com

It’s not too often for me that placing a number of wagers across our best online sportsbooks at CasinoReview.org come out with wins on every wager placed. However, as luck may have it, Tuesday’s round of online sportsbook betting happened to be very successful, thanks in no small part to some great analysis and advice found at a couple different online sports books featured and reviewed here at Casinoreview.org. Thus with a little added change for this Wednesday, on the final day of NBA action, at the very least a little wagering on basketball would be appropriate. Many teams in their final games today will be sitting key players (such as Lebron James, who will most likely be sitting, AND still winning the scoring title), so adding a little caution in some wagers is a must. Nonetheless, there’s always time for a few parlay wagers, and now with the NBA playoffs just days away, the excitement is just too much not to get into the action online today.

It’s unfortunate for me that I must neglect Major League Baseball, which has seen some great action so far this year, but with these last regular season games being played, my sportsbook wagering dollars just have to be put elsewhere for today. However, for any of the NHL fans out there, you’ll want to join me in same stakes on the great first round action tonight for betting on sports. Pittsburgh moves to make a statement tonight against a deflated Ottawa team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they finish off the series with a 4 game sweep of the Senators. Ouch. Elswhere, New Jersey looks to get even with the NY Rangers tonight, and my money has to go on the Devils in this one, in my top sportsbook wager at Sportsbetting.com (read the review of sportsbetting.com). Nashville has to rally at home to get even as well, and with a good crowd behind them on the backs of a win Monday night, I like Nashville to pull even at 2-2 in the series. Could becoming interesting indeed�.

It’s not often during the course of the year that so much action can be had when wagering at the best online sportsbooks on the internet. A sea of possibilities can be found for just about any type of gambler, and I for one have had my hands full this week with so many great wagering opportunities. Taking a moment this week to ponder over some of our online sportsbook reviews, and find the best website suited for your wagering needs. You certainly won’t want to miss out on any action over the next month or two, in what is most certainly going to be some of the best sporting contests of the entire year. Once again we thank you for stopping by at CasinoReview.org, and hope that you have found some good information about online sportsbooks and casinos here at our website. Good luck and happy wagering!

Aaron G.

Tuesday is back with even more great online sportsbook action

Things seem to be going just about according to plan in the first few rounds of the NHL playoffs, and I have certainly been fortunate to cash in on some well-placed online sportsbook betting so far. Hopefully you have gotten a chance to do some betting on sports this weekend, and have had the chance to watch some of the exciting sports action available each and everyday this spring. The action in the NHL playoffs has been outstanding, and even a few of my co-workers, who normally refuse to watch hockey, admit to having a great time placing a few wagers on the games, and checking out the action. With the extra dough made in last night’s games, I will be able to put down some money on Major League Baseball, which has quietly passed through the first two weeks of play. Check out some of our best online sports betting sites, if you haven’t already done so, and place a couple of bets on baseball. It’s a great game to get behind the numbers on, and as a fairly poor statistician, I could use a little bit MLB baseball to improve how I place bets overall. When you play the odds and the match-ups correctly, you win more plain and simple.

Betting on the odds, my first wager will have to be on the Boston Red Sox to prevail at home over the Cleveland Indians. Going over to Sportsbetting.com (read the review of sportsbetting.com), another one of our best online sportsbooks, I’ll drop a few bucks on the BoSox, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays to cover the points against New York, which should actually be another good match-up today. The rolling Arizona Diamondback will look to get the series win today, as they continue on in San Francisco for the final game of the series with the Giants. I’m hoping that the D-backs will be able to continue their great start this year when they face the Giants today, as my bet takes Arizona to win and a move to a great 10-4 record to start the season.

Tuesdays are generally not great days for us working folk, being that the weekend is still so far away, however with so much to choose from in our top sportsbooks, no day is really too bad when you have plenty of sports betting action to choose from. Drop into one of our online sports gambling sites, get some good sports betting advice where you can, and place your wagers for today’s action. There is plenty to choose from at CasinoReview.org, and we hope for you the best of luck in your online sports gambling endeavors. We hope to see you again soon, and thank you for dropping by and checking us out.

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Monday Night Sports betting on NHL Playoffs, MLB Baseball

For an avid sports fan, playoff time is a great time no matter what sports league it is, as the home crowds explode with excitement and intensity, and the in-game action is at never-ending breakneck pace. Needless to say�I love NHL Hockey Playoffs. Certainly not to take anything away from the NBA’s final games of the regular season, or the great baseball match-ups available for online sports betting action, but playoff hockey is something that shouldn’t be missed. First game of the night takes place in Nashville, as the Predators badly need to score a win at home being down 2-0, and Nashville certainly isn’t the first team that has left Hockeytown USA with a goose egg in their win column. If the Preds can be resilient tonight and Wednesday to get the series even again, I’d love to see what Nashville could do the second time back in Detroit. That however, is asking a lot, especially considering that Detroit is certainly a team that smells blood right now.

In the other early East Coast game (well, early for me on the West Coast!), the Pittsburgh Penguins mean business. Ottawa does not look like the Senator team that I remember, as they find themselves down 2-0 heading into tonight’s game. Martin Gerber has been absolutely shelled in the last two games, and if Ottawa stands any chance, their defense needs to step it up and help out their goal keeper. For even more online sports betting wagering on NHL playoff hockey, we have the game I’m most looking forward to, between the Colorado Avalanche, and the Minnesota Wild. Jose Theodore will be the difference in this game, as the Wild will be putting all pressure on their front line and looking to fire the puck on net as much as possible. The Colorado defense however, is notoriously stingy at letting shooters get a chance, so it will be interesting to see which side breaks tonight.

To top off sports betting for this evening, the game of the night is Boston vs. Cleveland, and that’s a match-up at least worth checking in on from time to time, in between periods. Heading to another one of our best online sportsbooks at Intertops.com (read the review of Intertops), I like Jake Westbrook in this one, as he has been one of my favorite pitchers for online sports betting over quite some time. It’s amazing to realize that the MLB season is already into it’s third week, and for betting on sports there is nothing better than taking some time to study the match-ups and (trying, in my case) choosing the eventual winner. So enjoy your sports betting for tonight, as there is plenty of great action to be had, and thanks again for visiting the best online sportsbooks and casinos featured here at Casinoreview.org.

Aaron G.

A great weekend of online sports betting gets even better on Sunday

Sunday, as always, is a great day for sports, and a great day for online sportsbook betting! The playoff season this spring is kicking into high gear, with only a week left before the start of the NBA postseason, not to mention the already exciting sports action to be had with NHL Hockey. Being the ever-excitable hockey nut that I am, it’s just another day to take advantage of some great online sportsbook wagers as 4 games are on schedule tonight that will surely hold some high flying, heavy hitting action. In store for my wagering schedule is a trip back to Sportsbook.com (read the review of sportsbook.com), which happens to be one of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, for a few two team parlay wagers. With the Western Conference games in action, there is no doubt that watching that contest is on top of my priorities list, and thus it will get the first wager of the evening. Taking the Calgary Flames to win tonight over the San Jose Sharks at home tonight, along with Philly to get even with Washington with a win tonight, my first sportsbook betting round is done. Next on the sportsbook betting docket will be the games pitting Boston and Montreal and New Jersey vs. the New York Rangers, which should make for a little easier wagering.

With two wagers placed, we move on to the next online sportsbook at Playersonly.com for a couple of NBA wagers. The big game of the day will certainly be the match-up between San Antonio and the LA Lakers, in which the right money will probably go on the Lakers to prevail at home. Elsewhere, another bet will have to go on the Denver Nuggets, who are really trying desperately to cling to their playoff chances. There fate however, lies with a clean win over Houston, which could be a tall order. I’m taking the Nuggets to cover the points spread today, as I always like to root for the underdog trying to get in to the playoffs.. This should be enough wagering for Sunday, as I’m already glued to the television in anticipation of the first of tonight’s hockey match-ups.

Without a doubt, and without even mentioning pro baseball, there is plenty for any sports fan to wager on at our best sports betting sites featured at CasinoReview.org. The day is wearing thin for bets, so get your wagers out there for what is sure to be an exciting evening. Have a great rest of the weekend, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for more great sports betting updates.

Aaron G.