Goodbye NBA regular season, Ottawa Senators

It seems as though the spring playoff season has just started, and it has, however Thursday’s NHL games have already seen the demise of , bringing the total to three the number of teams advancing to the playoffs. The Ottawa Senators have been cast aside by a Pittsburgh Penguins team no doubt in retribution for the 4-1 series loss suffered last year at the hands of a much better Sens team. I’m certainly glad to see that the young Sidney Crosby (who grabbed another goal last night) and the Pittsburgh Penguins came through tonight however it’s somewhat sad to see any Canadian team have to head home from the playoffs. The first round of the NHL playoffs has been good to my online sportsbook betting but having to wager against a team that used to be an almost sure bet at the top online sportsbooks brings a little tear to my eye. Well, not really. But I suppose if you were a Sens fan that may be the case´┐Ż

I don’t know about you, but the excitement is getting a little out of hand for the NBA playoffs coming up this weekend. Maybe that’s just me, but I have already placed a few wagers on the first playoff games starting this Saturday, licking my chops at the (hopefully) quick and easy wins as the best of the best (aka Boston) face up against the likes of the ‘medi’ of the mediocre (i.e. the 37-45 Atlanta Hawks). If you plan to do a little betting on sports this weekend, make sure to get your wagers in for the first games of the NBA playoffs, as I for one suspect some teams to come storming out of the blocks, and I’m betting that some of those teams might happen to be names like Boston, Los Angeles, or even New Orleans. These are certainly exciting times for any fan of online sports betting, so enjoy wagering at any of the great tried-and-tested websites reviewed here on our website.

If you’re betting on sports for the first time be sure to check out a few of our online sportsbook reviews at today, tomorrow, or anytime you feel like! Decide what sportsbooks or casinos suit your fancy, and get in on all the great playoff action coming this way each and every day until June. Thanks again for checking us out, and good luck in all your online sports betting adventures!

Aaron G.

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