NBA Playoffs kick off, sports betting fans find slice of heaven

As the NBA playoffs get underway today, the online sports betting websites featured here at will have all the action you could ever ask for, not to mention a ton of helpful information to get your bets placed on the right match-ups. In store for sports fans today are four great contests pitting the New Orleans Hornets vs. the Dallas Mavericks, the Suns and Spurs, Jazz and Rockets and Magic vs. the Wiz. Let me say a super corny ‘Boo’ and ‘Yah.’ Thank you. This week’s online sports betting doesn’t get any better than this especially when sports betting is accompanied by a weekend filled with no work and plenty of play. So for the games this evening, I have taken out of few wagers on one of our best online sportsbooks at (read the review of A relative new comer to our site, this online establishment is just a solid, prompt, and efficient as any of the other great top sportsbooks and online casinos featured on our website. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Oddmaker, see our review, as this is definitely a website worth looking into, and happens to be one of my most frequented online sportsbooks we have at

Moving along to the action in the NHL tonight, more playoff battles are in store between Boston will look to get even with Montreal, and has a home crowd behind them who are very excited that they get there! Colorado is at home, up 3-2. Consider it done folks. Lastly Washington and Philadelphia look to duke it out again on the Caps’ home turf, with Washington’s back up against the wall down 3-1. If you are looking for some great online sports betting, look no further than these games and take out a wager or two on some NHL Hockey for Saturday.

Of note, there are some more great games in Major League Baseball today, which is enough to round out an overall great day for online sports gambling. There is no shortage of great wagering during the spring sports season, and Saturday is no exception. Check out our sports betting reviews at, and find out what sites are most suited to your betting style, then get down to those sportsbooks and place your wagers today. Have a great weekend and come back soon for more updates in the world of sports book wagering.

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