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Sunday’s action was certainly a must see for any type of sports fan. From the NBA to the MLB, to the NHL, sports action was in full swing offering plenty of online sports betting for everyone placing wagers. Four great basketball games, two NHL games, and fifteen baseball games would prove to be the best sports betting for anyone looking to find something to wager on, and have a little bit of excitement left for the weekend before having to head back to the daily grind on Monday. As for my previous wagering, a close defeat handed to Philadelphia on Saturday brought down on of my wagers, and also pushed the series with Washington to a game 6 that should be some interesting action for Monday night. Needless to say, this has been a great series, and placing a sportsbook wager on this series should be a must for any hockey fan. With that said, looking at Sunday’s wagers placed, I am all smiles as two of my bets have amounted to sportsbook wins and a little chunk of change added to this writer’s account.

Betting on the NHL once again (as there are three teams playing), I decided to grab a three team parlay wager at (read the review of, one of our best sports betting sites, and still wondering what happened to the New Jersey Devils as I do so! Out in five, huh? I was fortunate enough to have not taken more than one blow in wagering on the Devils in this series, but it’s a little sad that Martin Brodeur will not be headed to the second round of the playoffs this year. Nonetheless, the playoffs march on, as Calgary looks to get even with San Jose at home tonight, while Detroit looks to finish off the Nashville Predators, who are in trouble in hostile territory. Also, it looks tough for the defending Stanley Cup champs tonight, as they face Dallas who has home ice and can taste a trip to the Semifinals.

Not trying to do any injustice to the NBA for online sports betting today, more great games are lined up for today, with many great chances to make a buck betting on sports at the top sportsbooks on the web. With all this action, there just isn’t enough room to cover it all! I hope that you’ve had a great weekend, and that your trip to a few of the best online sportsbooks has been a success for you. Check back with us again soon and thank you for stopping by for the best reviews, updates, and news from around the sports betting world.

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