College World Series, MLB baseball betting for Saturday

Saturday is yet another great day for baseball, and for betting in online sportsbooks across the internet. Saturday marks another great day in NCAA baseball action, as the Georgia Bulldogs and the Stanford Cardinal go toe-to-toe in College World Series action vying for a bid to the Final series. It is without a doubt that this has been another one of the better CWS of the past few years, and to see these two great baseball clubs get this far is certainly a testament to how good they truly are. I like Georgia all the way by the numbers on the books, but that won’t necessarily mean anything in this game, where being the underdog can sometimes be an advantage. In the other match-up on Saturday night, the UNC Tar Heels look to get back into the Finals series they lost to Oregon State last year, taking on the Fresno State Bulldogs. I will admit that I almost want Fresno State to win this game and the series, if only to see a Bulldogs vs. Bulldogs final. However, the Tar Heels are well-seasoned in this World Series play, so I would have to give the nod to UNC in this one.

As if the College World Series was enough for Saturday, managing to squeeze in a couple of MLB wagers would seem like a great idea to add to the overall baseball excitement for Saturday afternoon. Since it is in fact the weekend, I figured that excess isn’t all too bad, and so continued online sportsbook betting at (read the review of BetUS) seemed like a fine idea. With inter-league play still going strong, I threw in a small three-team parlay wager on West Coast teams for Saturday, and came out on top with a few more bucks in my online account. If the Cubs, Braves (yes, I’m betting against my own hometown Mariners, boo!), and the L.A. Angels all clutch up on Saturday, this would certainly be a luck day for this writer!

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